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July 2015

First, the bad news: A recent United States Supreme Court decision upheld an unfortunate State Department policy regarding the listing of the nation of Israel on U.S. passports. On the West Coast, the UC Davis Student Senate passed an anti-Israel divestment resolution. Now the good: LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus was well received during a recent speech to Congressional staffers about the need to reform biased, politicized, university-based Middle East Studies outreach programs. The Washington state Supreme Court issued an important ruling on a high-profile anti-boycott case, and a controversial proposed course at the University of Missouri was cancelled. Finally, please check out this feature article on former Brandeis Center client Melanie Goldberg, a rising star and LDB law student chapter president. We are very grateful for your support and we look forward to reporting more positive developments in the future.  



Zivotofsky: A Victory for the Executive Branch

Jacky Beda, Brandeis Blog

In a 6-3 decision, the Supreme Court held that the President could disregard a Congressional Statute which permitted American Citizens born in Jerusalem to identify on their passport that they were born in Israel. The decision to leave Zivotofsky's place of birth on his American passport as "Jerusalem" reveals the troublesome failure of the U.S. State Department to acknowledge that Jerusalem has always been part of Israel.


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LDB Makes Higher Education Act Case to Congressional Staffers

Steven Isaacson, Brandeis Blog

LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus educated key policymakers on the problems with Middle East Studies and the opportunities to make these programs more effective. The government program funds many controversial Middle East Studies outreach programs, and is up for its tenth reauthorization. Kudos to the Endowment for Middle East Truth (EMET) for arranging this important briefing.


Divestment Resolution Passed at UC Davis

Steven Isaacson, Brandeis Blog


The Student Senate at UC Davis unfortunately voted to pass the resolution to divest from Israel after a previous attempt in which the resolution was deemed unconstitutional. Controversial resolutions such as these have been fought all over the country, but they can be combated by proactive, pro-Israel students bodies.

BDS Defeated at Washington Supreme Court

Jacky Beda, Brandeis Blog


A new ruling in the Washington Supreme Court finally allows legal action against the Olympia Food Co-op for boycotting Israeli goods. The Washington anti-SLAPP statute that was allowing the co-op to discriminate against Israel and forcing the pro-Israel complainants to pay the co-op's legal fees was deemed unconstitutional. This is a huge boost for efforts to combat unlawful anti-Israel boycott resolutions.



Controversial Course at University of Missouri Cancelled
Ilan Kaplan, Brandeis Blog


In a win for academic integrity, a controversial course that was to be taught in the Fall 2015 semester at University of Missouri was cancelled. The course was an honors elective class called "Perspectives in Zionism," and was to be taught by a biology professor known for his anti-Israel vitriol. After a letter writing campaign by the students and organizations such as StandWithUs, the class was cancelled when not a single student signed up.


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Kicked Out And Pushing Back: Melanie Goldberg, 23
Adam Dickter, New York Jewish Week


Melanie Goldberg was among four Jewish students forced to leave an anti-Israel forum at Brooklyn College. A client of the Brandeis Center's in a First Amendment challenge to Brooklyn College, Goldberg is now the founding member of the LDB chapter at Cardozo Law School, and continues to advocate for Israel.

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