Must We Fight Anti-Semitism?
The Brandeis Brief
February 2013
This has been a busy time for those of us who are fighting campus anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. Last week, the Louis D. Brandeis Center spent an eye-opening day on the campus of the University of California at Davis, where we spoke with students and faculty about the latest anti-Israel incident.  This week, we have been distressed to learn that Brooklyn College's political science department is co-sponsoring an event to undermine the Jewish state and its people.  In this issue, we ask whether it makes sense to fight anti-Semitism when it involves Israel, given the current fashion among Israel advocates for focusing on the positive.  Our answer may not be exactly as you would assume.  We also discuss the Davis incident and other observations from our travels.  Finally, in the Brandeis Book Note, we consider Gil Troy's new book on the United Nations' resolution on Zionism as Racism.
Must We Combat Anti-Semitism?
The Jerusalem Post
January 23, 2013
Kenneth L. Marcus

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I was asked the question most recently last week in the well-appointed downtown offices of a major Jewish organization. But I have heard it surprisingly often since I founded the Louis D. Brandeis Center to combat campus anti-Semitism: "Do you really think that fighting anti-Semitism is the best approach to Israel advocacy?" The question is invariably issued as a challenge, sometimes even an admonition.


Implicitly, Jewish leaders want to know whether it makes sense to focus on the "negative," when the vogue in Israel advocacy is to be relentlessly positive.


"No," I always reply, "It is not even the second best approach."  Continue Here.


"Death to Zionism" at UC Davis

UC Davis       


Last week, the Louis D. Brandeis Center visited with Jewish and Israeli University of California at Davis students who spoke of being harassed and intimidated shortly after a November 2012 Occupy rally.  The rally was held in the aftermath of Operation Pillar of Defense, and it degenerated into an anti-Israel protest. When the rally ended, approximately 40 protesters took over and occupied Dutton Hall, an administrative building on the UC Davis campus.  The occupiers called for "Death to Zionism" and insisted that "Davis and Gaza are One Fist."  The Jewish students tried to ask respectful questions, but the occupiers shouted them down, insisting that freedom of speech is a "tool of of the oppressors."  The students then faced an angry mob chanting "Leave our Space!," pounding their fists, and disrespecting them in various ways unsuitable for publication.  Meanwhile, students described UC Davis employees who stood on the other side of a wall of windows looking inside but doing nothing to help.  The Louis D. Brandeis Center has taken the matter up with UC Davis administration, as has another organization, the Amcha Initiative.

From California to Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Flier        

Over the last two weeks, the Louis D. Brandeis Center has criss-crossed the country from Los Angeles to Oakland to Davis to Chicago to Kalamazoo.  We have been pleased to learn that university administrators are aware of our work, including our widely circulated LDB Best Practices Guide on Combating Campus Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism.  In Chicago, we were pleased to meet many impressive lawyers at the Decalogue Society and to work with passionate professionals from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.  In Kalamazoo, we found a large, inquisitive and receptive audience of Kalamazoo College and Western Michigan students and faculty.

The Brandeis Book Note 

Troy's Moment: Should America Go Into Opposition?

Review of Gil Troy, "Moynihan's Moment: America's Fight Against Zionism as

Racism" (New York: Oxford University Press, 2013)

The Brandeis Brief, February 2013

Moynihan's Moment



This week, Israel ruffled feathers at the United Nations by becoming the first nation to withhold cooperation from the U.N.'s Universal Periodic Review of human rights practices. Israel had already informally notified the U.N.'s "Human Rights Council" that it would "delay" its participation. On Tuesday, it declined to attend the Council's session on this report. Given the Council's deplorable record of anti-Semitism -- amply documented in the George W. Bush Administration's report on global anti-Semitism -- it is remarkable that Israel would even contemplate participation in a process whose conclusions are virtually fore-ordained. Nevertheless, the Obama administration is publicly pressuring Israel to reconsider. "The United States is absolutely, fully behind the Universal Periodic Review," the U.S. ambassador to the council, Eileen Chamberlain Donahoe bluntly admonished, "and we do not want to see the mechanism in any way harmed."  Continue Here.

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