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March 2015
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Judith L. Hines

Assistant Director of Public Works

City of Newport News, Virginia



Matthew F. Villareale

Assistant Director of Public Works

Prince William County, Virginia



John W. Herzke, P.E., PWLF

Vice President, Municipal Services

Clark Nexsen

Virginia Beach, Virginia



Dawn V. Odom

Planning & Investment Manager

Virginia Department of Transportation

Suffolk, Virginia



Steven J. Yob, P.E.

County Eng/Director PW

Henrico County, Virginia



Fred Whitley, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

URS Corporation

Newport News, Virginia



 Sharyn L. Fox

Municipal Program Manager

Whitman Requardt and Associates, LLP

Newport News, Virginia



Robert K. Bengtson, P.E.

Director of Public Works

City of Roanoke, Virginia


Harold R. Caples, P.E.

Senior Engineer-Construction Division

Virginia Department of Transportation

Richmond, Virginia


Donald J. Cole

Managing Engineer & Senior Associate

Brown and Caldwell

Richmond, Virginia


Sherry B. Earley, P.E.

Engineering Manager

City of Suffolk, Virginia


Kenneth M. Eyre, P.E

Senior Associate

Greeley and Hansen, LLC

Alexandria, Virginia


Gaynelle L. Hart

Director of Public Works

City of Lynchburg, Virginia


Phillip J. Koetter, P.E.

Operations Management Administrator

Department of Public Works

City of Virginia Beach, Virginia


Joe Kroboth, III, P.E., L.S., M. ASCE, PWLF

Director, TCI

Loudoun County, Virginia


Kelly Mattingly, LEED-AP, CRM

Director of Public Works

Town of Blacksburg, Virginia


David W. Plum, P.E.

Senior Manager, Municipal Engineering

Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP

Virginia Beach, Virginia



Dawn V. Odom

Planning & Investment Manager

Virginia Department of Transportation

Suffolk, Virginia



Fred Whitley, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

URS Corporation

Newport News, VA


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 President's Corner
The March Board of Directors meeting was cancelled due to snow. Wow! This is the first time this has happened since I have been on the Board (and maybe in the history of the Chapter). We are seeing signs of spring in Newport News and I hope you are too.  The City of Newport News hosted our first marathon on March 15 and beautiful weather was one of many factors contributing to enormous success. No surprise that the Public Works Department played a big role in the marathon's success and I am proud of being part of a department that can rise to any challenge!


Spring's arrival means that the Chapter Annual Conference is right around the corner. I am looking forward to the great technical session line-up and all of the other activities being planned by the conference committee in Baltimore.


The annual conference Roadeo is always exciting and equipment operators from around our chapter look forward to competing in this every year. In Newport News we hold our own highly competitive equipment roadeo in April. The first place winner in each category has the opportunity to represent us at the Chapter Roadeo. Does your locality host a local competition? This is not a requirement for participating at the Chapter level, but it does create a lot of excitement. It would be great to see every locality represented at this event.


There is still time for students to apply for a college scholarship for the 2015-2016 academic year. This is a great benefit for our members with dependents in college. The scholarships will be announced at our Awards Ceremony in Baltimore.


The Public Works Institute Steering Committee has been meeting regularly to develop plans for the first session which is currently planned for this fall. There will be more information available at the conference. This collaboration with Virginia Tech is a big step forward for our Chapter.


I am looking forward to seeing many of you in Baltimore in May. Thank you for your support during the last year and I look forward to the coming year as our Chapter grows and is able to offer more opportunities for members to network and achieve personal and professional growth through educational sessions.


Judi Hines

Chapter President   


In only a matter of weeks the Mid-Atlantic APWA Chapter will be hosting its 57th Annual Conference & Equipment show.  This year's conference is being held within walking distance of the City of Baltimore Inner Harbor at The Baltimore Convention Center.  This year's theme is "Public Works, Protecting and Improving Communities." 


