Photo of the Month: Start of the New York to Barcelona Race organized by Open Sports Management.  Manhattan Yacht Club administered the start with 20 members playing various key roles.


Greetings from the Commodore

Dear Members - Every so often, you see the future.  It doesn't always come true.  But you know when you've seen something beyond the boundaries of today.  This was my experience at the ribbon cutting for the new Yacht Club de Monaco.  I have seen the future.


The new Yacht Club de Monaco is a six story "mega yacht" built on land.  It is big,
breathtaking, magnificent, stately and a whirlwind.  You can step off the fanciest mega yacht and feel at home in their new clubhouse.  There is no other yacht club with such an impressive facility. 


Bernard d'Alessandri, head of Yacht Club de Monaco, has moved his club ahead of the rest of the world.  It will take 5 years for everyone to catch on to what is happening and another 15 years for major clubs to catch up.  It is safe to say that for the next generation, Yacht Club de Monaco has set the gold standard in yachting. 


Our yacht club has a long history with Yacht Club de Monaco.  This began when invitations to the first ever International Yacht Club Challenge which issued in November 1987.  HSH Prince Albert, President of Yacht Club de Monaco, was one of the first people to respond.  Our connections strengthened with the Tour de France a la Voile in 1988 when our two clubs fielded teams and we bet a bottle of champagne per race.  Then our clubs co-organized the International Yacht Club Challenge together in 1989 and 1990.


Since these early days, YCM and Bernard have pioneered many aspects of sailing, including the Classics under the banner of Tuiga.  Their club has achieved great successes, starting in a small clubhouse and now having the world's greatest.  It is a tribute to the vision and commitment of Bernard, as well as his committee and his President, HSH Prince Albert.  Those who know the great efforts needed to achieve such an incredible vision take our hats off to YCM!


For us at MYC, visiting Yacht Club de Monaco has always been a source of inspiration, a way for us to see new ways to do things with more style and glamour.  If you have the opportunity, I encourage you to visit the new Yacht Club de Monaco, the sooner the better. 


- Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh


Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge - Aug. 15-17


In just a few weeks, teams from around the world will gather in New York Harbor for the 6th Dennis Conner International Yacht Club Challenge.  This will be a spectacular event which creates "international goodwill through friendly competition." 


All members are invited and encouraged to take part in this regatta.  The regatta is a great opportunity to meet sailors from around the world, make connections for future travel and enjoy the international flavor of New York City.  Please mark your calendar and stay in town.  It will be worth it!


Twenty teams from 16 nations will be on the starting line.  The teams are:


1 & 2. Manhattan Yacht Club (United States) 
3 & 4. Club Universitario de Buenos Aires (Argentina)  
5. Norddeutscher Regatta Verein (Germany) 
6 & 7. Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron (Australia) 
8. Yacht Club du Maroc (Morocco) 
9 & 10. Howth Yacht Club (Ireland) 
11. Fenerbahce Sailing Club "Team Goblin" (Turkey) 
12. Royal Cork Yacht Club (Ireland) 
13. Societe Nautique de la Baie de Saint-Malo (France) 
14. Royal Norwegian Yacht Club (Norway) 
15. Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (Bermuda) 
16. Royal Danish Yacht Club (Denmark) 
17. Cercle de la Voile de la Société Nautique de Genève (Switzerland) 
18. Shanghai Boat and Yacht Club (China) 
19. Royal Cape Yacht Club (South Africa) 
20. Nissan Marina Tokai (Japan)


The social events of the regatta are open to members and are as follows:

Wed, Aug 13 - International Teams invited out to Honorable William Wall to watch the evening races. $20 launch fee & cash bar, casual.

Thur,  Aug 14 - Opening Ceremony on Arabella, 6 to 8 p.m. Cash bar, blazer & tie.

Fri, Aug 15 - Regatta dinner hosted by Dennis Conner at Les Halles Downtown, 7:30 to 10 pm, $55 per person, blazer & tie.

Sat, Aug 16 - Starlight Cruise with Dennis Conner in Harbor on Arabella, 8 to 11 p.m., $100 per person, blazer & tie.

Sun, Aug 17 - Awards Ceremony, location TBD


The Honorable William Wall will also be open for spectating on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  The first launch out will be at 11:00 a.m.  Tickets are $20 and members ride for free (you will get reimbursed the launch fee).



As you can expect, hosting a regatta of this size requires a lot of volunteers.  This is where you come in!  Volunteering for the DCIYCC is a great way to meet sailors from around the world and have a great time.  We are looking for volunteers for the following Committees:


Local Reps (skippers & racing crew) - A Local Rep from our club sails on each boat.  You will be there for safety and advice but you will not be trimming the sails or doing anything more than hiking.  Local Reps stay with the boat and a new team rotates in each race.  You will need to bring a VHF radio.  This is an incredible opportunity to sail on our boats with some great sailors!



