Connect Africa Foundation Newsletter
January 2007


Without the human community one single human being cannot survive.

From Lynn, Charles, 15 children sponsored for school, their families, 2 college students, 12 business people, 12 women who make crafts, the Sudanese women’s group, the Ugandan and American board of directors---WE THANK YOU.

You have helped us with connections to schools, churches, synagogues, grant writers, PR, photographers, creating and selling Connect Africa note cards, selling Ugandan crafts, articles for the Globe and eons.com, talking and talking and talking to others about us!

You had fundraisers in your homes, schools, place of work, a children's talent show, bar/bat mitzvahs, child's birthday party, holiday parties.

You have contributed from MA, MD, Israel, IL, WA, NY, PA, FL, NJ, VT, CA, CT, TX, GA, NC, DE.

You have donated:

  • 1485 pounds of children's clothes, shoes and school bags.
  • Psychology books for students and universities.
  • 8 laptops and one desktop which were given to individuals.
  • Educational materials, including reading books, pencils, rules, puzzles.
  • Health products, including vitamins, toothbrush/paste, soap.

Our goal for 2007:

  • Complete the construction of the remaining 6 rental apartments earmarked for the Children's Education Fund.
  • Sponsor 5 more children.
  • Provide more business start-up loans.
  • Continue to distribute a reading book on how to stay safe to village schools.

Wishing you the very best in the New Year. We will stay in touch, we hope you will to.

All of us at Connect Africa

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