April 2014



So many amazing things to share I barely know where to begin. First, I am thrilled to announce that my partner Craig and I moved to a 2,200 sq ft loft in Old Montreal where I teach yoga to 30 students and Craig can do his photography. It's like a dream come true! I am hosting regular yoga classes, workshops, teacher training, dinners and events right out of our beautiful home. 
Coming up next week is Day 108, the 4th anniversary of my 108 days of 108 sun salutations. I am excited to be partnering with H-Om Yoga, Moksha Yoga NDG and Café Juicy Lotus for three amazing events. (If you want to join us, register soon as we are almost sold out!)

In other news, I am co-leading a Business of Yoga Workshop on Apr 26  with YOCOMO and yoga teacher Adriana Palanca. May 18 I am teaming up with event planner & chef Jeanne Rahilly to host Cleanse & Rejuvenation, a special morning of healing yoga, music and food. And lastly, I am soon beginning two new courses at the loft: Yoga Basics & Ayurvedic Yoga Flow.


Stay in touch and Happy Spring!





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Our new loft is located on rue St Paul West just on the corner of McGill. I adore Paris and I feel like I moved to France, but have the luxury of still being close to my friends and family. The neighbourhood has, on most streets, cobble stone roads, and an abundance of cute little cafés, chic restaurants, art galleries and original boutiques, one that exclusively sells artistic lunch boxes. We are close to the green spaces around the waterfront, so there are great places for walking, running, picnicking and outdoor yoga.


I am so grateful and am really looking forward to sharing this space with you.




April 18 is a special day for me. It is the 108th day of the year and the day on which, four years ago, I began a yoga practice that changed my life: 108 sun salutations for 108 days.


Why 108? Because it is considered the most sacred number in the yogic tradition. The practice of 108 sun salutations, also known as a Yoga Mala, is a series of prostrations usually done for specific intention: honoring a teacher on his or her birthday, raising funds for non-­profit cause, or commemorating a special occasion like the solstice. My intention in 2010 was take my practice to the next level and explore the deep levels of consciousness.


For me, a yoga mala is a profound and revealing practice. At first, my body feels clunky and my mind scattered, but about halfway through, I release into the momentum of the movement and I feel free.


I invite you to do your own 108 practice on April 18 and join me. If you are in Montreal, you can join one of the events planned in person or you can join me in spirit wherever you are.



Moksha Yoga NDG (8h-10h)

H~OM Yoga Center (18h-20h)


Yasmin Yoga Loft (18h-20h)

    with dinner and music to follow!  

Dinner will be catered by Gigi Cohen from Café Juicy Lotus!



Participation in the 108 Yoga Mala is FREE!

Optional catered dinner $20.




I am thrilled to finally announce that I have a new studio space to practice, teach and host events. Best part about it is that it is in our home! This is a huge manifestation for my partner Craig and I and we couldn't be more excited...(yasminyoga.com)




Here are some tips to set up a 108 practice:

This practice is a prayer or meditation in movement.  A clear intention will keep you inspired.

The best time for this... (Thrive Magazine)



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Yasmin Yoga Loft
Day 108
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Business of Yoga

April 29-June 17
Yasmin Yoga Loft

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April 29
Yasmin Yoga Loft

April 18 
Moksha Yoga NDG, H~OM Yoga Center & Yasmin Yoga Loft

April 26, 10h-16h
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May 18, 8h30-12h
Yasmin Yoga Loft

May 24, 6h45-7h30
 Yoga O'Noir
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May 31-June 1

Ayurveda I, Meditation & Pranayama 

Yasmin Yoga Loft

June 14-15

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April 26
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Fresh artichokes are great for pitta & my new favourite food full of fiber, folic acid, iron, vitamin C, vitamin B & vitamin K.



Fruit is best eaten alone at room temp. A great snack. It digests quick & easy. 



Take time to digest. Avoid eating until the previous meal has been digested. 



  Start your morning with a glass of warm water. It helps to get the system going. 



Best to avoid drinking iced beverages especially while eating. It messes with your digestion.


Get a personalized ayurvedic program with me in person or 

via Skype.


Insurance receipts given. 

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