NJOP Responds to the Pew Report

The Pew Report raised a lot of questions...

While many Jewish leaders, commentators and educators are wringing their hands in light of the depressing conclusions of the recent Pew Report, and wondering if there is any solution, NJOP's amazingly successful social media programs have been reaching thousands of young Jewish families in the U.S. and around the world. 

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NJOP has the Answers!


@JewishTweets, NJOP's Twitter ID, recently welcomed its 40,000th follower. In only five years, @JewishTweets has emerged as one of the top Jewish lifestyle Twitter feeds. To measure its success, and to make the program even more effective, NJOP investigated the demographics of its 40,000 followers.

@Jewishtweets is not only one of the most highly-rated Jewish Twitter feeds, it is, far and away, the most influential, yielding more than 200,000 daily impressions.

According to demographicspro.com, @JewishTweets followers are mostly in their early twenties and thirties. In fact, 78.5% of @JewishTweets followers are below age forty. 88% are married, and nearly 30% have children. Not surprisingly, the account has a heavy base of followers in New York (23.9%) but there are thousands of followers across the country and in many countries around the world.

Professionally, @JewishTweets followers work as authors/writers, 'church' leaders, public service employees, administrative staff and lawyers, and earn more than the average Twitter follower. Students make up ten percent of our followers.

In their spare time, the followers of @JewishTweets appear to enjoy history, science, news, reading, cooking and technology news. People following @JewishTweets are charitably generous and particularly health conscious.

Clearly, @JewishTweets is successfully reaching the critical demographic of young married couples who are in the process of building families, and are looking for greater Jewish content in their lives.

While others are wondering if there is any solution to the dismal situation, NJOP is out there effectively reaching tens of thousands of Jews at a crucial time in their lives, engaging them in Jewish life and providing them with encouragement and inspiration.
NJOP has already made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews. Please help NJOP continue this vital work.
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