January 22, 2014 
"In 2014, CURE will be a well-run, high-functioning, impactful organization that clearly communicates its mission and goals to its funders, supporters, and the public."


Nonprofits love this kind of language, and for CURE, the intent is sincere. It underpins our work. But let's spell it out.


CURE has a user-friendly, three-part work plan for 2014.  


Last week, we caught up with Adam Flett, the Stewardship Coordinator at Friends of the Mississippi River (FMR), to ask him a couple of questions about his work. You will have a chance to meet Flett in person if you attend CURE's Mid-Winter Gathering this Thursday, January 23rd, when he will be traveling to Granite Falls to present the Native Plants, Raingardens and Lawn Care for Water Quality (+winter tips) Workshop beginning at 6 PM.
Ariel Herrod
Ariel Herrod joined CURE in November 2013, but she will take on new responsibilities as she dons the title Watershed Sustainability Program Coordinator in 2014. 
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Native plants, Raingardens and Lawn Care for Water Quality (+winter tips). K.K. Berge Building, Granite Falls. Thursday, Jan. 23, 6 PM to 8 PM.

Snowshoeing the Gneiss SNA with Don Robertson. Gneiss Outcrop SNA, Granite Falls. Saturday, Feb. 8, 1 PM to 3 PM.
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