May 2016
The Connectedness of Us the Greatest Joy!
Our Students   
It has been a stellar five months in Uganda! Our students continue to thrive and amaze us!  We have 58 students enrolled in school; 15 are in the same primary school and six are attending the same secondary school, Charles's Alma Mater.  One student is attending the prestigious "Kings College", our second student to do so.

Some of our older students are now engaged in training in the fields of nursing, veterinary assistant, and nursery school teacher and will be poised to enter the work force with skills that will earn them salaries and independence!

Connect Africa Women's Bakery
Precisely one year ago I taught the Joggo women how to bake bread.  After learning much about baking, packaging, marketing and book keeping, the women are now producing and selling 1500 buns and hundreds of cookies each week!  
Starting a bakery that would be financially viable and a steady source of income for a groups of 8 women was no small effort. A wood fired clay oven for baking was designed and built. Charles fashioned an in-genious proofer that efficiently uses steam, allowing 16 trays of dough to rise at once. 

The women are now in the black!  
See the women in action!

65,000 bricks have been bought from women and our student Daniel
Our Vocational Training Center
We are currently building the Connect Africa vocational training center furthering our mission of empowering self-sustainability through income. Students will receive instruction in carpentry, metalwork, tailoring and catering.  

A shout out g
oes to David/Caryn in California for helping us fund this endeavor.  Many thanks to Jerry, a donor in Texas, who has sent us 2000 pounds of tools. Heartfelt thanks to Kathy, David/Chris, Pat, Peter, Rowan, Mark, Nate, Alicia, Alan and many more donors who have helped to make this a reality.

Forging Connections with the Aid of Technology
Technology is helping Connect Africa to interact and form more meaningful bonds with our supporters!  A magical moment occurred in April when our students were able to face time with Mill Pond Middle School in Westborough, MA. The children were able to see one another, ask questions and share stories. The main shock was our uniform-attired CAF students surprise to see what American children wear to school.

Another exciting example of technology and connections:  Richard, a donor, has visited Uganda twice and become good friends with three students. They formed a WhatsApp group, sending each other brainteasers, jokes, tongue twisters, photos.  I fall asleep smiling at such happiness between them.

What a fantastic 5 months and 7 more to go.
Your continued support allows us to do the work we do and we thank you!

Lynn, Charles and the Board of Directors