Connect Africa Foundation
Connect Africa Foundation
October 2009
2009 has been a tremendous year for Connect Africa
  • 40 individuals have received scholarships for their education
  • Children are making remarkable progress.  Connect Africa has a student in every grade of the Ugandan school system from nursery school to university
  • 25 start-up businesses are thriving
  • 10 women derive income by knitting dolls for the Dolly-Mama's business in USA
  • We buy native crafts from 16 individuals 
  • Crutches were donated to 12 year-old Ruth who lost her right leg to cancer
  • Healthcare funds have enabled children to stay at the hospital to combat malaria
  • 2100 pounds of school supplies, clothes and shoes have been distributed to children

    apartments5 income-generating apartments stand as a testament to the
  • legacy, legitimacy and longevity of the educational component of
  • Connect Africa.

Hassan at schoolConnect Africa.  Connect Africa is shining
Shining to cast away the darkness
Rays of hope our aim is to make a difference
For the children all over the country
June 2005 the association came into being
With the mission to rehabilitate the youth
And the stressed kids to resettle in the community
Connect Africa is non political, non religious, non ethnic
The order at Connect Africa is parental love and care
These are the pillars we lean on for support
To support us to become law abiding
With self-esteem on this land of ours
Connect Africa educates the homeless children, the orphans, those in stress
With vocational skills, school fees and music
Good ideas and loans to develop their business
Thank you Connect Africa
I highly appreciate the generous hands and thy needs
Education, shelter, medical treatment
Food and counseling we receive at the center
Bless us god in our endeavors
For that Connect Africa may live long to stay
Together as one we can work for the betterment
For that Connect Africa we harbor only peace and love.

Creative, humble, and positive is Hassan, persevering against all odds.  I call him "our rapper".  He is the archetypal Connect Africa story.  We first heard about and met Hassan in 2008, when he was 16 years old.  Charles and I were providing consulting services to an organization working with vulnerable children, who had experienced traumas.  Soon after, the director told us about Hassan.  It was evident that she was extremely fond of him.  He had been living in an orphanage, recently got a sponsor from England but was living on his own with no adult supervision.

"I have lived all my life in Hood and struggle,
Every time that I wake up I know that I have to hustle.
Why it has always got to be this way?
Why has my family passed away?
Someday everything is gonna be fine,
Something tells me that someday everything is gonna be alright.

Charles befriended Hassan. He had no family to care for him. His mother, a child when she had him, did not have a supportive community to help her raise him. While it is unusual for African's not to know or be cared for by family members, this was Hassan's story. 
Connect Africa took over Hassan's care.  We placed him in boarding school, and began paying for food, healthcare, and transportation, so he could continue seeing his mother, who he recently found.  Most importantly, Hassan became part of the Connect Africa community.
During the school holiday (approximately 4 months of the year), Hassan was living with strangers. Then it came to pass that he had nowhere to live, so he stayed at my house.  Charles and I knew this wasn't the best solution.  Like Bangi, another child in our program, Hassan needed a home, guidance, and security. The question was how were we to provide these boys with what they truly needed.  As we were pondering our dilemma, a donor appeared with the funds essential for helping Hassan and Bangi.  Now Connect Africa is renting a place where the two boys live with Charles. 
As I write this, Hassan is sitting for his exams. He does well in school.  When he is not studying, he composes rap songs and listens to music for hours on end.  Most importantly, as a member of the Connect Africa community, Hassan takes his responsibilities seriously.  He acts as the elder brother in all the African ways of caring for his brothers and sisters, the other Connect Africa children.  We are so grateful for the day he came into our lives!
"I know that I will make it if I take it day by day,
And I know that God will help me over come whatever comes in my way.
And I know that I will win no matter what they say,
I knowwwwww I KNOW."
Hassan's words say it all. We are forever thankful!
Warmly, Lynn and Charles