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The Brandeis Brief
December 2013


What a month!  You may have heard about the Brandeis Center's successful anti-BDS mini-conference at Fordham Law, which Ari Plaut covers below. But over the last few weeks, the Center has also held law school events at UCLA Law, American University, Penn Law, and Yale Law School -- all while maintaining a busy legal docket.  During the same period, LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus testified before Congress and addressed the Federalist Society's annual national lawyers' conference.  Over the next few weeks, we will appear at Harvard Law School and the annual national meeting of the Association for Jewish Studies.  And keep your eyes on the Center's web site for an upcoming continuing legal education opportunity in New York.  Finally, the Center is planning its inaugural National Law Student Training Conference for January in Los Angeles. This issue covers these developments, as well as new information on the campaign against anti-Semitism globally and on U.S. college campuses.  We hope you enjoy this Brandeis Brief, and wish happy holidays to all who are celebrating.


Addressing BDS at Fordham Law 
Ari Plaut, Brandeis Blog 

On November 20, 2013, the Brandeis Center presented a mini-conference on BDS, Israel, and Academic Freedom. The Fordham Law School Jewish Students Association hosted the event. The event was also co-hosted by the American Association of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists and the Lawfare Project.  The turnout to this event was fantastic. The event drew young, intelligent law school students intermingling with many professional members of the community.


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Anti-Semitism Surges in Europe 

 Kenneth L. Marcus, Brandeis Blog  

Earlier this month the European Union's Fundamental Rights Agency issued a stunning report detailing the extent of anti-Semitism in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Sweden and the United Kingdom.  This is the best data that we have seen on contemporary anti-Semitism in Europe.  And the worst news.  The European Union's headline news are sobering. Two thirds of European Jews believe anti-Semitism to be a major problem in their respective countries, and 76% say the situation has deteriorated in the last five years.  


More on Counting Anti-Semites 

Harold Brackman, Brandeis Blog

Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, author of '"The Devil That Never Dies" (2013)

A few months ago in the Brandeis Blog (in "Europe's Toxic Anti-Semitism Problem," July 10), I used a somewhat misleading headline debate between Manfred Gerstenfeld, author of "Demonizing Israel and the Jews," and Robert Wistrich, in my view the world's leading authority on the history of anti-Semitism. According to the headlines, Gerstenfeld used polling data to estimate that "there are well over 150 million European anti-Semites," while Wistrich countered that the existence of 150 million idiots does not necessarily equate with the existence of 150 million anti-Semites.

In fact, Gerstenfeld and Wistrich agree on the grim fundamentals with Daniel Goldhagen's "The Devil That Never Dies: The Rise and Threat of Global Antisemitism" (2013): that the fusion of old-style anti-Semitism(s) with more recent Israel hatred has created "a new anti-Semitism" lethally potent in Europe as well as the Arab and Muslim world.

US Legal tools to Fight Anti-Jewish Discrimination  

Manfred Gerstenfeld, Arutz Sheva

Manfred Gerstenfeld

Earlier yesterday, Arutz Sheva published the English-language version of Manfred Gerstenfeld's interview with Kenneth L. Marcus, President of the Louis Brandeis Center.  The German-language version of this interview appeared several months ago.  Dr. Gerstenfeld has been a long-term adviser on strategy issues to the boards of several major multinational corporations in Europe and North America.  He is board member and former chairman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs and recipient of the LIfetime Achievement Award (2012) of the Journal for the Study of Anti-Semitism.  The Arutz Sheva version of the interview begins as follows:

Brandeis Center Launches Second Law School Chapter at American University  

Maria Islam, Brandeis Blog

On November 5, 2013, the Brandeis Center launched their first Law School Chapter in the East Coast, at American University's Washington College of Law, located in Washington D.C. The law school chapter initiative is the most recent developed program, to involve future leaders who are passionate about justice in the Brandeis Center's campaign against campus anti- Semitism. 


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LDB Announces Law Student Conference Inaugural National Law Student Conference 


Just a few days ago the LDB announced that it will conduct an inaugural national law student leadership training conference in Los Angeles, California on January 2-3, 2014. This inaugural national law student conference coincides with the launch of the Center's new Law Student Chapter Initiative.  The conference will draw law student leaders together to exchange lessons on advancing civil and human rights.  Key topics will include campus anti-Semitism, international law, human rights, and freedom of speech.  

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