The conference will kick off on the morning of Wednesday May 6th with the Equipment Road-eo in the parking lot of Raven's stadium.  This event celebrates our municipalities' equipment operators who work in all conditions to serve their communities.  Also, on Wednesday morning we will be hosting our Spring Scholarship Golf Tournament.  This event raises funds to award scholarships to the children of Mid-APWA chapter members to attend college.  Finally on Wednesday evening we hold a social on the exhibit floor for our membership to learn about the new technologies and equipment that are available to be utilized in protecting and improving their communities. Special thanks to the exhibitors and sponsors (see list) who have signed up and committed to supporting and making this conference a success! It is not too late for companies to sign-on as 2015 Conference sponsors and exhibitors. Refer to the hyperlink at the end of this notice for the Chapter's website and 2015 Conference details. READ MORE HERE...


For More Conference Information, and to Register, Please Visit Our Website HERE  


Matthew F. Villareale

President Elect

Guests for the 57th Annual Conference and Equipment Show 

will be staying at the

 Lord Baltimore Hotel

Rooms may be booked by calling  855.539.1928 

or by going online


Don't miss out on this year's Road-E-O


Don't  miss out on this year's Road-E-O, to be held adjacent to the Baltimore Raven's stadium! Public works agencies from around the region have been conducting their local competitions in preparation for this year's event. Come cheer on your local public works practitioners as they show off their talents with the judged contests.


Access the Chapter's Road-E-O website for registration!


City of Virginia Beach Winter Recycling Update

By Linda S. Minner, APR


In the Public Works Waste Management Recycling Bureau, there has been a flurry of activity and progress toward making Virginia Beach an even more beautiful city. With the collaboration of multiple city departments, the Recycling Bureau collected facts on valuable resources that members have been collecting to reduce waste and recycle effectively. 


Fourteen departments participated in reporting their collection activity for calendar year 2014. Just a few examples of the types of products that the City of Virginia Beach collected include more than 149 tons of electronics, 160 tons of shredded paper, and 1,104 tons of mixed metals. The City began collecting cooking oil at the City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center in time for Thanksgiving and has already collected 269 gallons since November. The Recycling Bureau will be reporting its findings to the Department of Environmental Quality in an annual Recycling Rate Report in March.


Recently, the Virginia Beach recycling program garnered a national MarCom

The award-winning City of Virginia Beach Landfill and Resource Recovery Center collects electronics and a number of other items for recycling to encourage waste minimization.

Award for professional communications for work on the rebranding of the City Landfill and Resource Recovery Center. NewsChannel 3 covered the award with a week of pre-promotes and a very positive story. This was followed by participation in the annual national Keep America Beautiful (KAB) conference in Washington, D.C. Soon after, a presentation was made to the 1st Precinct's Citizens Advisory Committee to promote the proper disposal of recycling and debris including plastic bags. The Recycling Bureau's news release sent on February 3 drew attention by NewsChannel 3 resulting in another favorable story about waste minimization.


With spring on the horizon, there will be more presentations to youth and adults, promotion about not putting dirt in trash carts, collaboration with Parks and Recreation on the KAB Litter Index and Great American Cleanup, participation in Earth Day, and more!


For more information on the City of Virginia Beach's Waste Management Services, visit  For details on the Virginia Beach Landfill and Resource Recovery Center, visit


Linda S. Minner, Recycling Bureau Manager, is accredited in Public Relations by the Public Relations Society of America, a Certified Dale Carnegie Trainer, and a member of the Public Works Department Waste Management Division. A native of Hampton Roads, her career in media and communications spans more than 25 years including work as a Sister Cities Association of Virginia Beach Board Member. She is a graduate of Virginia Wesleyan College pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach.

The Diversity of Inclusion


 "Create inclusion - with simple mindfulness, that others may have a different reality than yours" ~Patti Digh


What does diversity look like in your workplace?  If asked the question "Does your workplace embrace diversity, and if so how do you know?" More than likely it would be a "yes", followed by "just look around", but what if the next question were, "How can you be so sure if you've never asked those in your workplace?"