Pit Crew - This is the dedicated group of members who help ensure the boats are all running in top condition.  The Pit Crew members will help assist Tucker and Angelo as well as our other professional staff.  You will ride on the RIBs during the races and communicate with the teams, find issues which need to be repaired, and follow through to completion.  Every post race gathering ends with the famous "Pit Crew Ceremony" where the Pit Crew is applauded by all the sailors for keeping our fleet in top conditon.


Race Committee - Assist in the management of the races, including dropping the marks, hoisting shapes, keeping time and more.



Club Ambassadors - You will be assigned to a visiting club and act as their liaison.  You will be responsible for day to day communication and coordination with your assigned club, let them know the schedule of the day, help them plan out & enjoy their stay in NYC.  Remember, our goal is to live up to our reputation as the "city that never sleeps."


Social Committee - Attend events during the weekend and help with planning and organizing the events for the weekend.


If you wish to volunteer for any of these committees, please email to IYCC Chair Mike Lee at mike@mikelee.net or Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh at mike@myc.org.  They will then connect you with the committee chair.


 12 Meter America II Returns to Harbor


 America's Cup 12 Meter "America II" US 46 has returned to North Cove after an absence of one year!  Her return was made possible by a group of members who joined the club's
merica II committee.  The mission of the committee is "To be good stewards of the historic 1987 America's Cup 12 Meter America II."


Thanks to the great members who helped sail America II from Newport back to Manhattan.  Photo of when the delivery crew touched down at North Cove is below!



Thanks also to everyone who has already become a Friend of America II this summer!  You can become a Friend at www.nyharborsailing.com


You an go sailing on America II by making a donation to help support and preserve her.  You can also get your company involved for a team building experience by making a corporate donation.  There is a great PDF explaining these programs and you an get a copy by emailing lynn@myc.org.  Please also share this with your friends at other companies.  Below is a picture of a corporate sail on Monday of this week!  Everyone had an incredible time!




 Members at Yacht Club de Monaco Ribbon Cutting

The world's most impressive yachting clubhouse was commissioned in June and a group of Manhattan Yacht Club members was fortunate to be there!  Yacht Club de Monaco's new facility includes 6 decks, incredible views, a pool, night club, several bars, dinning rooms, offices and private meeting rooms.  The driving force behind Yacht Club de Monaco is Bernard d'Alessandri and his President is HSH Prince Albert.   The Prince spoke at the ribbon cutting ceremony and his picture is below.  Thousands of people were in attendance.  You must get to Monaco to see the new cubhoue!  Our club may participate in Monaco Classic Week in September 2015 if there is enough interest among members.  This past February, two club teams participated in the Primo Cup in Monaco.




 New York to Barcelona Race

The Open Class 60 class started a new event this spring called the New York to Barcelona Race.  The event as organized by Sir Keith Mill's Open Sports Management.  Five of the Open Class 60s came to North Cove to race back across the Atlantic Ocean.  The start was orchestrated by Manhattan Yacht Club with Race Committee Chair TJ Shea overseeing the count down and communication.  NYC's howitzer was also to start the race.  Thanks to Scot Surbeck for capturing this incredible image above! 


Special thanks also go to our great friends at Battery Park City Authority and the United States Coast Guard for their assistance in the race start.  The start of the race was a great spectacle which brought a lot of people down to North Cove.  It was a great day to be a New Yorker!



The "Commodoro" of the Real Club Nautico de Barcelona, Damian Ribas and his wife enjoyed the hospitality of the Honorable William Wall night during their stay in New York City. 


Moments before the start, Commodore Fortenbaugh shared a photo opportunity with Barcelona's Deputy Mayor Maite Fando and Sir Keith Mills, head of Open Sports Management.   

Clipper Round the World Race Visits North Cove

The big events just kept coming this spring!  The three most important sailing events on the East Coast all came to visit our club.  These were the Atlantic Cup for 40 footers, the NY to Barcelona Race for 60 footers and the Clipper Round the World Rae for 72 footers (picture above &below).  Several of our club members have sailed in parts of the Clipper Race.  This is a race where normal people can purchase a berth for the experience of a lifetime.


