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Connect Africa News Update
October 2010

I am Talemwa Jackson, a son of Aunt Lynni and Kalule Charles who make up Connect Africa,  plus you who have made Connect Africa stand up to this time.  It is your support that can continue to help us children.


Connect Africa has done many good things for us for which I may not be able to write and finish but these are some of the things Connect Africa has done-


Connect Africa has provided school fees to us and we are now able to acquire education at all levels. They play a big role in comforting our hearts. We had lost hope because our parents died and they have done this through guidance and counseling.


They have catered for our lives in a way that it is possible for us to get treatment when we are sick and provide us with necessities to our lives.


We are being shaped into important people because of the discipline and advise given to us.


They have played a big role in creating friendships between us. It has done this through organizing outings for all the students to be together for a day at the beach or talks.

Connect Africa is not only helping us children, it helps many in our community by purchasing native crafts, have many women knitting dolls, taking us to a disabled dentist--they are doing much good which I said I cannot write and finish but we thank all the donors for the great work you are doing.

We have known Jackson since 2005. Charles and I were witness to him securing any odd job he could find for money to live on. Both parents have died; he is the eldest son caring for 2 sisters.After graduating primary school he did not have tuition to continue his education. In 2008 we began helping him. Though difficult to start again after being out of school for 3 years, he is extraordinarily focused and determined to succeed.  He is a wonderful role model to all the other children in Connect Africa.

27 of our 31 studentsMe, as Jackson, my prayer is you continue to donate so we continue to develop and serve more people.  We are presently 31 students, attending 17 different schools from nursery through university.

Mwebale nyo mwe balile dala

Long live our donors

Long live Connect Africa Foundation
Your truly,

Talemwa Jackson

We continue to be thankful to you for making it all possible.

Wishing you the very best!


Lynn and Charles

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