Give to the Max Day is a one-day online giving blitz that raises over 17 million dollars from 52,000 donors for non-profits in Minnesota.  Many people don't know it but Minnesota has the largest number of non-profits within our boarders per capita than any other state in the country. This collective day of action is responsible for a large percentage of individual giving.

CURE participates in Give to the Max Day to create awareness of our programs and to provide another opportunity for our members to engage in fundraising for CURE. As a non-profit organization, CURE depends on member donations and grant writing to fund our programs. This year our focus is on our Events & Adventures program and raising funds to provide more opportunities to learn about the impact of Climate, clean and renewable Energy and ways to continue improving Water quality in the Minnesota River Basin.

With a goal of raising $15,000 for our Events and Adventures program, we will dedicate half of the money raised to work towards upgrading and replacing our canoe and kayak fleet with the rest of the money focused on programming around "Our Most Important Work." We will continue with the tradition of putting your hard-earned dollars to good use. We are busy scheduling activities that provide hands-on experiences with bugs, plants, dirt, mussels & fish as well as adventures on the rivers, hiking trails, and prairies in State Parks and Scientific Natural Area (SNA) trails. It will be programming that introduces the Next Generation to conservation and outdoor experiences in the Minnesota River Basin.


State of the Birds Report's Sobering Conclusion


September marked the 100th anniversary the iconic extinction of the Passenger Pigeon.  The last known Passenger Pigeon, a captive bird called Martha died in the Cincinnati Zoo September 1, 1914.  Fifty years earlier a single flock of Passenger Pigeons might number 1 billion birds and would darken the sky for hours over America's cities, including Minneapolis. In fifty years, billions became zero.

On Friday, October 10th, three Minnesota State Representatives hosted a public policy forum at the CURE office in downtown Montevideo. What vital issue attracted media, farmers, water quality and environmental professionals, state representatives and concerned citizens to attend this forum?  Pollinators! Bees, butterflies, beetles and birds are all pollinators that provide the foundation for food production, food webs and native plant production.
Climate Change and Birds
Climate Change and Birds
Global warming threatens the survival of nearly half the bird species in the continental United States and Canada, including many of the birds we see every day. Video by the National Audubon Society. Learn more about this issue in Audubon's Climate Change Report here.
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