Fall Forward
November 2014
Over the next week, the Brandeis Center is rolling out three new Law Student Chapters in New York, Minneapolis, and St. Paul. The growth of LDB Law School Chapters has been an encouraging response to resurgent campus anti-Semitism.  Also in the November Brief, find information on the progress of our Higher Education Initiative, Brackman on Dutch Jewry, progress in California, and important new appointments at the Brandeis Center.

A New High: 3 Chapters to be Launched in One Week! 



The LDB law student chapter initiative continues to grow! The Brandeis Center is about to have its most successful law student chapter week yet -- 3 chapters are scheduled to launch at St. Thomas School of Law in Minneapolis, William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York City!


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Tufts University Hosting Islamists to Train Students in 'Direct Action'

Adam Kredo, The Free Beacon


LDB's Kenneth L. Marcus comments on SJP activity in this article from the Free Beacon. A controversial group will gather at Tufts University on Friday for a weekend-long conference that will include training students to take "direct action" against pro-Israel and Jewish students on U.S. campuses.


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Pro-Israel Groups Thank UC Schools for Affirming Policy Against



Twelve pro-Israel organizations thanked the University of California (UC) system for affirming a policy that limits bringing anti-Semitic materials into classrooms on its campuses. LDB, along with other groups coordinated by the AMCHA Initiative, had previously sent a letter to UC President Janet Napolitano regarding actions bythe UAW 2865 union.


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The LDB Urges Congress to End or Mend Middle East Studies Funding


The Brandeis Center recently issued a public policy White Paper on "The Morass of Middle East Studies: Title VI of the Higher Education Act and Federally Funded Area Studies" to address shortcomings in Title VI of the Higher Education Act.  LDB is particularly concerned about biased, politicized, anti-Israel and anti-American programming at Title VI Centers that violate both the letter and spirit of 2008 congressional reforms.  Many Title VI recipients were ideologically polarized institutions notorious for one-sided approaches hostile to the United States, the West, and Israel.  Some programs were reportedly so hostile towards Israel that they would not even remotely entertain views that contradicted their unrelentingly anti-Israel perspective.


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Triangulating Dutch Jewry's Downfall

Harold Brackman, Brandeis Blog



The Hague's Van Ostade Housing Project-once part of a traditional Jewish neighborhood-now belongs to a transformed Schilderswijk which the Dutch increasingly know as the "Sharia Triangle."  There aren't enough Jews left to form a minyan. But Frabrice Shomberg, an artist born in England, stubbornly continues to make "kippah walks" and build a Sukkah as a marker of his Dutch neighborhood's Jewish past. 


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LDB Announces Appointment of Aviva J. Vogelstein as Staff Attourney


The Brandeis Center announces the appointment of Aviva J. Vogelstein to Staff Attorney. Vogelstein's appointment marks the Brandeis Center's continued commitment to fight the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism on American University campuses through legal and public policy approaches.





Appointment of Jeffrey Robbins to the LDB Legal Advisory Board


The Brandeis Center is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeffrey Robbins to the Brandeis Center's Legal Advisory Board. As a member of the board, Robbins will advise the Center regarding legal aspects of the Center's fight against campus anti-Semitism.


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