Diverse work environments should ensure opportunities that welcome new technologies, creative ideas, collaborative tasks and projects, inclusive professional growth, mentoring/coaching, fiscal responsibility and truly promote these opportunities on all levels and across a broad spectrum of the workforce.  The possibilities of where we end up when diversity is intentional will always be greater than the roads traveled in the past.


So what does Diversity look like in your workplace?  Email your responses to [email protected] and stay tuned for the next newsletter issue where those responses will be shared.


Sherry Wright is the Administrative Coordinator for the Department of Public Works in the City of Newport News and member of the Diversity Committee.

If you are interested in joining the Mid-Atlantic Chapter's Diversity Committee, please contact Scarlet Stiteler.

Prince William County's Plan for New Organic Waste Processing Facility

By Deborah K. Campbell, Communications Specialist, Prince William County Solid Waste Division


Prince William County, VA has an agreement with Freestate Farms LLC (Freestate), a local agricultural services and production company, to construct and operate a new facility to process yard waste, food scraps and wood waste at the County's Balls Ford Road composting facility, and to provide organics waste management services at that site and at the County's landfill. The Balls Ford Road facility presently uses low-tech windrows for composting, which takes 9-12 months compared to the new advanced aerobic composting process, which will take less than three months.


When fully developed, the Freestate facility will recycle over 80,000 tons per year of organic waste into high-value compost, soil products, and non-synthetic fertilizers; it will also generate baseload renewable energy and environmental attributes; and it will produce sustainable and locally-grown fresh fruits and vegetables for sale back into the community.


After completion of the new facility, scheduled for July 2017, Freestate, in conjunction with its technology partners, will perform several new operations and double the throughput capacity of the current Balls Ford Road facility.  New processes/operations include:


  • Advanced Aerobic Composting of Yard Waste - A reversing aerated static pile composting system will process leaves, grass, and agricultural waste to produce high-quality nutrient-rich compost products.  Process odors will be captured and scrubbed through biofilters.

  • Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste - A fully enclosed and airtight tank reactor will process food waste and other organic material (e.g., fats, oil and grease) into both high-quality nutrient rich fertilizer products and biogas (methane) for use in renewable energy applications.

  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Production - Raw biogas produced during the anaerobic digestion process will fuel a combined heat and power generator set to provide heat and power to the Balls Ford Road facility, with surplus renewable energy available for off-site uses, potentially including transportation fuel.
  • Greenhouse Operation - Freestate will construct and operate an integrated commercial-scale controlled environment agriculture greenhouse at the Balls Ford Road site to sustainably grow fresh local produce using the renewable energy, compost, and fertilizer products generated on-site.

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Use of ADA-Compliant Temporary Pedestrian Access

Routes (TPAR) in Work Zones

By William Jamieson, Plastic Safety Systems


SafetyWall ADA-Compliant Pedestrian Barricade serves here as an interlocking, pedestrian channelizer. SafetyWall features an upper surface that is smooth for hand-trailing, and a lower surface for walking canes.
Valley Metro Rail, Inc. is a non-profit, public corporation whose mission is to design, build and operate a 57 mile transit system throughout metropolitan Phoenix. The Valley Metro board, whose Arizona members include the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and others, oversees the management of the agency.


The agency launched The Central Mesa Light Rail Extension construction project in July, 2012; completion is scheduled for late 2015. Cost is estimated at $200 million, with funding provided by county and federal sources. The project will add 3.1 miles of transit service through downtown Mesa.  Four stations will serve the Mesa extension, and the line will carry an estimated 5,000 passengers per day.


The project involves far more than laying a track. A new streetscape is being built along the extension to better serve drivers, pedestrians, light rail passengers and bicyclists. The project launched with the relocation of the underground utilities (water, gas and electric). Once the utilities were relocated, work began on street and sidewalk removal and replacement, track and station construction.

