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  • Talk now to your elected officials and candidates running for office   (8/27/2014)
  • As families go shopping for school, Washington misses an opportunity
    L&I announces a series of rulemaking developments
    Freedom Foundation paper exposes mandatory sick leave policies
    Daunting state budget challenges ahead outlined by Research Council, newspaper
  • Funds needed to keep a moderate state Senate   (8/20/2014)
  • Get to know the candidates for the Legislature
    Hearings scheduled regarding increases in safety violation fines
    Labor reform progress report
    NRF petitions U.S. High Court to reduce debit card fees
  • WRA addresses key issues at national lobbying summit  (8/13/2014)
  • Retail sales grow 2.4 percent in first quarter
    Retail sales up 4.3 percent statewide in the past month
    Former Governors urge Supreme Court to avoid interfering with lawmakers on school funding
    Governor, health director propose temporary fix for exchange mistakes
  • Board of Directors makes strides at retreat   (8/6/2014)
  • More doom and gloom for the state budget
    Audits proposed for employer premium irregularities
    Inslee, state officials ask Congress to approve sales tax fairness
    WRA candidates show well in primary
  • WRA meets with Congressional delegation in Washington, D.C.  (7/30/2014)
  • Board of Directors hears about union political influence
    Why voting in the Aug. 5 primary is important
    WRA meets with L&I regarding insurance rate fairness
    IRS releases health care reporting forms
  • Governor Inslee speaks on his climate change agenda  (7/23/2014)
  • WRA board adopts policy on patent trolls
    U.S. Senate reintroduces e-fairness bill
    Tell NRF about your support for e-fairness
    Court decisions cloud status of national health care law
  • Issues have common threads  (7/17/2014)
  • Some initiatives die, others may live this year
    Employer health forums this month in Seattle, Fife
    "Cooling off" reached in port contract talks
    Tax payments to state exceed forecasts
  • WRA members share their views  (7/9/2014)
  • State offers advice as pot stores open around Washington
    Business group seeks at large public vote on higher Seattle minimum wage
    Port strikers ordered back to work
    State predicts more retail hiring growth
  • Can we ever get to Seattle on those clogged roads?  (7/2/2014)
  • Initiative deadline is tomorrow
    WRA's Hetrick obtains IOM management training certification
    Talks continue as West Coast port contracts expire
    Home care workers exempt from union dues, U.S. Supreme Court rules
  • State pension plans need more  (6/25/2014)
  • Utility taxes are part of a funding discussion
    WRA auto members warned about costly state audits
    Seattle businesses petition for public vote on minimum wage law
    Airport minimum wage could rise to $13 in three years
  • Small franchise owners work to stop Seattle minimum wage increase  (6/18/2014)
  • Activist launches referendum challenge to repeal Seattle's $15 an hour minimum wage
    Exploring expanded E-Waste collections
    Inslee directs a review of agency cost savings
    Court steps up pressure on legislature to boost education spending
  • Challenges emerge to Seattle minimum wage law  (6/12/2014)
  • Higher minimum wages will boost automation, new report says
    A view from Oregon regarding the $15 minimum wage
    Could gas taxes increase significantly?
    State revenue collections beating predictions
  • What's going on in Congress?  (6/4/2014)
  • Seattle passes $15 an hour minimum wage amid controversy
    Report: SeaTac workers lose benefits with $15 an hour
    WRA thanks legislators who best supported retailers
    Controversy surrounds state insurance commissioner's office
  • The Price of Gas May Impede Retail Sales  (5/28/2014)
  • Seattle Minimum Wage Likely to be Voted on Soon
    2014 WRA Law Review Ready
    L&I to conduct hearings on penalty revisions
    Walmart invites "made in USA" companies to a July summit meeting
  • Social media promotions raise endorsement issues  (5/21/2014)
  • Increasing the minimum wage - who's next?