Social Committee Report by Anastacia Stathakis


There is a lot going on this Summer both on and off the water.  We hope you can all join us for two very fun events!  And if you have any suggestions for events you would like to see on the Honorable William Wall or Arabella, please email me at astathakis@gmail.com


Fleet Captain Appreciation Night - Thur, July 31 at 6PM

We invite all Fleet Captain skippers to come down to the Arabella for a free drink and to be recognized for all you do for the club.  Thanks to you, members learn to sail better and have a chance to meet new friends while spending time on the water, so a big thank you!!  We also invite all members to come and join us to toast your favorite Skippers and show them your appreciation!


August Full Moon Party - Fri, Aug 8

DJ, BBQ, Full Moon, what more do you need! We are going all out for our August Full Moon Party on the Honorable William Wall!  The party starts at 5:30PM so come out early to grab a table or spot at the bar!  A DJ from ExquisiteNY will start at 6:30PM to get everyone up and moving!  BBQ buffet will be served on the lower level and is included with your ticket price.  The event is open now for Members to sign up with guests and will open to the public a week prior if it does not sell out beforehand, so grab a launch space and let's make this the best party in the City!  More information and launch tickets and be found here: http://www.myc.org


The Summer is going by quickly, let's take full advantage of the sunshine and clear skies while we can! 



Race Committee Report by TJ Shea

5-4-1- Start!  The racing season is fully underway five days a week!


Mondays offers a small group of skippers a great opportunity to learn and hone their racing techniques.  The line is limited to five boats but the opportunity for learning from multiple starts is enormous.  Emre Cumali was the spring series leader.


Tuesdays and Wednesdays are our prime racing nights with 26 J/24 teams each night and 9 J/105s on Weds.  Despite a few nights of rain cancellations, the competition is tough with the Silver teams fighting to get into the Gold Fleet and the Gold teams fighting to remain in the Gold.  Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh and Tom Wallin lead the Tuesday night fleets and The Applied Companies, Eric Bulis and Warlock lead the Wednesday fleets.


What do Pushcart Coffee, Merrill Lynch, Bloomberg, and Google all have in common?  They all race on Thursday Nights in the Corporate League.  Pushcart Coffee won the spring series (maybe because they are drinking their coffee?).  The Corporate League offers a great opportunity to gather your sailing buddies at work and race, while having your fiends watch aboard the Honorable William Wall.  But don't kid yourself, this is the corporate world and they are out there to win.


What do you call someone who races on a beautify Friday afternoon while you're still at work?  At the MYC, we call them Lucky Dogs and it's the name of our Friday Afternoon racing series.  The atmosphere is casual and fun, but it is a race and the sailors do whatever they can do to win.   So far, Graham Files is leading the series, but you never know when one of the teen program boats will sail up from behind you and win.  Oh, and he gets to set the course as the previous week's winner.  So, call in sick or do whatever you need to do and dome down to join us.


Rules Quiz:

PW and PL, two overlapped boats on port tack, were sailing up the first beat of a race in moderate air. Both were on close-hauled courses. PL was about one hull length to leeward of PW and had her bow half a length in front. These two boats were converging with a third boat (S) who was on starboard tack. PL thought she was sailing into a header, and she wanted to tack to leeward of S. Therefore, she hailed PW for room to tack at the obstruction (S). PW, however, liked the right side of the course, and she wanted to bear off behind S and keep sailing on port tack. Since PW had an inside overlap on PL, she hailed PL for room to duck behind S (an obstruction). Unfortunately, it was not possible for PL to tack and for PW to duck at the same time. How do the rules resolve this situation?


1.      PL must bear off and give PW room to pass behind S

2.      PW must respond to PL's hail for room to tack

3.      The hails cancel themselves out and neither applies

4.      The hail that was made first takes precedence

5.      None of the above 

Mentor Committee Report by Patty Bryan


The Mentor Program continues to flourish with sailors working to bring their sailing knowledge and skills up to "skipper level." We mentors try our best, helping with docking and COB drills, pointing out wrecks on the chart, reviewing the myriad information on the test-all in all, sharing our collective experience and unGoogleable knowledge. However, we have not really known which features of the program have the most impact, so we decided to try to find out and asked past participants to send us a sentence or two (good or bad) about their experience.  Here are a few of the replies:


Andy Zangle (class of 2009)

The mentor program showed me how to sail in NY harbor and sharpened my motoring and man overboard skills. I think it is an important part of becoming an MYC skipper regardless of your skill level. 


Andrea Radoff (class of  2009)

I had a great mentor experience with a wide variety of skippers that allowed insight into a diverse knowledge base. I found it important to not rush my mentor ship experience to fully appreciate all the knowledge required to be a safe and proficient skipper. 