Though not part of the design/build plans, the City of Mesa specified that the project re-route pedestrian traffic in a safe manner. The city called for, in essence, Temporary Pedestrian Access Routes (TPAR), to replace existing pedestrian pathways. ADA-Compliant TPARs provide pedestrians with safer guidance and passage through construction.


 To Read More, Click Here...


Accelerated Precast Construction
Concrete Jacking Pipe and Precast Reinforced Concrete Boxes (RCB)

Submitted by Walt Catlett, P.E., American Concrete Pipe Association


The American Concrete Pipe Association (ACPA) recognizes the importance of innovation and its members remain committed to developing novel approaches to product delivery.  Accelerated Precast Construction (APC), a trademark of ACPA members, targets project delivery time, product quality, durability, safety and economics.   Reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) and precast reinforced concrete boxes (RCB) provide clever ways to shorten project delivery and represent primary product lines of APC.    


RCP provides the cornerstone for one of APC's initiatives, concrete jacking pipe.  Concrete jacking pipe is a technique for installing underground storm drainage conduit that does not require open trench construction. RCP is characterized by high strength, a smooth external surface and tight manufacturing tolerances, making it perfect for Jacking.  Trenchless construction saves time, saves money and improves roadway safety.


RCBs represent another APC product.  It seems like yesterday that the largest precast box was 12 foot x 12 foot.  ACPA members' design and manufacturing techniques now produce precast boxes with spans exceeding 20 feet, which are used for bridge replacement, culvert replacement, and detention and retention applications.


Accelerated precast construction improves total project delivery, reduces costs, improves material durability, protects the environment; and improves work zone safety.  Concrete jacking pipe and precast reinforced concrete boxes provide these benefits.

APWA National Council of Chapters Minute
By Dawn Odom, Chapter Vice-President and Mid-Atlantic Chapter Steering Committee representative


2015 has been a busy year for APWA Chapter Delegates and the Council of Chapters. Various committees met over the course of the fall and winter in preparation for the Council's winter meeting.  These task-oriented committees have been hard at work assessing ways to market APWA and engage membership.  Standing committees include Membership, Public Works Leadership of the Future, Chapter Capacity Building, and Infrastructure Finance.  Ad-hoc committees were formed for Advocacy, Growing Attendance at Congress and reviewing standards of the PACE Award.  A nine-member Steering Committee serves as the advisory group for the Council of Chapters to coordinate topics for Standing and Ad-hoc committees.  Pictured is Dawn Odom (left center), Mid-Atlantic Chapter Delegate along with Steering Committee members discussing strategic objectives and committee assignments for the Council of Chapters at the recent winter meeting in Kansas City.  Stay tuned for more information on progress of the various committees. 

Kids and Community Help Launch New Stormwater Division
By Nell Boyle, LEED AP BD+C, Sustainability & Outreach Coordinator for the City of Roanoke, VA


Students of Fishburn Park Elementary with the finished rainbarrels, which were awarded through the 

Facebook contest.

It is hard to resist the appeal of children's art, so last October when the City of Roanoke's newly created Stormwater Division wanted to launch its new Facebook page, they went to the schools for help.
The new Stormwater Division, in partnership with  Roanoke City Schools and the Roanoke Arts Commission, hosted a rainbarrel art  giveaway to help generate interest in the stormwater program and to build the Stormwater Facebook page.


The City of Roanoke recently created a new Stormwater Division to meet the rising performance expectations of the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) MS4 Permit. In response to the numerous water quality and infrastructure needs, a municipal stormwater fee has been approved by City Council to create a fund to cover the much needed improvements. In conjunction with the fee, a credit is also available for citizens to reduce the actual stormwater fee and help to reduce run-off in the community. Therefore, the goal of this contest was to build awareness about the available credits and to promote use of rainbarrels as one of the cheapest and easiest Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs). The use of a rainbarrels provides a variety of stormwater benefits including: saving clean water for use on lawns, gardens, and for outdoor cleaning; reducing water bills, especially in the summer; and reducing urban runoff and stormwater pollution. Homeowners in the City of Roanoke can also get 10% credit on their Stormwater Utility fee for installing a rainbarrel. Building awareness about "what you can do" keeps the emphasis on being a part of the solution, Facebook was a perfect tool for this message.

