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Like many of you, I am the parent of Pleasanton-educated children. Now that both have graduated and I'm 'on the other side,' I can see how their education contributed to the young adults they are today and prepared them to take advantage of a wide range of opportunities that come their way.

This month marks the mid-point of the PPIE 2016-2017 Giving Fund Campaign. If you have already donated to the 2016-2017 Giving Fund, thank you for your support. Please extend your support by forwarding this email to a few friends to encourage their participation!

If you've not yet participated in this Giving Fund campaign, please consider Donating Today to PPIE as you evaluate your year-end giving opportunities.

When I hear real estate professionals talk up our school district as a primary reason families move here, I am reminded that over 20 years ago, we were one of those families. When Pleasanton earns yet another national accolade as a Top Ten City, I also read that our school district is a major factor.

Our community values education- so much so that we have been able to offer high quality education in Pleasanton without the assistance of a parcel tax and with only 16% of families donating to PPIE.

But it hasn't been easy since fluctuations in state funding year-to-year make planning ahead a challenge. Similarly performing school districts have 50-80% of families donating to their foundations, cushioning them from variations in state funding. Donating to PPIE gives you the opportunity to do the same for our district. The more families we have donating to the Giving Fund, the more we can do to help maintain quality in our schools.  

We need your help. Your donation is 100% voluntary and tax deductible. Choose from four Donation Levels and remember, your total contribution amount includes Corporate Matching Funds:

Highest Honors**- $1,500+
High Honors- $700+
Honor Roll- $350+
Honorable Mention- up to $350
**Highest Honors donors receive VIP access at PPIE fundraising events.
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Thank you for supporting our students and our community.

Susan Hayes, Executive Director 
Quality Education is Built on a Strong Foundation!
Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation

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