A Threadletter of Philadelphia Yearly Meeting
Spring 2015
On Being a Quaker Chaplain and Educator  
A Call to Recognize Gifts & Get the Training to Use Them Well


Paula J. Teague is a Quaker chaplain and member of Wilmington Friends Meeting. In this post, she reflects on her struggles to discern how her ministry both contradicts and supports the Quaker way within our yearly meeting community. She concludes with the assertion that we need both to recognize Friends' gifts and provide education for Friends to use their gifts well. 
Paula is the mother of Zachary T. Dutton who presently serves our community as Associate Secretary for Program and Religious Life.
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Spiritual Formation & School of the Spirit 
Seedling In Hands
The Spiritual Formation Program and the School of the Spirit are services offered throughout the yearly meeting to support Friends in their quest to live from their spiritual center.

As you and your meeting community seek to further enhance the quality of worship and relationships, these are two of several important tools available to all seekers throughout Philadelphia Yearly Meeting.

News & Events 
Radicalizing Spirit Workshop: February 2 & 9, Pendle Hill

Collaborating with the Creator: February 14, April 11, May 9, June 13, Pendle Hill

Pastoral Care Thread Gathering: February 28, Abington Friends Meeting

The Refuge of Awakening: March 15, Pendle Hill

 Art for Transformation: Several Dates March 21 to May 30, Pendle Hill

Streams of Living Water: March 27 - 29, Pendle Hill

An Oasis on the Journey: May 29 - 31, Pendle Hill

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Annual Sessions 2015

"Open Our Eyes That We May See" 
July 29-August 2 
Muhlenberg College
Allentown, PA


Save the Dates!

Called Meeting
January 10, 2015

Over 400 Friends from 79 meetings, other yearly meetings and religious organizations attended our  Called Meeting to help discern how we are being led to address racism.  A Minute of Action was affirmed.

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