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December 2014
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January 2015
Emergency Management Lunch-n-Learn
Baltimore Area
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2015 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference and Equipment Show
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2015 Call for Abstracts

The 57th Annual Conference of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Public Works Association will be held in Baltimore, MD Wednesday May 6th to Friday May 8th. The conference theme is "Public Works, Protecting and Improving Communities!" The theme captures the challenges and opportunities facing the public works profession running the gamut from emergency preparedness and response, to infrastructure re-investment of our roadways, bridges, facilities, buried utilities, transit, while weaving sustainable practices into day-to-day services. Conference technical sessions will be geared toward exploring knowledge sharing, building on proven experiences, networking and sharing insights with other public works colleagues from across the region. Energies will be focused on expanding the sustainable envelope and continuing to offer the high degree of service our citizens expect. Considering such emerging trends and practices, the Chapter fully recognizes the importance of public works and its role with ensuring sustainable communities. CLICK HERE for information submitting abstracts.

2015 Chapter Awards Program

APWA's Mid-Atlantic Chapter Awards Program was established to recognize outstanding individuals and groups representing the best achievements in the Public Works profession in our Chapter!

We want your nominations!
Each year the Mid-Atlantic Chapter recognizes the awardees at our Annual Conference. ALL National Award categories are also eligible for Mid-Atlantic Chapter Awards.  Please submit National Applications to the Chapter for review and consideration for a Mid-Atlantic Chapter Award and Chapter endorsement for National awards.(endorsement is not necessary to submit to National).

Please keep in mind the absolute deadline for Mid-Atlantic Chapter award submittals is February 9th, 2015. There will be no exceptions! Applications must be received by midnight on this day. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Chapter Awards Program and to submit a nomination.

2015 Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference and Equipment Show




Judith L. Hines

Assistant Director of Public Works

City of Newport News, Virginia



Matthew F. Villareale

Assistant Director of Public Works

Prince William County, Virginia



John W. Herzke, P.E., PWLF

Vice President, Municipal Services

Clark Nexsen

Virginia Beach, Virginia



Dawn V. Odom

Planning & Investment Manager

Virginia Department of Transportation

Suffolk, Virginia



Steven J. Yob, P.E.

County Eng/Director PW

Henrico County, Virginia



Fred Whitley, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

URS Corporation

Newport News, Virginia



 Sharyn L. Fox

Municipal Program Manager

Whitman Requardt and Associates, LLP

Newport News, Virginia



Robert K. Bengtson, P.E.

Director of Public Works

City of Roanoke, Virginia


Harold R. Caples, P.E.

Senior Engineer-Construction Division

Virginia Department of Transportation

Richmond, Virginia


Donald J. Cole

Managing Engineer & Senior Associate

Brown and Caldwell

Richmond, Virginia


Sherry B. Earley, P.E.

Engineering Manager

City of Suffolk, Virginia


Kenneth M. Eyre, P.E

Senior Associate

Greeley and Hansen, LLC

Alexandria, Virginia


Gaynelle L. Hart

Director of Public Works

City of Lynchburg, Virginia


Phillip J. Koetter, P.E.

Operations Management Administrator

Department of Public Works

City of Virginia Beach, Virginia


Joe Kroboth, III, P.E., L.S., M. ASCE, PWLF

Director, TCI

Loudoun County, Virginia


Kelly Mattingly, LEED-AP, CRM

Director of Public Works

Town of Blacksburg, Virginia


David W. Plum, P.E.

Senior Manager, Municipal Engineering

Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP

Virginia Beach, Virginia



Dawn V. Odom

Planning & Investment Manager

Virginia Department of Transportation

Suffolk, Virginia



Fred Whitley, P.E.

Senior Project Engineer

URS Corporation

Newport News, VA


2014 Conference Photos are NOW Available on the APWA Website.
to view!

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 President's Corner


There are a lot of exciting things going on in our chapter.


Our new chapter website is up and running! I think you will find this new website to be more user-friendly and informative. 


Many thanks to Association Builders, our chapter leadership support group.  


The 2015 chapter awards program is open for nominations. Complete information is available on our chapter website. I encourage you to submit nominations for chapter and national awards to recognize special people in the field of public works as well as projects that contribute in a significant way towards your community. Please note that the deadline for submissions is February 9, 2015. 


