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Connect Africa News Update
May 30, 2012
Dear International Community of Connect Africa,


You hail from: CA, PA, VT, ME, OH, OR, WA, CT, NY, NJ, NM, SC, NC, FL, TX, MN, OR, MD, MI, IL, KS, KY, MT, TN, LA, CO, DE, GA, WV, MA, Israel, Germany, England, and Canada. We have truly become a global community and thank you for helping Connect Africa be what it is today!


To those who attended our event "A Taste of Uganda" at Karibu, the Ugandan restaurant in Massachusetts we thank you for being part of the intimate, fun filled evenings where we all felt so connected. To those too far away to hop over for our event, the board and I want to share what happened as though you were with us...............Enjoying Ugandan food in USA


After everyone arrived, the restaurant staff made sure everyone had a plate full of matoke, posha, sweet potato, greens, beans, chapatti, samosa, g-nut sauce, and chicken/fish in a sauce. At the end of the meal, some plates were empty; some plates were still a bit full.


There was a Power Point presentation that included pictures of our children in 2006 and now, in 2012. These 6 years have brought remarkable changes to them, their families and Connect Africa. Currently, we have 40 students enrolled in 27 different schools-ranging from nursery to university.


We have awarded a total of 81 loans since 2005. Due to your generosity we have provided 26 loans (19 businesses and 7 education) in 2012, with more to be awarded before the end of the year.


The highlight of the night-besides the tasting of Ugandan food- showcased our outreach to a new community, called Jogo. On the acre of land purchased in 2010, we have created:  Children's Educational Enrichment Program

  • An open roofed structure
  • A playground
  • A Saturday educational enrichment program for 33 children
  • An adult literacy training for villagers who cannot read or write, the eldest student being 69
  • A forum to discuss loans, money management and business development

Last but not least, we are delighted to announce that a GUEST HOUSE in Jogo will be completed in June to serve as accommodations for you to visit and volunteer. The proceeds from the Guest House arGuest House for YOU!e earmarked for the sustainability of our work in this very impoverished village. Connect Africa now resides in both Kyalliwajalla and Jogo. With your help we are increasing our work with orphans and the guardians of orphans. 


Come visit!  Tell others about us!   Volunteer!   Meet the families you are helping!  Sit and smell the eucalyptus forest!   Laugh at the monkey's swinging in the trees!  Experience Africa as a villager!



Have a wonderful summer! Thank you always for having Connect Africa in your heart!  


Lynn and The USA Board of Directors