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Our second email in our five-day series focuses on ARTS INTEGRATION work being done around the United States.  Later this week we will also more directly focus on changing STEM to STEAM as an extension to this topic.

We hope you find this series jam packed with interesting information that helps you in your work supporting arts education, creativity, and systemic education reform.  In return, we ask you to consider helping Arts|Learning reach its fundraising objective by adding 500 new members and donors (please see our last article at the bottom of this email).  Thank you for your support, and happy reading!
Arts Integration-- 
Resource Roundup  
View this chock-full webpage that discusses all points of arts integration -- from implementation in the classroom and engaging students, to linking the arts with core curriculum.  This listing covers a roundup of useful Edutopia blogs, articles, and videos as well as important outside resources available on the Web. This information was updated as of 10/2013.

Resources by Topic:

ALSO:  Consider checking out the Kennedy Center's Changing Education Through the Arts (CETA) program.  This program has had over a decade of success in metro D.C. area schools.  Especially check out their definition of arts integration--you will be sure to like it! 

Common Core and the Arts
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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are a state-led initiative to ensure that students leave school with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in college and in their careers. The resulting changes to the expectations of arts educators can be profound. AEP is providing this (ever-growing) selection of resources to help AEP Partner Organizations, arts educators, school leaders, and policymakers develop a better understanding of the Common Core and what the movement means for the arts.  The Common Core has been adopted in 45 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories.


Arts Authentic Connections Team
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Arts|Learning has partnered with the MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to create the "Arts Authentic Connections Team"  with the help of MA ESE's Arts and Equity Coordinator, Lurline Muņoz-Bennett.  The group formed about two years ago and has actively exposed hundreds of educators in best practices concerning the integration and interweaving of arts and other subjects with each other.

This group of experience educators has traveled the state of Massachusetts in providing training to educators, administrators, curriculum directors, special educators, and others at ESE conferences and summits as well as regional presentations and day-long workshops for specific school districts.  Members of the team include Charles Combs (Theatre), Kathy Ivanowski (Visual Arts), Lurline Muņoz-Bennett (Movement and Music), Jodi Nelson (ELA), Sandra Nicolucci (Music), Jonathan Rappaport (Music), Elaine Sisler (Dance). Additionally, several staff members of ESE have joined presentations when other academic areas need representation.

This is another example of how Arts|Learning serves the needs of multiple constituencies in supporting sequential quality arts education. 
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