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The Brandeis Brief
January 2014

You have probably heard about the debacle at the American Studies Association (ASA).  This issue describes the five big takeaways from the ASA's anti-Israel boycott resolution, including potential legal action and what universities need to do next (beyond just making statements).  The Brandeis Center has pursued a handful of new legal challenges against campus anti-Semitism this year and hopes to ramp up its battle further next year. It is not too late to help this year, as the Brandeis Center depends on your contributions to fight anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on university campuses and at academic associations.  We are also building a fabulous network of law student chapters, including important new developments this month.  As we continue this battle with your help, we wish you a happy, healthy 2014!


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Five Takeaways from the ASA Debacle 
brandeis, Brandeis Blog 

There are five takeaways from the American Studies Association's infamous anti-Israel boycott resolution.  The Jewish community got beat.  But the ASA fared even worse, being publicly lambasted for its outrageous action.  The organization is now seen as a highly politicized group which is, at best, an enemy of academic freedom and at worst anti-Semitic.  Over sixty universities have blasted the association for its resolution.  More importantly, four universities have dropped their institutional memberships.  There are many more universities that should take action by canceling their memberships, rather than just issuing statements.  In the end, the courts may have the final say.  Several organizations, including the Louis D. Brandeis Center, are considering taking legal action. Next stop: the MLA.


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The Very Foundations of the University
Kenneth L. Marcus and Sitara Kedilaya
The Journal of Academic Freedom

The modern Western university faces an existential threat.  The danger is not what you think.  It is not the cuts in government funding, the skyrocketing cost of tuition, the explosion of student debt, the rise of massive open online courses, the decline of residential learning, or the death spiral of the humanities.  


"Knockout Attacks" Don't Bode Well for Anyone 

Harold Brackman, Brandeis Blog
The lid has finally blown off the simmering cauldron.  For about a month, there have been reports of "knockout attacks," mostly in Northeastern cities.  These reports have not looked too closely at the ethnicity of the attackers while generally characterizing the attacks as "random" and lacking the specificity of hate crime reporting.

Penn Law Students Form Brandeis Center Chapter  

This month, the Brandeis Center formed its first Ivy League law school chapter at the University of Pennsylvania Law School. The Penn law student group is the latest addition to the Brandeis Center's law school initiative, which began this fall with student chapters at UCLA and American University. The new law student chapters bolster the Brandeis Center's ability to fight anti- Semitism on  American college campuses.  


Judd Serotta Joins Brandeis Center Board  

Brandeis Blog
Judd Serotta

Judd Serotta, a prominent Philadelphia litigator, has joined the Brandeis Center's Board.  Serotta, who has previously served on the Center's Legal Advisory Board, strengthens LDB's legal advocacy capacity at a time when the Center is involved in several important legal battles.

National Law Student Conference Gains Star Power


This month the Brandeis Center announced two superstar additions to the faculty of the inaugural national law student leadership conference: international lawyers Richard Heideman and Abraham (Avi) Bell. The  conference, to be held in Los Angeles, California on January 2-3, 2014, marks the launch of the Brandeis Center's law student chapter program. Heideman, a world-famous legal practitioner and civic leader, has served as President of B'nai B'rith and Head of Delegation to the United Nations Durban Conference. Bell, an internationally prominent international law scholar, is Professor of Law at the University of San Diego School of Law. 

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