    WRA works for insurance rate fairness
    Safeway praised for promoting family meals
    Walmart invites "made in USA" companies to a July summit meeting
  • Seattle multicultural and minority small business owners speak out  (5/14/2014)
  • Congressman Denny Heck addresses local chamber
    Three state reps win national retail awards
    WRA joins in call for port officials to avoid a strike
    Walmart invites "made in USA" companies to a July summit meeting
  • Find valuable wisdom in your association  (5/7/2014)
  • Seattle minimum wage issue gets more complex
    Seattle's mayor reveals one plan to raise minimum wage
    Seattle wage debate strident, one-sided, author observes
    Hearing held on Retro rule change
  • Heated education funding debate coming soon  (4/30/2014)
  • Voters have little appetite for more taxes
    WRA board member White wins small business award
    Help elect pro-retail candidates by donating to the PAC
    WRA partners in national retail marketing campaign
  • Seattle minimum wage update  (4/16/2014)
  • Seattle small businesses reject $15 hr. minimum wage, survey shows
    Freedom Foundation analyzing paid sick leave impacts
    Help elect pro-retail candidates by donating to the PAC
    WRA seeks to increase member tax refunds
  • Freedom Foundation explores union transparency  (4/9/2014)
  • State, local gas vapor fees under study
    Weigh the risks of changing risk classifications
    U.S. House redefines Obamacare's notion of full time
    Olympia open house on bag ban set for April 16
  • Teens may not get work experience  (3/26/2014)
  • Campaign season in full swing - please donate to the PAC
    L&I releases guidance on workplace bullying
    Free UW minimum wage debate will be televised
    Seattle meeting tomorrow on minimum wage hike
  • New tourism funding passes the Legislature  (3/12/2014)
  • Session coming to a close
    Document, be consistent with injured or problem employees
    WRA seeks further reform of workers' comp
    WRA wraps up bill tracking for this session
  • WRA board meets with legislative leaders  (2/26/2014)
  • Taxes, taxes and more taxes
    Revenue seeks comments on upcoming tax advisory
    Workers' comp reform bills remain in play
    Adjournment nears for Legislature
  • State sales tax reform leaders receive honors  (2/19/2014)
  • Trespass penalty bill passes the House
    Revenue seeks comments on upcoming tax advisory
    Senate passes Retro reform bill
    State revenues keeping pace with forecast, report says
  • The Middle Class  (2/5/2014)
  • Independent contractors bill will cost retailers and the state
    WRA backs worker comp reform bill
    Minimum wage increase would burden retailers heavily, new report shows
    Legislature nears session's halfway point
  • Transportation, Education, and the pile-on effect  (1/29/2014)
  • Governor releases $200 million tax proposal
    WRA meets with Governor to discuss minimum wage
    Higher minimum wage hurts the economy, retailers say
    Newspaper challenges Inslee on minimum wage hike
  • WRA CEO Jan Teague and Congressman Denny Heck recently toured Olympia's Best Buy  (1/22/2014)
  • Flawed independent contractors bill heard Tuesday
    Minimum wage increases cost jobs, fail to help the economy, studies show
    WRA meets with sponsor regarding workers' comp reform bill
    WRA meets to improve medical exam process
  • National Retail Federation holds its Big Show  (1/15/2014)
  • Bill to curb theft of liquor by minors is heard
    Inslee calls for statewide minimum wage increase
    Holiday sales finished up 3.8 percent
    State schools superintendent proposes sales, property tax increases
  • Board of Directors discusses key issues  (12/18/2013)
  • Transportation focus likely in 2014 session
    Legislative vacancies filled
    Increase in job vacancies expected
    Higher gas tax unpopular, poll shows
  • Christmas is near  (12/11/2013)
  • 2014 elections approaching quickly
    L&I announces workers' comp insurance rate increase
    Problems plague state health exchange website
    Retail imports should finish year up
  • Rep. Kilmer receives Main Street Award  (12/4/2013)
  • Preparing for the 2014 Legislative Session
    L&I announces workers' comp insurance rate increase
    Court hearing upcoming as recount continues on Proposition 1
    HR seminar tomorrow in Seattle
  • Thanksgiving wishes  (11/27/2013)
  • WRA closed on Friday
    Prop 1 appears to pass, recount planned
    Workplace bullying back up for discussion
    Shoppers elsewhere love tax-free weekends
  • Holiday Questions Begin  (11/20/2013)
  • Prop 1 outcome awaits recount results, court case
    State posts directions for retailers to collect E911 tax
    Trade Conference Review
    WRA discourages imposing expensive computer security
  • Washington Research Council hears from Senator Andy Hill  (11/13/2013)
  • Prop 1 outcome awaits recount results, court case
    Legislature approves deal to lure new Boeing airplane assembly
    State posts directions for retailers to collect E911 tax
    Shoppers elsewhere love tax-free weekends
  • I-517, the signature gathering initiative, fails at the ballot box  (11/6/2013)
  • Angel clings to lead among other state races
    SeaTac minimum wage increase passing
    Special session starts tomorrow
    Shoppers elsewhere love tax free-weekends
  • Key retail meeting held in Nashville  (10/30/2013)
