The Changing Threat from the New BDS 
The Brandeis Brief
March 2014

On American college campuses, the anti-Israel movement continues to grow, spreading its hateful message from coast to coast. This week Anti-Israel Hate Week (also known as "Israel Apartheid Week") opened in the United States and the United Kingdom. The anti-Israel boycott movement failed again at UCLA, where the LDB law student chapter stood should-to-shoulder with undergraduates against another hateful boycott resolution. Nevertheless, these loser resolutions help Israel-haters to give virulent anti-Israel diatribes. Similar resolutions were also defeated at Rutgers and the University of California at Riverside. In this issue, we will examine the changing face of the ugly BDS movement, as well as efforts to combat it

10 Ways the BDS Movement Has Changed 
Kenneth L. Marcus
The Jerusalem Post

On American university campuses, the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement (BDS) continues to mutate. LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus describes how the movement has changed, making it more dangerous in some ways. 


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Should Jewish Law Students Be Complacent?
The Brandeis Blog

Recently, anti-Israel activists have become active on several American law school campuses, conducting controversial events at Columbia, Fordham, Davis, and elsewhere.  Meanwhile, others have created hostile environments for Jewish students at several universities.  If you are a Jewish law student, or a non-Jewish law student who cares about justice, should you be concerned?  Here are ten reasons why you should stick your head in the sand and be quiet.  They have probably already occurred to you.  But they do not hold water.

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Legislating Against BDS

Kenneth L. Marcus 
The Algemeiner 

The backlash continues against the anti-Israel boycott resolution that the American Studies Association adopted last month. Over 200 university presidents have distanced themselves from it. Numerous other organizations, including the American Association of University Professors, have condemned it too. Some critics argue that it violates academic freedom. Others go further, observing that the BDS movement amounts to discrimination against the Jewish state. Now legislators are joining the burgeoning anti-BDS movement, introducing bills to curb anti-Israel abuse. The first few efforts out of the box may be imperfect vehicles, but they have begun a necessary conversation about how public policy can best address the misuse of taxpayer funds to support BDS. 


The Mainstreaming of Anti-Semitism

When a major Washington think tank promotes a book that demonizes Israel, does it contribute to the "mainstreaming of Israel"? This month, Dr. Petra Marquardt-Bigman published an extensiveanalysis of how this happens. Read her takedown of Max Blumenthal, his "Goliath," and his supporters


Brandeis Center Congratulations Hon. Irwin Cotler Upon His Retirement from Parliament

Hon. Irwin CotlerThe Brandeis Center congratulates former Canadian Minister of Justice Irwin Cotler  for his distinguished service to Canada and the world upon the announcement that Cotler would not seek reelection to the Canadian parliament. Cotler is Honorary Chair of the Brandeis Center's Academic Advisory Board.  LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus   commented, "Irwin Cotler is truly a living legend in human rights law, and his departure from governmental service is something of a blow, but I know that his passion for justice is unabated and that he will long continue to set the standard for the pursuit of justice internationally.  We at the Louis D. Brandeis Center are deeply proud of his accomplishments and wish him every success in the next chapter of his extraordinary career."
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