From Ukraine to the U.S.
The Brandeis Brief
May 2014
Recent weeks have seen very disturbing anti-Semitic incidents, ranging from the Ukraine flyers to the Kansas shooter to the Hungarian elections, as well as another spate of incidents on American college campuses.  In our lead article this month, Brandeis Center President Kenneth L. Marcus explains some underlying issues among these attacks and explains why Jewish communal professionals sometimes handle them badly. In this issue, we also welcome two new LDB Fellows, announce a new program, and provide commentary on recent developments.  The Brandeis Center is exceptionally busy defending Jewish students on college and university campuses across the United States and appreciates your continuing support.
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Anti-Semitism: From Ukraine to the U.S.
Kenneth L. Marcus
The Algemeiner

In this new article, LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus connects recent anti-Jewish events from eastern Ukraine to Hungary to the United States. He explains what Jewish communal professionals are doing wrong in response to these incidents and why these problems must by fought, especially when they occur on American college campuses. 


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The Brandeis Center Expands with Appointments of New Civil Rights Legal Fellows 
Aviva Vogelstein and Steve Cohen
The Brandeis Center is pleased to announce the appointment of two new civil rights legal fellows, Stephen A. Cohen and Aviva J. Vogelstein. Cohen and Vogelstein's appointments marks the Brandeis Center's continued expansion, as the Washington, D.C.-based civil rights group grows to face the resurgent problem of anti-Semitism on American University campuses. 

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Institute for Law & Policy at Hebrew University

We are pleased to partner with our friends at the Institute for Law & Policy on an exciting new summer program for international students and attorneys at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  Alumni of LDB's 2013 inaugural national law student leadership conference will remember Institute Chairman Richard Heideman for his memorable presentations.  For more information on the Institute for Law and Policy and available scholarships and stipends, please visit or email


Stanley Fish and Academic Freedom

Stanley Fish


Brandeis Center President Kenneth L. Marcus has published a very short but important article on academic freedom in the current issue of the Florida International University Law Review. Marcus' article, entitled "The Doctrine of Balance," argues that academic freedom should not extend to the dissemination of unbalanced propaganda in the classroom.  The short piece appears in a micro symposium on Stanley Fish's upcoming book on Versions of Academic Freedom: From Professionalism to Revolution.  Marcus' article has important ramifications for those instructors who engage in highly politicized classroom anti-Israel tirades even in courses where the Middle East is of marginal relevance. 


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Jeff Robbins, The Times of Israel

Jeff Robbins
There is a scene in Guys and Dolls, the Damon Runyan-inspired tale about entertaining mobsters, in which a thug nicknamed Big Julie from Chicago lays down the law: he will not be shooting craps unless the outcome is safely rigged in advance.  He announces to Nathan Detroit, who has beaten him until then using actual dice, that they will now be using his own "specially made" dice.
"I do not wish to seem petty," Detroit offers, "but your dice ain't got no spots on them. They're blank."
"I had the spots removed for luck," replies Big Julie from Chicago, "bit I remember where the dots formerly were."
The meeting of the Modern Language Association in Chicago earlier this year featured a resolution censuring Israel.... But the promoters deployed tactics aimed at preventing those with a dissenting view from being heard with a lack of sheepishness that would have made Big Julie from Chicago proud, and the late Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley positively beam.

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