  • Tacoma grocery owners explain why I-517 would be a bad idea
    Chambers are the grassroots of business
    New tv ads highlight pitfalls of I-522
    Ken Balsley
  • More papers, Realtors come out against petition initiative, I-517  (10/23/2013)
  • Tacoma grocery owners explain why I-517 would be a bad idea
    Olympia, Spokane papers latest to urge defeat of GMO initiative
    Newspapers urge defeat of GMO initiative
    Help elect Jan Angel to the state Senate
  • Objective eyes reject petition initiative  (10/16/2013)
  • Tacoma grocery owners explain why I-517 would be a bad idea
    Ballots coming this week - be sure to vote
    Newspapers urge defeat of GMO initiative
    Help elect Jan Angel to the state Senate
  • Please post information to vote "no" on ballot item involving initiative signatures  (10/9/2013)
  • Retail crime conference attracts 300 to Tacoma
    Newspapers urge defeat of GMO initiative
    Help elect Jan Angel to the state Senate
    Retailers expect 3.9 percent holiday sales gain this year
  • Is Congress impacting retail sales?  (10/2/2013)
  • WRA issues call to action to oppose I-517
    State's minimum wage set to climb on Jan. 1
    Help elect Jan Angel to the state Senate
    Yakima Herald urges "no" vote on I-522
  • A game changing approach to union organizing  (9/25/2013)
  • WRA issues call to action to oppose I-517
    UI requirements changing for corporate officers
    WRA meets about proposed increase in state fines
    Ads raise profile of I-522
  • Research Council turns thumbs down on SeaTac's Proposition 1  (9/18/2013)
  • Action needed for the No on I-517 campaign
    WRA meets new state Director of Revenue
    State revenue forecast ticks up
    I-522 contains numerous flaws, Research Council concludes
  • Action needed for the No on I-517 campaign  (9/11/2013)
  • Retailers approach federal harbor maintenance tax reform cautiously
    Prop 1, $15 an hour minimum wage, back on ballot
    WRA tours "green" office building
  • Bureaucracy makes health care hard to get  (9/4/2013)
  • lease register for Tacoma's retail crime conference
    Another special session this year?
    NRF announces new emphasis on domestic product sourcing
    Reichert to hold UI fraud hearing
  • Which lobbyists are eligible for public pensions?  (8/28/2013)
  • Change coming to UI advisory committee
    Judge throws SeaTac's Prop 1 for a loop
    Hutchison elected GOP state party chair
    Former state legislator Berkey dies
  • State Republican Party to take position on I-517 this week  (8/21/2013)
  • Meeting on Sept. 17 regarding Seattle's criminal background check law
    WRA joins coalition opposing Prop 1 in SeaTac
    SeaTac "living wage" would cost jobs, raise prices, study finds
    Websites explain opposition to initiatives
  • State GOP to Name New Party Leader  (8/14/2013)
  • Health Care Reform Update for WA State
    Coalition Opposes SeaTac Paid Leave Inititative
    Mandatory Paid Leave in Tacoma
    State's Economy Picking Up
  • House Speaker Frank Chopp implies pork spending is not unusual  (8/7/2013)
  • Thanks to all who vote and run for office
    WRA joins coalition opposing Prop 1 in SeaTac
    New COHE centers to open
    Websites explain opposition to initiatives
  • No on I-517 launches website  (7/31/2013)
  • Two new websites on GMO
    WRA members to receive review of laws, votes
    Check out WRA's blog, other website features
    Outlook projects growing state savings
  • Unions work to elect local government leaders  (7/24/2013)
  • SeaTac schedules Nov. election on "living wage" proposal
    WRA board opposes I-517
    Legislature hears about liquor thefts
    No on 522 website launches
  • Seattle issues first report on sick and safe leave  (7/10/2013)
  • WRA meets with L&I director
    WRA board meets in Spokane next week
    With adjournment, attention turns to primary, initiatives
    Public hearings next week on PacificCorp rate increase request
  • Washington Policy Center health care conference reveals state challenges  (7/3/2013)
  • 2013 legislative session concludes June 29
    Links to state budget documents, vetoes
    Employer health care penalties delayed a year
    Muri selected for vacant House seat
  • ACTION ALERT!  (6/26/2013)
  • Health care lack of access already starting
    Shutdown appears unlikely as Legislature closes in on budget adoption
    WRA thanks local House, Senate members for pro-retail vote and support
    Vague language sparks opposition to I-517
  • ACTION ALERT!  (6/19/2013)
  • Employment trends for retail
    Positive revenue forecast alleviates need to alter non-resident sales tax exemption
    State budget breakthrough predicted soon
    Jobless rate keeps improving
  • ACTION ALERT!  (6/12/2013)
  • Leaders from the North versus the South
    Memo to state legislators: oppose SB 5871
    Contact WRA regarding new Tacoma threat
    Inslee calls for second overtime session
  • ACTION ALERT!  (6/5/2013)
  • Bill Bishop talks about the loss of the middle ground in his book, The Big Sort
    One week of special session remaining, and no state budget
    Speakers at IRS small business forum explain health care reform
    Watch tributes to Sen. Mike Carrell
  • ACTION ALERT!  (5/29/2013)
  • House leaders urge defeat of HB 2038
    Will small businesses offer health insurance to their employees in the future?
