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Seventeen years ago, NJOP introduced Shabbat Across America and Canada (SAA/C), an event meant to unify Jews across North America through the sharing of one special Friday night program. With its formulated introductory service and guide to running a Shabbat dinner, the SAA/C format was resoundingly successful in hundreds of locations across North America, impacting on hundreds of thousands of Jews.

The positive energy produced by SAA/C has inspired other communities, both citywide and nationwide, to use the SAA/C national Shabbat model, and to study the NJOP Shabbat program to learn its ways and its effective techniques.

This past October, two incredible national unity Shabbat projects had produced astoundingly successful countrywide results. The first was "The Shabbos Project" in South Africa. Organized by South Africa's Chief Rabbi Dr. Warren Goldstein, it had an overwhelming response with over 20,000 South African Jews (1/4 of the South African Jewish population!!), agreeing to try to observe one full Shabbat together.

The second was "Shabbat Yisraelit," organized by Rabbi Ronen Neuwirth of Beit Hillel. Shabbat Yisraelit brought together over 6,000 religious and secular Israeli families across the length and breadth of Israel to celebrate a Shabbat experience together.

Both Rabbis Goldstein and Neuwirth met personally with Rabbi Buchwald and were in close contact with NJOP regarding the planning, execution and analyses of their local Shabbat programs.

While others are wondering if there is any solution to the dismal situation, NJOP is out there effectively reaching hundreds of thousands of Jews with inspirational Shabbat experiences, engaging them in Jewish life and providing them with knowledge and encouragement.
NJOP has already made a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Jews. Please help NJOP continue this vital work.  
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