JUNE 2013   




Gustavo Pereyra from Toluca, Mexico begins his internship at Artes de la Rosa Theater. International interns Diana Karen Navarro from Toluca and Nikolas Juncker from Trier begin their internships at the Sister Cities office too.




Nagaoka 4th of July exchange planning meeting. Fort Worth Japanese Society, 3608 Park Lake Drive (76133), 5:30 p.m.




FW Youth Ambassadors Summer Exchanges to Nagaoka, Japan; Trier, Germany; and Mbabane, Swaziland.




Trier committee social gathering. Becky Renfro Borbolla's downtown condo, 8th Floor, Garden Terrace Room, 333 Throckmorton Street (76102), 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.




Final travel orientation Youth & Educator Ambassadors to Guiyang, China. UNT Health Science Center, Auditorium next to atrium, 3500 Camp Bowie (76107), 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. Enter on Clifton Street, parking lot 6, most southwest door entrance by flag poles.




Mandatory orientation for ILA participants with a parent, as well as host families. UNT Health Science Center, Auditorium next to atrium, 3500 Camp Bowie (76107), 6:00 p.m. Enter on Clifton Street, parking lot 6, most southwest door entrance by flag poles.




Jr. ILA participants with parent and Texas International Cultural Week host families final orientation. UNT Health Science Center, Auditorium next to atrium, 3500 Camp Bowie (76107), 6:00 p.m. Enter on Clifton Street, parking lot 6, most southwest door entrance by flag poles.




Adult delegation to Trier, Germany for 25th anniversary celebration.




Nagaoka 4th of July exchange planning meeting. Panther Island Pavilion, 395 Purcey Street (76102), 5:30 p.m. Meet in parking lot.


To sign-up for any of the listed events above, please email RSVP and on the subject line enter RSVP with event name or call 817.632.7100.

You may also fax to 817.632.7110.Thank you!



  • TCU Nursing professors and 15 nursing students concluded a successful exchange to Reggio where they gave a healthcare presentation at the University of Reggio Emilia.
  • Reggio Emilia will send 14 students and one teacher to International Leadership Academy and Texas Leadership Week which includes a day trip to Austin.
  • The Culinary School of Fort Worth is planning the fall exchange with the Reggio Culinary School. Stay tuned for details for a membership activity with them.


  • Join the Trier committee for an informal gathering at the home of Chair Becky Renfro Borbolla June 4th. Meet new members and re-connect with long-time Trier volunteers. Please sign up to bring a main or side dish, or a dessert and wine. Iced tea and water will be provided. See calendar for details.
  • Trier is hosting a special program June 25-30 to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. A delegation of 5, led by Board of Directors Emeritus Hilde Horchler, will represent Fort Worth in Trier along with Student Ambassadors there for an educational exchange.
  • Plans are being made to welcome international alum from Trier, Nikolas Juncker, to Fort Worth this month. Nikolas will work in the Sister Cities office as an International Program Coordinator intern. He will be here through the beginning of August.

  • Nagaoka is sending approximately 60 people, led by Mayor Tamio Mori, to Fort Worth for the 4th of July celebration. Nagaoka donated fireworks to Fort Worth in honor of 25 years of friendship which will be part of the Trinity River Vision celebration on July 4th. A special luncheon is planned for Wed., July 3 where Mayor Price and Mayor Mori will sign agreements to reaffirm our long standing partnership. The public is invited.
  • A delegation of young professionals will accompany the official group and be hosted by Fort Worth's 8 young professionals who went to Japan in April. This group is planning a business mentorship breakfast for the Japanese guests on the morning of July 5.

  • 17 Adult Ambassadors are traveling to Bandung and Bali, this month led by Board Chairwoman Ann Rice. Be looking for their photos on Facebook.
  • Bandung is sending university student and ILA alum, Reza Alamsyah, to Fort Worth July 13-28. Reza will represent Bandung as an international university student facilitator at this year's ILA.


  • Budapest is unable to send students for this year's International Leadership Academy in July.
  • The Budapest committee is working on an entertaining program and Hungarian Goulash cook off for Nov. 5th. Stay tuned for details.


  • The committee held a successful event May 2nd at the Artes de la Rosa Marine Theater highlighting Cinco de Mayo-Toluca Style. Gracias to all involved in the production of this event from music, theater, history and food.
  • Toluca Mayor Martha Hilda González Calderón and staff welcomed Chair, Doug Harman, Vice Chair Manuel Reyes and Vice President, Irene Chase May 5-8th during a visit to discuss future initiatives. Plans are being discussed for a police exchange this September, municipal exchanges and possible official exchanges next spring.


  • Committee Chair, Dr. Staussa Ervin, will lead 13 Ambassadors to Mbabane June 11- 26 on a Service Adventure. Mbabane has planned a special poetry session for the group with local artists. The group will also share our Texas culture with local students and visit child care point centers where they will donate books, supplies, and clothing.
  • Mbabane has recruited 4 high school students, 1 alum and teacher for ILA. Thank you to the Black Ecumenical Leaders Alliance who will sponsor four scholarships for the Mbabane students.


  • Guiyang will send 20 high school students and 3 teachers to participate in ILA in July.
  • Youth and educators will have their final orientation this month in preparation for their exchange to Guiyang June 11.  While there the students will be home hosted and the teachers will share education and art techniques with Chinese educators.

Fort Worth Youth International 

  • 55 middle school students are registered for Jr. ILA in July.
  • Youth Ambassadors are departing this month for a 2 week cultural experience to our sister cities in Japan, Swaziland and Germany.
  • Special thanks to the teachers who served as liaisons for their schools this year.

 Emerging Leaders Network (The Net)   

  • We are glad to welcome nine interns who will be working in our office this summer. Come by and say hello and give our international interns a Texas welcome!
  • The NET is planning the activities and hosting the young professionals from Nagaoka, Japan for the 4th of July celebration. Get involved and volunteer today. Steer Fort Worth and Vision Fort Worth will give presentations on how Fort Worth engages the under 40 population to the group at a breakfast on July 5.
  • The ILA 25th anniversary committee is planning a celebration during the 2014 Academy. If you participated in ILA as a student, make sure to join the Facebook page and get involved.
  • The NET is recruiting volunteers for special activities during the International Leadership Academy. Contact the office for more information on where you can help.
  • Thank you to three NET members for helping with the Mayor's International Dinner coming this Fall. Andrea Ballard is the Dancer Relations Coordinator and Anette Soto and Tracy Williams have agreed to dance, along with their partners, as Celebrity Couples. Be sure to support them by voting this Fall and attending to root them on.



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Irene Chase

Vice President


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Eva Rodriguez

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Fort Worth Sister Cities International

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