Preparing for a Hot Spring
February 2015

In our experience, the spring semester is often the worst time for anti-Israel and anti-Semitic campus activity. This fall saw increased anti-Israel activity on many campuses after the Gaza conflict, which sometimes crossed the line into anti-Semitism. Over the winter break, we worked with many college and law students, building our chapter network, working on potential lawsuits, and gearing up for a hot spring. We are preparing to resist the ugliness of growing BDS campaigns, anti-Israel hate weeks, and hostile environments for Jewish students. In January, we built on the momentum of our highly successful annual National Law Student Leadership Conference. At the United Nations, we conducted a law student briefing to coincide with the General Assembly's plenary session on anti-Semitism. In Washington, we held our first "winternship" program, courtesy of the Harvard Club of Washington. Across the country, we prepared for the upcoming launches of new LDB law student chapters at universities that desperately need them. And we continued to develop new programs and prepare for our upcoming campus tours. In February, we will be on many campuses across the country speaking out against BDS and campus anti-Semitism, including meeting with clients, assessing possible legal actions, and working with administrators, faculty, and students. As always, we are grateful for your support, and we always remember that we could not continue without you.


LDB Holds United Nations Briefing

Kenny Liebowitz, Brandeis Blog  


In the week leading up to the International Day of Commemoration in memory of the victims of the Holocaust, the Louis D. Brandeis Center educated undergraduate and law students about the juncture between human rights and the Jewish people, within the United Nations. The LDB event coincided with the United Nation General Assembly's Plenum on Global Anti-Semitism.


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The First of Its Kind:

United Nations General Assembly Plenum on Anti-Semitism

Kayla Green, Brandeis Blog

"It is up to you who are the faces of the world to be the architect of the house in which the Mother of all hates will see its face reduced"  -
Bernard-Henri LÚvy, Keynote Speech at the General Assembly Meeting on the Rise of Anti-Semitism


In January, the United Nations General Assembly met to address the concerns of a rise in anti-Semitic violence worldwide. LDB law students and undergraduates were on hand to learn and to report on the scene.


The University of Chicago and

Free Speech on Campus

David Leeds, Brandeis Blog  


Earlier this month, the University of Chicago released a praiseworthy update to its policy on freedom of speech.  The policy protects free academic discourse and speakers' rights to address controversial topics, while also setting forth principles about students' responsibilities to respect guest speakers and fellow students, and about the University's need to prevent disruptions to its daily operations.


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England Responds to Anti-Semitism

Dilia Zwart and Kenny Liebowitz 



The UK Home Secretary Theresa May recently proclaimed, "We must all redouble our efforts to wipe out anti-Semitism." But how well are they really doing?


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Charlie Hebdo and Glenn Greenwald

Harold Brackman, The Brandeis Brief


Blogger Glenn Greenwald vicariously shares Edward Snowden's immortality for publishing the NSA leaks that ultimately led the ideologically-confused Snowden to become an intelligence asset of Vlad Putin. Not satisfied with this second-hand claim to fame, Greenwald then took it upon himself to repackage Snowden's embarrassing revelations about the U.S. intelligence services into a bizarre expose of Israel's alleged new role-for which there is no credible evidence-as the Elders of Zion of Cyberspying.


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Brandeis Center Launches Winternship Program
David Leeds and Dilia Zwart

Brandeis Blog


Last month, the Brandeis Center launched its inaugural Winternship (or winter internship) Program based on a new model for January internships developed by Harvard College and the Harvard Club of Washington. In its first year, LDB welcomed two Harvard students, David Leeds and Dilia Zwart, who spent their winter break working for the Brandeis Center, advancing civil rights and fighting anti-Semitism.


The Institute for Law and Policy 


The Brandeis Center is pleased to tell you about the annual Institute for Law and Policy taking place this summer from June 29 - July 15, 2015. This important academic experience will focus on Legal Aspects of the Middle East Conflict. The Institute is designed for overseas students and attorneys and provides an introduction to the Hebrew University at Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem.  It is sponsored by the Hebrew University Faculty of Law, and held in cooperation with the American Bar Association Section of International Law. The Brandeis Center is partnering with Heideman Nudelman, the Israel Forever Foundation and StandWithUs on this important program.


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