Bertrand Saliba (class of 2012)

The mentor program is an intelligently designed program that prepares prospective skippers for taking on the responsibility of sailing with club members in the New York Harbor. In my case, I sailed with mentors who were passionate and dedicated sailors and from all of whom I learned a lot. Fleet captains and sail patrol skippers were helpful as well. (I'll never forget doing what seemed like hundreds of COB drills with over winds over 20 knots on one sail patrol sail.) I have only good things to say about the program. I much appreciated and benefited from the earnest dedication these volunteers gave in educating new MYC skippers. 


John McGeehan (Class of 2013)

The mentoring program offered me more leadership accountability on the boat and hands on training around navigating various conditions/circumstances. It also gave me an opportunity to meet and connect with several of the more senior members of the club and get there personal feedback, tips, and tricks. All together I feel lucky that I was given an opportunity to work under my mentor and would highly recommend it to any incoming skippers at the club. 


Justin Mahy (Class of 2013)

The mentor program was fantastic.  To skipper a sailboat in and around Manhattan is a exhilarating but not without danger and responsibility.  The program honed my skill base and taught me how to navigate these waters with confidence and knowledge.  And if you can sail these waters you can sail anywhere in the world!  


If reading these remarks makes you want to join our program, please go to the Mentor page on the club's website and review the criteria for becoming a participant. If you feel you are ready to begin, please email us and we will start you on your way to becoming a skipper.


Sign Up to be a Manhattan Yacht Club Navigator

Do you love meeting new people?

Do you walk the club docks and know half the people you see?

Have you been a member of MYC for at least 2 or 3 years?

Do you want a cool MYC Navigator hat?


Then the MYC Membership Committee wants YOU to sign up for the 2014 Navigator Program.


The Committee is looking for several "veteran" members to participate in a buddy program where new members have a direct connection to a fellow member who knows their way around the club.  A Navigator!  Navigators aren't necessarily the people who know the answers, but they're the people who know how to find the answers.


Navigator expectations:

  • Attend 3 New Membership Orientations and Dock Orientations per year (along with Ali and a member of the membership committee)
  • Each orientation "class" will become your group of buddies to follow up with throughout the season.
  • Communicate with new members and inform them of club events, how to get involved and generally help them feel part of the club.
  • While we're sure you'll have so much fun that you will participate for many years, we do look for an initial two-season commitment.

Get signed up!  Email the following information to Tracy Steel (tracysteele@mac.com) today:

Your name, Contact information, Number of years in the club, Club activities you regularly enjoy.


Please also don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!



Commissioner Ray Kelly Honored Aboard Arabella
Former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was presented with a life-time achievement award on Arabella in June.  The ceremony was organized by the Gateway Plaza Tenants Association and Commissioner Kelly is a longtime resident of Gateway Plaza overlooking North Cove.  It was a great honor for our club and Arabella to host a person who has dedicated so much time and effort to making our city a safe place. 

Commissioning Ceremony
The Commissioning Ceremony of our club went off very well this spring.  Vice Commodore John LaGrassa raised the first burgee ever made and Race Committee Chair TJ Shea fired the cannon.  A large crowd of members had turned out to celebrate the return of sailing.
 Speakers at the Commissioning Ceremony this spring included: (l ot r), RC Chair TJ Shea, Vice Commodore John LaGrassa, John Duber and Social Chair Anastacia Stathakis, Fleet Captain Chair Peter Abelman, General Manager Lynn Sexton, Sail Patrol Chair Ted Wallace, Director Mike Duran and Commodore Michael Fortenbaugh.



Dates for next De Caribbean Regatta, Jan 24-31

It's never too early to start dreaming about your Caribbean sailing vacation.  This year, De Caribbean Regatta will be January 24 to 31.  A flotilla of club members and sailing school graduates will travel down to the British Virgin Islands for one week of fun, sun and sailing.  You will be able to join one of the smaller charter boats or book a berth or cabin aboard our flagship Arabella with it's hot tub and chef!  Look for this winter's event to be the greatest ever.



Seen at the Club
US Navy Rear Admiral Dixon Smith and his wife stopped by the yacht club during Fleet Week.  Commodore Fortenbaugh took him out in the harbor on Blue pearl to watch the parade of ships.  The Admiral is a friend of Dennis Conner and a sailor who won the very first "Fleet Week Regatta" hosted by our club in 1988!
Mentor sail in the harbor with Pat Ensworth sharing knowledge with skipper trainees.
Fleet captain sail in the harbor with Andrea Radoff helping to educate members.
The USCG Auxiliary doing safety checks on our fleet with Angelo Valitutti from our club.  All of our boats are certified to their gold standard.
J/105s race in the harbor with the Statue of Liberty in the background.
Returning back to North Cove after a sail in the harbor with a beautiful sunset illuminating the skyline and the new Freedom Tower.