34 Hours left
to change a life in 2015!

This past week the Methodist Children's Homes welcomed a newborn into the Two of Us Home. In the next 34 hours we are expecting another baby girl to be born.

When you make a donation today, you are giving to teach young mothers who have been abused or neglected, a new way of loving and caring for their babies.

Just a reminder, there is 34 hours left to make a donation during 2015. You can either give online until midnight on December 31st or mail your donation to Methodist Children's Homes PO BOX 66, Clinton MS 39060.

Methodist Children's Homes of Mississippi
[PO BOX 66, Clinton MS 39060] | [601-853-5000] | [Kwilliams@mchms.org]

Methodist Children's Homes of Mississippi | PO Box 66 | 805 Flag Chapel Road | Clinton | MS | 39056