Feds Investigate Berkeley
The Brandeis Brief
November 2012
Issue #9
The good news from Berkeley, California, is that federal investigators are now investigating allegations of anti-Semitism raised by two members of the Brandeis Center's Legal Advisory Board.  That case, as well as other recent developments, are discussed in this November issue of the Brandeis Brief.  The Brandeis Center extends a warm welcome to the many college students who have just begun reading LDB publications.  Over the last month, almost four hundred new readers have "liked" LDB on our Facebook page, including many college students who are now also reading the Brandeis Brief for the first time.  LDB lawyers are available to talk to students who face anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism on their campuses.  In addition, we are also available to discuss best practices with those university administrators who seek voluntary resolution of the challenges that Jewish and Israeli students are facing on their campuses.  The most effective responses to campus anti-Semitism do not require any limitations on constituitonally protected speech, as we explain in our LDB Best Practices Guide for Combating Campus Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israelism.
Feds Open Berkeley Campus Anti-Semitism Investigation


Two LDB legal advisors, Neal M. Sher and Joel Siegel, announced this month that federal investigators had agreed to investigate their complaint of discrimination against Jewish students at the University of California at Berkeley. Specifically, Sher and Siegel alleged that the University of California had violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.  "Central to our complaint," Sher and Siegel explained, "are the on campus activities during 'Apartheid Week,' which is nothing short of a modern day version of the 'Passion Play,' the notorious anti-Semitic German theatrical performance which portrays Jews as bloodthirsty and treacherous villains."  As Sher and Siegel explain, this investigation is particularly notable in light of the recent UC campus climate report on anti-Semitism, which UC administrators have thus far declined to implement.  Sher and Siegel had previously settled a federal district court case with Berkeley involving similar allegations.

LDB Joins International Alliance to End Genocide

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This month, LDB joined the International Alliance to End Genocide (IAEG). LDB has long stressed the continuities between genocidal rhetoric on some American college and university campuses and the gathering genocidal hatred in some parts of the Middle East. The Brandeis Center has also published important original research on genocidal incitement, especially in the case of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The Alliance is an international, de-centralized, global effort of many organizations, coordinated by Genocide Watch.  In a related move, LDB also appointed Gregory H. Stanton, the Chair of IAEG and President of Genocide Watch, to the LDB Academic Advisory Board.
LDB to Testify on Anti-Muslim and Anti-Arab Bias
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LDB President Kenneth L. Marcus has been invited to testify about discrimination against Arabs and Muslims before a federal civil rights agency which he once directed. Specifically, Mr. Marcus has agreed to appear before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights at its briefing, "Federal Civil Rights Engagement with Arab and Muslim American Communities Post 9/11." The briefing will be held at the Commission's offices on Friday, November 9, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. in Washington, DC.  Marcus commented, "As a Jewish civil rights organization, we know a lot about discrimination. Although our primary focus is on combating campus anti-Semitism, we are pleased to share our expertise in ways that may help other groups as well." Marcus may be best known for his work on campus anti-Semitism, but he has also published important research on anti-Muslim discrimination as well as on religious discrimination generally.

The National Law Journal Features LDB Supreme Court Brief as "Brief of the Week"

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LDB gained national recognition this month for its first U.S. Supreme Court brief.  A couple of weeks ago, the National Law Journal featured LDB's amicus brief in this term's high-profile Fisher v. University of Texas affirmative action case as "Brief of the Week." LDB submitted this brief to inform the Court that Asian students at many universities are now facing the kind of discrimination which Jewish college students endured during much of the Twentieth Century.  The Brandeis Center joined with the 80-20 Asian American Educational Foundation and several other Asian American civil rights organizations on the brief, which argues that the Texas system harms Asian college students and resembles schemes that were developed to exclude Jewish students.  LDB's much heralded joint brief was drafted by LDB Legal Advisor Alan Gura.

The Last Word 
TheBrandeis Center thanks those who support our efforts to defend Jewish university and college students.  Thanks to a generous matching contribution from an anonymous funder, new contributions will be matched up to $100,000 at a 1:2 ratio.  This enables new funders to leverage their giving more effectively to combat campus anti-Semitism.  Contributions to the Brandeis Center are tax-deductible under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and can be made securely online or through personal or foundation checks.  Contributions to the Brandeis Center support our mission of advancing the civil and human rights of the Jewish people and promoting justice for all.  Specifically, they make it possible for the Brandeis Center to combat campus anti-Semitism through research, education and legal advocacy.  Please help us to do this urgent work!
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