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April 2010

Some Students at MaryHillMarch 14, 2010

I have been here since mid-January and this is always the most exciting time of year.  It is when we prepare the children to return to school, meet and register the new children to Connect Africa, have our annual outing with all the children and then get them all off to school by the beginning of February.

I am writing right now as it is a quiet moment as we are preparing for visiting day at MaryHill Primary School.  We have 9 children attending this school and today 10 guardians and siblings are traveling to visit the children and review their reports.  The transport to this school is very difficult and very dusty.  I tried to borrow a car, but was not able to get one.  All 10 of us will be carrying school supplies that the children need.  We are all excited to go and have been missing the kids. 



27 of our 31 students

To date we have 31 students enrolled in 18 different schools.

Here is the list of supplies we get for the children:

408 small writing books

100 big writing books

Graph books

Art books/art pencils

31 reams of white paper

400 pencils

330 pens

31 rulers

13 geometry sets

13 pocket dictionaries

Uniforms which include-regular uniform, sports wear, socks, sweater, dormitory wear

Black shoes

375 rolls of toilet paper

18 students are in boarding school and they need:

54 bars bathing soap

216 bars washing clothes soap

54 tooth pastes

18 tooth brushes

54 Vaselines

54 shoe polishes

18 shoe brushes

Buckets for bathing



Bed sheets


Storage boxes and padlocks




Night wear

Sanitary pads

Mosquito nets

90 bags of cookies

90 bottles of juice

180 kilo's of sugar



I am smiling as I write! The purchasing is eventful unto itself, then finding space for all the items BUT the distribution, ahahah it is CRAZY! And to think our dream is to have more and more and more children we help go to school!!! 
As always we wish you the best! 
We are forever thankful!
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Warmly, Lynn and Charles
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