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Artful STEM:
Transforming Curriculum & Instruction   

Only eight days left to register for this outstanding symposium.  Come attend amazing sessions about integrated learning of STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) with the ARTS (dance, media, music, theatre, visual arts).

Learn how ALL subjects receive equal weight and importance!  
    --Learn the Arts!   
           --Learn Through the Arts!   
                  --Learn STEM! 
Here is a partial list of our fabulous sessions!
  • Making Art with the help of Sir Isaac Newton. Jane Burke
  • Interactive Enviroscape Model Demonstration. Patty O'Donnell
  • Build Your Own Parklet. Wilhelmina Peragine 
  • Arts Infused Engineering and Mathematics at the Elementary Level. Kristine Thayer, Phyllis Borowiec
  • Design Challenge in Architecture: From Floor Plans to Buildings. Susan Casey
  • Art and STEM Bridge Design. Meghan Reilly Michaud
  • Think Tank (Ecotarium). Joseph Cox
  • The Ceramic Artist as Mathematician. Jane Burke
  • Geometry Through the Lens of Art. Meghan Reilly Michaud and Minda Reidy
  • Storm Drain Art and Advocacy. Priscilla Kane-Hellweg, Patty O'Donnell
  • Panel: Increasing Access to STEAM Experiences for Young People Across Cambridge. Cambridge Expanded Learning STEAM Network
  • Chemistry Through Dance & Ceramics, Jane Burke
  • The Art of Science Learning (Worcester Incubator), Joyce Kressler/Joseph Cox
  • Stop-Gap Animation, Kyle Browne, Cambridge STEAM Collaboration
See below for our stimulating panel presentations! 
For a Complete Schedule of the Day, CLICK HERE
REGISTER HERE for the Symposium. 
Phenomenal Panels at Artful STEM!

What STEAM Looks Like in the Classroom--Snapshots of Current Programs

Jonathan Rappaport, Facilitator

STEAM Policy Initiatives -- How to Make It Happen

From Theory to Action

  • Carrie Fitzsimmons (ArtScience Prize)
  • Greg Liakos (MA Cultural Council)
  • MA Rep. Kay Khan (Newton)
  • Ayora Berry, (PTC Inc.)

Three Approaches for Assessing Learning When the Arts are Integrated with STEM

Martha McKenna, Facilitator

  • Steve Seidel, Harvard University, Quality of Qualities
  • Gene Diaz, Lesley University, 21st-Century Skills Evaluation
  • Amy Charleroy, Director of Arts, The College Board
Special School Site Visits May 1, 2014
1:00 PM to 3:00 PM


Please register for one of these extra options, price includes transportation to and from Cambridge.  


Boston Arts Academy,

174 Ipswich Street, Boston. MA 02215 


1 PM-Introduction to School

1:15-Academic Blocks (Visit two classes in Math, Engineering, Biology, Art, or SPED Math)

2:40-Debrief session 


Dr. William W. Henderson Inclusion Elementary School, (pre K-5) 1669 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester, MA 02122  


1 Pm-Classroom observation of Arts-infused STEM, and Building Tour

2 PM-Dress Rehearsal performance of "Mary Poppins"