Isn't this weather wonderful?  After a long cold winter, these warmer days with sunshine makes you think of green grass, colorful flowers and bountiful vegetable gardens.'s a little early to get started.  Check out Jim's Tip's below for some helpful Do's and Don'ts for this time of year.  Also - don't forget to stop out and see us at the Home Show and register for a Turtle Creek Gift Certificate!

Enjoy the sunshine! 

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Spring Lawn Care Tips

In order to obtain the lush green summer lawns we all long for, Spring maintenance must be done. Our Minnesota winters can be very hard on our lawns by altering the soil pH, compact the soil and create conditions friendly to weeds and disease.  


Click HERE for some great tips on how to repair your lawn from the long winter and prepare it for the Spring/Summer season ahead. 


Jim's Tips


We all get anxious to start doing things in our gardens and lawns as we see the temperatures climb, the snow disappear and it gets nicer outside,'s still a little too early.  Below are a few Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind for March.
  1. Now is a good time to clean up gardening tools you will be using.  Take some steel wool or sand paper to remove rust. After you get them cleaned up, you can apply a light oil to keep them from rusting before your first use. You can also sharpen lawn mower blades and get them tuned up ready for the first mowing.
  2. If the temps get above 40 F a dormant oil spray on fruit trees will help control overwintering insects.
  3. Clean up pots and containers that are going to be used this season.  Make sure you scrub them good so any pathogens will not affect your plants this year.  It is usually a good idea to use 'new' soil every year.  The old soil, if  just "caked" a little, can be tilled into the garden.
  4. Be sure not to start raking the lawn too soon.  The lawn should be dried out before raking.  If raked when the ground is still moist you risk removing grass plants and can compact the soil just my walking on it.
  5. It is still early to start flower and vegetables from seed.  Generally start these plants about 6 weeks prior to planting in the garden.  An example: Start tomatoes and peppers about mid April so they will be ready to plant in the ground when the soil and air temperature are warm enough around late May.
  6. If you are starting perennials from seed they can be started now.
If you have any questions about early spring care for your lawn and gardens, please don't hesitate to contact us at the nursery.  We're here to help! 
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Over the years, we have had many requests for Yard Maintenance services and we are happy to announce that this year...we are adding some of those services to our Landscaping side of the business!  

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We are now offering the 
following services:

Shrub Trimming
Perennial Trimming
Flower Bed Spring Clean up

Our schedule will fill up quickly so please contact us soon to reserve your spot! 

For more information regarding our Maintenance Services, give us a call 
at 507-213-TREE.  

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Fun Ideas for Spring
Check out some fun ideas we found on Pinterest to help you get ready for Spring!

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