Great Growth in 2014!
"Connect Africa has done for me many things like paying for my school fees, taking me to the hospital, giving me school requirements, like books, pens and pencils. Since I entered CAF  it has taken care of me. Which helps me not to stay at home like other children.Rashidah, student since 2008

Our Students   

We added 18 new children this year, for a total of 54 students sponsored in 30 schools ranging from nursery to four students attending university. One student is in vocational training for hair styling. Seven students are sponsored by a remarkable young woman who, after volunteering, made a commitment to their education.
Education is the key to economic opportunities for our families!


Our Annual Back-to-School Outing 
35 students camped out at the beach in January to reunite, have fun and focus on upcoming classes. The older students organized dancing, relay races and a ceremony to honor Charles and Lynn with speeches, a cake and presents purchased with saved money we give them for school.



The children's initiative and thoughtfulness moved us to tears!

See more pictures and stories on Facebook posted by our student Emma Annual Outing




Two students, Raymond and Deo, were awarded a micro-loan! Deo graduated A-level and has opened barbershop and video rental business. Raymond sells sand for construction and will use the profits to help with his university education. 
To date 7 students have received micro-loans.
 Our Micro-Loans provide all recipients with a much brighter future!



Our Library
The library and computer center is nearing completion. A Texas donor raised the funds within his community. It sits along side the guest house, meeting area, playground on our 2 1/2 acre site.
Two volunteers bring books in July and  7 donors come in September each carrying 50+ pounds of books!

All of CAF will benefit tremendously from this resource!
"CAF has done better than good. I have received a lot,  for example love and care. It has really done the best in changing my life. It has given me a good education, life skill, discipline and provision of basic needs. With time I will achieve my goals with the foundation they have laid for me. The advice from Lynn and Charles has brought me up to be a good person. Meeting with CAF classmates has helped in solving my problems in some subjects. I feel different from the time I joined Connect Africa" 
Nabachwa Brendah Suubi, student since August 2009  


Your continued support allows us to do the work we do and we thank you!
Lynn, Charles and the Board of Directors