Connect Africa Foundation Newsletter
November 2007

I am sitting quietly waiting for Charles to take me to the airport to return to Boston. I am thinking about the last few months in Uganda and feeling so proud of all that we have accomplished. I leave 20 children in the last 2 months of school for 2007. I leave 4 new businesses, 12 others in working order and many many new ventures we have begun this year.

Connect Africa is flourishing.

Our Scholars:
We have sponsored 10 females and 13 males for school. Our youngest is 4 years old. Although there are 20 children receiving scholarships, there are a total of 120 children within all the house holds that CAF helps with clothes/shoes and emergency needs. One child is HIV positive. It is miraculous to me that only one child is HIV positive.

Our businesses:
With our help: Asaadi began a popcorn business * Christine purchased a photocopier for her secretarial business * Muwanga bought an oven for his bakery business * Kibuka purchased drums and costumes for his dance troupe.

The Sustainable Lunch Program: Namugongo Mixed Primary School is a school with very few resources. Only 19 of the 400 children had lunch every day. So a group of donors provided funds for a garden and a mill in order to feed maize porridge to all the children in the school throughout the year.

Camp: CAF has been instrumental in bringing Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Camp to Uganda. The first camp will happen January 12-17, 2008.

Shoe Donation: 400 pairs were donated by Clark, Inc. The shoes were given to UMAA Primary School in Kyalliwajala and to elder farmers in Northern Uganda.

Our success is because of YOU!

400 pencils donated by St Johns Episcopal Sunday School How you have helped:
  • Hundreds of individuals supporting us and spreading our name
  • Ian, aged 13, had a talent show
  • Odessa, aged 8, sold lemonade
  • Eva, aged 13, collected 200 lbs of clothes
  • Lilly and David's Wedding
  • Karen and Melissa's Holiday Party
  • Samantha, aged 13, donated school supplies
  • Halle's work presentation
  • Midge, a photographer, donated proceeds from Portraits on the Beach
  • Kate, Arlene, Robbie, Barbara, Sara House Parties
  • St. Johns Episcopal Church chose Connect Africa as their charity and donated 400 pencils
  • First Parish Church of Concord sponsors 3 children and funded 2 businesses
  • Individuals who donated on-line not knowing us but believing in our mission

  • 400 shoes donated by Clark, Inc A Special Thank You: And then there is the person who makes it all happen-Charles. How would we know what to do if it weren't for him? How would we know when to wait, when to act, when to talk, when to be quiet? How would we know all the subtleties of a completely foreign culture? As I thank you, the donor for making my dream come true, I thank Charles for his love and commitment to Connect Africa.

    Please continue to remember us during the giving season. Donations made easy on our website. The very best to you.

    Warmly, Lynn

    PS. Use GoodSearch.com, select Connect Africa, and we receive 1 penny per click on the Internet.

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