< URGENT REQUEST > Help us send our youth to camp!

"I am looking forward to being normal, and getting away from everything. "


Do you remember the first time you went to camp? Do you remember the feeling of excitement, the friendships you made and the adventures you had?


The youth at the Methodist Children's Homes completely rely upon you for this experience.  I would like you to consider giving a gift between $25 and $75 to help provide youth like Bridgett an opportunity to go to summer camp.


Imagine the smiles your donation will make in their youthful hearts. Bridgett is 14 years old. She is smart, quiet, and witty with big plans of becoming a veterinarian or nurse when she grows up. When talking with Bridgett about her life at MCH, she stated,    

"Before I came to MCH, I didn't really have a stable home or people I actually thought cared about me. Now that I've come here, I know I have a place to stay for as long as I need it. I also know there are lots of people here who care about me."


You can provide Bridget­t and all of our youth the opportunities of summer camp. Providing them with the chance to get away and experience the outdoors will not only make them happy, but you as well. Giving makes the heart glad. When I asked Bridgett why she was looking forward to summer she mentioned,


"I can't wait to go to summer camp. I have never been to camp before. I want to experience what it is like to be in a cabin, have a campfire, and to swim and fish in a lake. I can't wait!"


Summer is upon us and I need your help now to provide camp and other summer activities for Bridgett and her friends at the Home. I am looking forward to creating memories and building strong, family-like relationships among our children this summer.  


Because of your donations, our youth can experience an outdoor camp where they will hear the message of God's unfailing, unbreakable love through team building obstacle courses, fishing, campfires, canoeing, and other activities.


Be a part of creating memories for Bridgett by sponsoring a child this summer.    


  Because of Christ,

  Mike Duggar

  President and CEO

AMAZED! Coalville UMC out did themselves this past weekend. The group led by Jan Gum, designed, built, and painted a playground for our babies at the "Two of Us" home. They also did all of this in the rain and still had time to put together a pizza party for our youth.

Thank You doesn't begin to express our gratitude to Coalville UMC. Now our moms and babies can play outside together.
Congratulations to the Class of 2014! We had 3 students graduate from Clinton High School, Provine High School and Callaway High School. We could not be more proud of them!

Please continue to pray for each of them as they look forward to starting college.

National Lemonade Day was May 3rd, and Jaliyah's Lemonie Luau Lemonade Stand was in full force!  Jaliyah is seven with a big heart. She used the money earned to buy supplies for the children at MCH.
This little girl is helping to make a BIG difference!
UMission a group of 24 individuals from two states came together for a full week of work on the Garrison Home. This group installed, floated and textured all the ceilings, installed doors, carpentry and plumbing work. among others.

This group worked hard, often covered in paint and dust for eight hours every day. We were all inspired by their work and kind hearts.

Our Thrift Store will be open June 13th & June 14th 8AM - 2PM. If you have furniture to donate, please call us at 601-853-5000 ext. 1222 or email Kwilliams@mchms.org to schedule a pick up.

All items donated are either sold and the money goes directly to benefiting the children at the home or used by the children or foster

Methodist Children's Homes 
Kate Williams ~ 601-853-5000 ext 1222
PO Box 66, Clinton, MS 39060-0066
805 N. Flag Chapel Rd, Jackson MS 39209
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