The contest ran through the month of October 2014, over the course of 3 weeks anyone who "Liked" the special post would be entered to win a rainbarrel. A total of 12 rainbarrels were decorated by local students from Fishburn Park Elementary, the City's environmental school, to be given away at the end of the content. In a team effort the contest came together, first the rainbarrels were donated by local businesses, Landscape Supply and The Turf Store. The paint materials were donated by the Roanoke Arts Commission. Finally, city staff clear coated the barrels and handed them off to the students of Fishburn Park Elementary for decoration.


The post was hugely successful, with citizens responding with comments such as, "What a great idea!" or "Awesome job! I would love to win one." The page almost doubled its following going from 416 "likes" to 742! We considered the contest a great success!


This creative and fun way to get citizens engaged in the important topic of stormwater, built great partnerships, engaged the kids and community and set a positive tone for the program. Using social media was a fantastic way to meet folks where they are, and to see this new division as a valuable addition to the community is an added benefit.

Newport News Public Works Crews Restore a Piece of History

By Karen E. Self, MPA, Management Analyst, City of Newport News, VA Public Works


Signal before restoration

During the end of the Summer last year, a Public Works team of dedicated pump station personnel in the Wastewater Division of the Department of Public Works with the City of Newport News got a chance to make history come alive! With the original move and ongoing restoration of the Lee Hall Train Depot, the aged and badly deteriorated train signal pole would give a poor reflection upon the beautifully restored train depot if it was left untouched. When Mary Kayaselcuk, Department of Parks, Recreation & Tourism, contacted Public Works Director, Reed Fowler, to see if anyone on his team could help restore the signal pole and save on the overall project budget costs; Reed gladly agreed to help out with the restoration.



One of the unique capabilities of the pump station section of Newport

Restored Lee Hall Train Depot signal

News' Wastewater is that much of the day-to-day maintenance work, to include major and minor repairs to the mechanical and electrical systems, are primarily done

with in-house expertise. This has always allowed the section to maintain high quality results with lower operating costs. These same mechanical and electrical skill sets were used extensively to restore this 80+ year old signal pole. The entire structure was completely stripped down and totally rebuilt with complete repainting, rewiring, and in some cases, the parts were SS refashioned from scratch. Personnel from CSX even donated new signal light glass discs that had been left unused over the years. In fact, the entire structure was kept as historically accurate as possible so that visitors would have a chance to go back in time when they visited the museum and sense the many years in which the train depot served the residents of the area so well.


The Street Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works helped to complete the project by pouring a structurally sound concrete base for the signal. What an excellent example of teamwork and collaboration!


The members of the project team all agreed that the opportunity to work on the project in and around their regular duties was a great way to give back to the community. For those with families, it was a chance to show their children a piece of Newport News history that they had a chance to be a part of for many more years to come.

Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance:

An Integrated Approach to E&S Control and Sustainable Stormwater Management


Existing riprap lined stormwater channel before start of project.

The traditional means of managing sediment laden stormwater from earthmoving operations has routinely been through standard erosion and sediment (E&S) control practices (e.g. sedimentation traps/basins, sand filters, etc.).  However, recent changes in stormwater discharge criteria by the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) for facilities within the Chesapeake Bay Watershed have resulted in requirements that exceed the capabilities of traditional E&S controls.  This issue recently came to light at the Central Landfill, located in Cecil County, MD, when MDE began to enforce "visible discharge" criteria (i.e. "if it looks cloudy it's a permit violation") on stormwater discharges from the site.