The 2015 conference committee has been very busy planning our annual conference in Baltimore, Maryland, May 6 -8, 2014. I hope you already have your calendar marked for this event. This is one of the best public works educational opportunities in the chapter region. Watch for conference registration and lodging information.


The Public Works Institute is definitely taking shape. The steering committee had their first meeting in November and will meet again in January. The target starting date for classes in the Fall of 2015. This is going to be a great opportunity to develop the future leaders of your organization and our chapter. 


There has been a lot of activity in the chapter during the last quarter. Educational workshops included a Spotlight on Recycling in Baltimore, Emerging Public Works Leaders in Fairfax, and Public Works Advocacy in Hampton. The successful  2nd annual fall scholarship golf outing was held in Richmond in October.  


Congratulations to the Town of Smithfield Department of Public Works for achieving APWA accreditation on November 12, 2014! This is an extraordinary accomplishment and you should be very proud.


I also want to congratulate Chesapeake and Newport News for being re-accredited. The City of Chesapeake Department of Public Works achieved re-accreditation on December 4. Chesapeake was accredited in 2006 and this was their second re-accreditation. The City of Newport News Department of Public Works was accredited in 2003 and has now been re-accredited three times with the latest being on December 1. I know there are other agencies in our chapter currently going through the self-assessment process or well on their way to being accredited. I strongly encourage agencies to consider pursuit of accreditation. Accredited agencies find that the process enhances performance, increases productivity, clarifies budget needs, strengthens employee morale and keeps them on a course of continuous improvement. You can learn more about accreditation from the APWA website and by talking to your colleagues in accredited agencies. 


Watch for chapter scholarship application information to be posted soon.  


I want to wish each of you a happy and safe holiday season.


Judi Hines

Chapter President   

How Telematics Can Help Public Works Agencies Increase Productivity 

By Chris Ransom, Director of Sales Engineering

Verizon Networkfleet


Telematics, which includes GPS vehicle tracking systems, provides public works agencies with a powerful tool to help cut costs and operate more efficiently. Another important but sometimes overlooked benefit is improving productivity.


A GPS vehicle tracking system gives you the precise location and performance of every vehicle and asset in your fleet. With this information, you can: 

  • Optimize scheduling, routing and vehicle utilization to reduce inefficiencies
  • Streamline maintenance processes and reduce administrative overhead
  • Complete more jobs and improve service to the community

Achieving these results starts with implementing a telematics system that includes both GPS vehicle tracking and engine diagnostics. Productivity can be further enhanced with the addition of asset tracking capabilities. Once in place, this system provides the data you need to make informed management decisions that increase productivity throughout your agency.


Improve Equipment Utilization


Telematics systems offer a variety of detailed reports that track vehicle and driver activity. By reviewing these reports regularly, you can gain insight into short- and long-term driving patterns and equipment utilization that can impact productivity. This helps you to identify problem areas and take action to use your vehicles and drivers more efficiently.


For example, some reports show the details of each trip a vehicle makes during a specified time period. Fleet utilization reports also provide a summary of overall fleet activity, indicating if trips are increasing or decreasing over time. By simultaneously tracking trips and miles, you can make informed decisions about optimizing vehicle usage.


These same reports are available for use in asset tracking. Trying to locate mobile assets in the field can be a huge time waster, especially if your agency frequently moves assets such as generators or trailers. GPS systems that include a mobile asset tracker can save time while reducing administrative headaches.

Click Here to

Building Resiliency: Norfolk Restores Tidal Wetlands: Converting an Eyesore to Valuable Neighborhood Asset


The City of Norfolk had a problem.  In its heyday, Myrtle Park was an attractive neighborhood waterfront park characterized by majestic live oak trees and broad green open spaces. In recent decades however, sea level rise and recurrent tidal flooding changed the character of the park.  The existing concrete seawall fell into disrepair and saltwater killed lawn grasses. Where wetland plants did not survive, large barren muddy areas formed.  With the park's aesthetics and function reduced, local residents began to refer to it as "Poo Poo Park"; it's only benefit the place for pets to relieve themselves.


