Connect Africa Foundation
Connect Africa Foundation
November 2008

Making the Holidays Brighter for Connect Africa

We want to share a few tid bits with you.  
Our Website is Updated, go see your donations in ACTION with new pictures and a video.

MosesThree children have spread the word and helped educate 3 children in Uganda

8 year-old Sophia in North Carolina had her friends donate to Connect Africa for her birthday party.   Sophia raised $215 -- enough to support another 8-year old go to school in Uganda.  Her story is a testament to how every gift makes a difference. 

Rachel in Massachusetts selected Connect Africa for her bat mitzvah project. She collected clothes/shoes, school supplies and money.  Her donations will help support a girl her own age.  Betty, a 13-year old is a house girl, currently not attending school or earning money, will be the recipient of Rachel's generosity. Without this gift, Betty's future would be incredibly bleak.
Max, 13-years-old from Upstate New York had a Talent Show.  At the show they had a bake sale, as well as bins for donated clothes, shoes and school supplies.  In addition,  Max raised $954.     
Every donation counts. Please consider making these stories your own!

TheopistaSpare Change Collection Challenge

An easy way to support Connect Africa is to collect your spare change and send it to US!  Ask your friends and family to donate their spare change as well.  Together my brother and I collected $250.  That supports one child in primary school for a year including tuition, lunch, supplies, uniform, healthcare. 
The person who raises the most amount of money will receive a native basket.
The challenge is ON!

The Gift of Giving is in all of us. Thank you in advance for your generous support.
Happy Holidays. 
Lynn and Charles