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CURE engaged over 115 young people in September.
This is the last day of CURE's September Campaign - Our Most Important Work. But don't let that stop you from giving to CURE as we move in to fall.


Your September donation of $30 will help us carry on Our Most Important Workbecause not having the financial resources to reach out to young people, to get them to unplug now and then, would end a CURE tradition that has brought hundreds of youth to value stewardship and join the conservation movement.


All membership renewals will add one full year to your membership.  And during September, all renewals, new memberships, and donations of any size will be listed as sponsors of CURE's Most Important Work.

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You can support CURE's next generation program online by making a donation here or call Dixie at 877-269-2984 for personal assistance. 


Read more about Our Most Important Work September campaign here. 



Thursday, September 18th, 2014 was a historic day for Big Stone Lake, near the Minnesota River headwaters. For the first time in almost 70 years, lake sturgeon, a prehistoric fish from a 135 million year old family, would be cavorting about its waters again.  Habitat degradation and intense overfishing in the late 19th and early 20th century depleted the populations of this naturally abundant native fish. 


This past Saturday, a group of 16 CURE members and supporters discovered that freshwater mussels are animals with a fascinating life cycle. Representatives of the new generation of up-and-coming river enthusiasts (half a dozen young children) were also among those that met along the Pomme de Terre River in Appleton with Bernard Sietman from the MN Department of Natural Resources. 
Blog post by Kylene Olson, Director of the Chippewa River Watershed Project and a longtime CURE supporter and member.


Clean Up the River Environment (CURE) and Minnesota Public Interest Group (MPIRG) sponsored 13 University of MN, Morris students and Erik Hatlestad, CURE's Public Interest Fellow and MPIRG Campus Organizer, to travel from Morris, MN to New York City and join 400 other Minnesotans to walk in the largest climate march in history, the People's Climate March.

Waters of the US: US Rep. Collin Peterson Cosponsers House Bill Undermining EPA Authority

This editorial by Margie Alt, Executive Director of Environment America, reminds us that the EPA's proposed rule to clarify the term "Waters of the US" under the Clean Water Act, is not just about rivers, it's about wetlands and streams, industry and power.  Especially as the US House passed a bill earlier this month that would undermine the EPA's ability to develop and administer the proposed rule, it's extremely important that we keep thinking and talking about this issue and keep the pressure on our government and elected officials to do the right thing for water quality and our communities.

Representative Collin Peterson, whose district covers about half of the Minnesota River Basin was an original co-sponsor of this bill (H.R. 5078); Rep. Tim Walz, whose district covers the other half, voted in support of it.  In the Senate, where the companion bill 

has 38 cosponsors already, neither Amy Klobuchar nor Al Franken has come out in support of the bill-but they also haven't openly stated opposition to the bill.  We need to let them know that, as rural community members, farmers and landowners, recreationalists and water drinkers, we do support the EPA and its proposed Waters of the US rule, and that we do not support Congressional attempts to undermine executive authority.

Clean Water Action has set up an accessible comment tool to send comments to the EPA and to your US Representative and Senators.  Or, if you are more comfortable drafting and submitting your own comments, send a message directly to the EPA, your  Representative (search box in upper right corner), and your Senators.  The opposition has mounted a very powerful campaign saying that this regulation has gone too far, and that it hurts farmers and the rural community.  We need to let our representatives know that this is not true.

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"Don't Think of a Clean River," by Margie Alt, Environment America,

"UN Climate Summit Signals Shape of Negotiations Around Agreement," by Elizabeth Shogren, National Geographic

Cover Crop/Soil Health Field Day to be held in Big Stone County

Wednesday, October 1, 8:30 AM at Erick Klepel's cover crop fields east of Ortonville, MN. The main presenter of the event will be Gabe Brown, Rancher and Cover Crop Expert from Bismarck, North Dakota. In addition to Gabe Brown's presentation on Making Cover Crops Work, other topics include: Weeds to Watch, Cover Crops 101, Soil Formation and Soil Health, Designing a Profitable Cover Crop, Drone Technology, and onsite inspection of a corn field and wheat field planted to cover crops. If you are interested in attending, please call the Ortonville NRCS/SWCD office (320) 839-6149 ext. 3 for directions to the site and for lunch registration by September 29th.   

117 South 1st Street
Montevideo, Minnesota 56265
(320) 269-2984
[email protected]