    Liquor tasting bill signed into law
    Sen. Carrell dies
  • ACTION ALERT!  (5/22/2013)
  • Initiative I-517 is not good for retailers
    WRA's Mark Johnson, third from left, attends Gov. Inslee's recent signing of a bill that boosts pena...
    Governor signs pharmacy robbery bill
    "Slow as molasses" special session continues
  • ACTION ALERT!  (5/15/2013)
  • Journey to Washington D.C. to support Marketplace Fairness
    Organized Retail Theft bill signed by Governor
    L&I financials reveal need for further workers' comp reform
    Import projections reflect caution by retailers
  • ACTION ALERT!  (5/8/2013)
  • State unemployment fund still best in the country
    Mark Johnson at bill signing
    WRA joins review of safety fines
    Senate, House budgets contain flaws, new report says
  • ACTION ALERT!  (5/1/2013)
  • Global retail competition our next challenge
    Session concludes with a whimper
    Notice to self-insured WRA members
    L&I reorganizes
  • ACTION ALERT!  (4/24/2013)
  • Legislators must save the sales tax exemption
    Bill signings start as session winds down
    Notice to self-insured WRA members
    Legislature is down to the wire
  • ACTION ALERT!  (4/17/2013)
  • Small businesses drop health care coverage
    Pharmacy robbery bill passes Legislature - on to the Governor
    Founding WRA board chairman, Tom Huff, dies
    DeBolt resigns as House Republican Leader
  • How will the health care penalties work?  (4/10/2013)
  • Budgets, budgets and taxes
    Senate, House budgets introduced
    WRA commentary on Inslee's new taxes published online
    WRA co-sponsors three free webinars this year
  • Small business tells its story about unfair competition  (4/3/2013)
  • House hears business licensing bill
    Cities, counties support Retro scheduling bill
    WRA commentary on Inslee's new taxes published online
    WRA co-sponsors three free webinars this year
  • When will Washington State have $100 billion to spend?  (3/27/2013)
  • Flash mob robberies are a serious threat
    Sells commits to hearing Retro bill
    Legislature nears three quarter mark
    WRA co-sponsors three free webinars this year
  • The state's tax system can't compete  (3/20/2013)
  • Liquor theft captures legislators' attention
    State lowers revenue forecast slightly for 2013-2015
    Non-budget bills still in focus
    WRA co-sponsors three free webinars this year
  • Is recycling falling out of fashion?  (3/13/2013)
  • Beer and wine tasting bill clears House
    House delays action on Retro scheduling bill
    Senate, House reach deadlines today for votes
    WRA co-sponsors three more free webinars this year
  • HB 1870 should be about prohibiting credit card company price fixing practices  (3/6/2013)
  • Let the Department of Ecology do its job - defeat HB 1294
    Session reaches halfway point
    Taxes for transportation are unpopular, new poll finds
    Get ready for health care requirements next week
  • Unions may be in trouble  (2/27/2013)
  • Why repealing the non-resident sales tax exemption will cost jobs and taxes
    WRA board meets with key legislators
    Halfway point of session in sight
    WRA on KING 5 in support of "flash rob" bill
  • OFM Director speaks at business luncheon  (2/20/2013)
  • Spring is in the air and cut-off is near
    WRA opposes extreme House safety bill
    WRA urges House to pass Retro scheduling bill
    WRA on KING 5 in support of "flash rob" bill
  • It's a big week for retailers in the Legislature  (2/13/2013)
  • Beer and wine tasting is good for the state
    WRA urges a hearing on House Retro bill
    Day 31 of the 2013 session
    WRA on KING 5 in support of "flash rob" bill
  • Report from conference on legislative leadership  (2/6/2013)
  • Gov. Inslee urges cooperation between business and education
    Sales tax holiday for back to school has hearing
    Legislature reaches quarter pole
    WRA on KING 5 in support of "flash rob" bill
  • Two important bills retailers should watch this session  (1/30/2013)
  • It may be time for Family Leave to leave
    Bills flow in as Legislature reaches Day 16
    Structured settlement bills advance
    WRA presents members with new free webinars this year
  • Retailers will receive credit card settlement notice  (1/23/2013)
  • Bill to curb "flash mob" robberies introduced
    Important WRA workers' comp bills heard by Senate today
    WRA begins charting bills early in 105-day session
    WRA presents members with new free webinars this year
  • Session starts with coup in Senate  (1/16/2013)
  • Inslee pledges job creation as top priority
    Committee studies performance of individual retro groups
    Retail takes hit in December jobless report
    New rules for brakes sold in the state
  • Legislature convenes on Monday  (1/9/2013)
  • WRA will make sales tax holiday a top 2013 priority
    Smith appointed to succeed Bob Morton in state Senate
    WRA joins letter to negotiators to avoid port strike
    New rules for brakes sold in the state
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