Numerous solutions were evaluated to reduce the discharge of sediment from the site (i.e., sediment basin modifications, use of Polyacrylamide flocculants, vegetation enhancements, etc.) by the Cecil County Department of Public Works (CCDPW).  However, these approaches were expensive to implement and could not routinely achieve the discharge standard required by MDE.  To avoid actively treating stormwater, CCDPW decided to pursue an innovative application of Regenerative Stormwater Conveyance (RSC) techniques to augment traditional E&S practices at the site. 


RSC systems are natural open channel systems made up of a series of flat, shallow step-pools that convey a large portion of surface water flow to shallow groundwater flow.  Stormwater conveyance and passive treatment is accomplished through a network of sand/mulch seepage berms, step pools, cobble weirs and cascades.  This network reduces water velocity and volume and facilitates the removal of suspended particles and associated nutrients. This innovative approach has been demonstrated with much success as a post construction stormwater facility; however, the CCDPW project is the first of its kind to use RSC techniques to treat stormwater from construction activities.

To Read More, Click Here...

Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute Update

By Scott A. Smith, PE, LS , PWI Chair

The Public Works Institute (PWI) Steering committee has been diligently working to develop the PWI for its inaugural launch on September 22-24, 2015. Save the date! Applications will be available in May and the program is open to all people affiliated with Public Works.


You may ask what's a PWI?The Mid-Atlantic PWI is an educational/training program designed to address the supervisory and management needs of current first-line supervisors and up, and those individuals aspiring to be better leaders and supervisors. This will be a nationally recognized program covering 11 core areas as designed by APWA.


The committee has been meeting monthly to develop the program, work out the operational details and establish quality assurance measures to ensure delivery of top quality training to our members. We are currently working to develop an instructor pool among the Chapter membership and will be making instructor applications available in the near future.


If you would like more information, or wish to volunteer to instructor or help out at the September 22-24, session please contact, [email protected]

City of Norfolk Public Works Employee to the Rescue

By Pete Garner, Operations Engineering Manager for the City of Norfolk's

Department of Public Works.


The City of Norfolk was blanketed with 5 to 6 inches of snow Wednesday night, February 25 into Thursday morning, February 26, 2015. This was the second storm in two weeks for Hampton Roads that required plowing, which is a rarity for this area. Snow plow operators received plowing assignments and set out to clear their morning routes. It was going to be another long day pushing snow for Terre Ebron (pictured below). Less than a mile from the Public Works Operations facility while driving along Ballentine Blvd, Terre noticed the vehicle in front of her swerving erratically before stopping on the front lawn of a nearby residence. It appeared that the young woman driving was being attacked by a male passenger wielding a knife. Ms. Ebron parked near the vehicle, at which time the young woman escaped and sought shelter underneath the plow truck.The assailant followed the young woman continuing to strike her with the knife.  Immediately Ms. Ebron used the truck radio to contact the Operations front office, frantically requesting assistance. With quick wit and a brave countenance, Terre also yelled at the assailant to stop the attack advising that police were on the way. The attacker fled the scene shortly thereafter and Ms. Ebron, with the help of others also witnessing the scene, rendered assistance to the victim until medical and police support arrived. Ms. Ebron's willingness to assist beyond the call of duty possibly saved the young woman's life, and is yet another example of the heroic spirit of employees who make up the City of Norfolk's Department of Public Works.

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Do you recognize this Baltimore attraction?

57th Annual Conference and Equipment Show, 
May 6-8, 2015

Plan to join us in Baltimore, May 6-8, for the Chapter's annual conference. The annual Public Works Road-E-O, Wednesday opening reception, conference hotel, Thursday night social, equipment show and technical sessions are set. Special thanks to the hard efforts by the 2015 Chapter Conference Committee. Technical sessions and equipment show will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. For conference information visit our website, or email: [email protected]

For area attractions, access Visit Baltimore's website Here

Save the dates May 4-6, 2016!
The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center, will once again serve as the host site for this conference.  Since last held here in 2009, Roanoke has continued its transformation and promises to offer a terrific venue for learning, networking and fun! Watch for additional details!