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Sept 2012

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This is the inaugural issue of PYM Worship & Ministry Threadletter!  Threadletters are bi-monthly e-newsletters which allow us to share the work, wisdom and resources for a thread of ministry that weaves through our meetings. This threadletter is for Friends who are called to serve the Divine through attention to worship and ministry in our meetings.   
Please forward this to members of your Worship & Ministry Committee and other Friends with a concern for the spiritual nurture in our meetings. Encourage readers to subscribe so they may receive the newsletter directly.

In the Spirit,

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PS - To propose content for further issues of this newsletter, please contact worship@pym.org.  Primary stories are curated by the Worship & Care Standing Committee

A Message from the Field   

 The Journey of Spiritual Formation 


The Spiritual Formation Program nourishes  
spiritual growth in a community of seekers, all supporting each other on individual journeys. It is a nine month program which creates the container and the space for deep fellowship and transformative experience. Read more and consider joining the Yearly Meeting wide program or bringing it to your monthly meeting.
Reflection from Experience 

 Deep Listening


"Just as a midwife is there to care for the safe delivery of the baby while being aware of the care for the mother, an elder is there to care for the safe delivery of a ministry while being aware of the care for the minister." Bob Schmitt, Deep Listening: Applying the Disciplines of an Elder to Pastoral Care

A 2001 volume of the Pastoral Care Newsletter focuses on the listening of elders in several stories and resources. Read the Deep Listening issue from PYM's newly developed archive of nearly 20 years of Pastoral Care Newsletters.  
Browse the Pastoral Care Newsletter archive
Featured Resource  
 Directory of Spiritual Nuturers and Directors

The exploration of one's relationship with the Divine, awareness of God's presence and action in one's life can be immeasurably supported by the companionship of a spiritual nurturer. The Spiritual Formation Working Group of the Yearly Meeting is building a Directory of Spiritual Nurturers/ Directors to enable Friends to contact one of the many Quaker spiritual nurturers and directors in our community. Find out more...  


Worship & Ministry Calendar  


Spiritual Formation Program Opening Retreat September 21-23


Quaker Faith & Practice: A Sustainable Life at Pendle Hill  September 27-November 29 (Thursday evenings)


Meeting on Worship & Ministry at Makefield Meeting.  An opportunity to worship together with a concern for the vitality of the spirit in our lives, our meetings, and the wider PYM Community  October 6 


Arts & Spiritual Renewal Young Adult Friends Retreat at Abington Meeting  October 12-14 


Successful and Effective Committees: The Dynamics of Working Together at Abington Meeting. As committee members discern what to do to accomplish goals and move forward, this workshop helps them to understand how best to use their very human impulses.  November 3rd, 9:30-3:30


Holding in the Light, Framing the Sacred: Digital Photography
at Pendle Hill  November 11-15


Clerking: Serving the Community with Joy and Confidence at Pendle Hill  November 16-18


Five Spiritual Principles, at Pendle Hill  November 23-25


To suggest an event to be listed in the next issue of the PYM Worship & Ministry Threadletter, please send the date, location, description and contact to worship@pym.org.


Bulletin Board  

There is a lot going on in our community! Share news, events and resources.  To suggest a posting send details to worship@pym.org.

Spiritual Direction as a Resource for Friends an archived story from Friends Journal


Pendle Hill Fall Term Resident Program Students come to live, learn, and work in spiritual community and experience themselves and others in new ways.  Scholarships for biblical and Quaker studies available  


On Being a Spiritual Nurturer  A two-year School of the Spirit program of prayer and learning for those who feel drawn to a deeper communion with God and the service that might arise. 


Being Salt and Light - Friends living the kingdom of God in a broken world View texts, minutes, photos, sound files and videos
from the 6th World Conference of Friends. 


Group Spiritual Nurture: The Wisdom Of Spiritual Listening A Pendle Hill pamphlet providing an introduction to this kind of spiritual nurture and a guide for those interested in creating a group.


The Messenger That Goes Before: Reading Margaret Fell For Spiritual Nurture A Pendle Hill pamphlet.  Margaret Fell's guidance is rich in good advice for the spiritual seeker and for those called to nurture others in their spiritual lives.


Experience deep peace, deep prayer, deep rest or all of the above  Second & Fourth Wednesdays of every month

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Spiritual Formation

The Spiritual Formation Program supports participants in deepening their spiritual lives, in developing daily spiritual practices, in practicing prayer, in discerning spiritual gifts and in learning the art of spiritual nurture. Friends can participate with others from across the Yearly Meeting, beginning with a retreat September 21-23 or by bringing the program to their meeting.
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