After spending approximately $1.23 million raising surrounding roads and stormwater
infrastructure to address tidal flooding, the Department of Public Works turned its attention to Myrtle Park.  The Department saw an opportunity to turn the eyesore into an asset. Several factors were considered:

  • The Commonwealth of Virginia has a wetland permitting policy favoring the use of living shorelines for shoreline stabilization.  Living shorelines' techniques use sand fill, native wetland plants, and, in this case, stone toe protection to restore wetlands and protect against erosion. 
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) provides expedited "Nationwide" permitting for living shoreline erosion control projects.
  • Using the site to restore natural wetlands helps the City meet its pollution reduction (TMDL) requirements.

With funding from the Division of Stormwater Management, Norfolk hired a local engineering firm with experience in living shoreline design.  Click Here to Read More.... 

The City of Roanoke Launches Solarize Roanoke

Nell Boyle, LEED AP BD+C, Sustainability and Outreach Coordinator

City of Roanoke, VA


Have you ever wondered whether or not you could have solar panels on your home? How much would it cost? How much energy would you save? The City of Roanoke, in partnership with Community Housing Partners (CHP), is offering an affordable, residential solar program to its citizens. The Solarize Roanoketeam has developed a turnkey solar package that combines quality materials, experienced local installers and attractive financing. Because of this limited time offer, citizens can purchase a solar array saving up to 20% below market value.

Solarize Roanoke installation. Photo courtesy of VaSolarPro.

The Solarize concept is an emerging trend in packaging affordable, residential solar to select communities for a limited time only. The program works because it allows solar installers to line up materials, labor and installations in a concentrated period of time. Because there are guaranteed a number of qualified leads the solar providers feel comfortable committing to the best prices available while taking advantage of the volume of interested customers.


On Monday, July 21st Solarize Roanoke was launched at a press conference in the Roanoke City Market Building with Mayor David Bowers kicking-off the program. The event was well attended with members of the community and local media to add to the excitement. The Mayor announced the program and following his remarks Mason Cavell from CHP spoke to the group about the features of the Solarize program. The main Solarize tool is the website which has pertinent information, resources and online registration for interested homeowners. The Solarize team also conducts community workshops and outreach events that 

are ongoing throughout the registration period. The program will be available to citizens through September 30, at which time the online registration will close.

The City of Roanoke Mayor David Bowers Kicks -Off "Solarize Roanoke" in the City Market Building on July 21st, 2014

Solarize Roanoke makes the process easy, with clear steps and procedures to simplify the mystery of solar. The Solarize Roanoke team walks you completely through the process. First, the homeowner signs up on the Solarize Roanoke website for a preliminary assessment of their roof. Then it goes to the Virginia Tech GIS Department to conduct the assessment using aerial imagery to determine if the house is properly sited for solar energy. If the house looks like a viable candidate, the homeowner is assigned an installer and an appointment is set for a home inspection and meeting.


Certain conditions may be identified that make a house a poor candidate for solar such as; the house is not located on the property in such a way to appropriately utilize solar energy, the roof is in need of repair, or there are shadows from roof lines or  heavy tree coverage that would negate the benefits of solar. Click Here to Read More....

Chapter Welcomes New Members!

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Be Counted!!

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Top 5 Reasons Your Agency Should Be Accredited

By Elizabeth Vaughn, Public Works Information Specialist

City of Chesapeake, VA


Here in the City of Chesapeake, Virginia, we are very proud to announce that we were just re-accredited for the second time!  We take the accreditation program very seriously because we have seen first-hand how it benefits our organization and makes us one of the best in the country!  (Well, THE best in the country if you ask us, but we are admittedly biased.)


So for all of those agencies thinking about seeking accreditation or facing their first re-accreditation, we want to share with you a few of the reasons why we think the accreditation process is worth it.

  1. It promotes innovation.  It's very easy to get stuck in the "that's how we've always done it" hole but that doesn't promote positive change.  The accreditation process challenges you to take a good hard look at how you're doing things to see if you're being as efficient and responsible as possible.  Knowing that the APWA is going to come knocking on your door every four years gives you a deadline to make sure you reevaluate your department on a regular basis.
  2. It encourages constructive criticism.  Self-assessment is great and has its place in the accreditation process.  However, we don't always see our own faults!  Allowing public works professionals from other locations to come into your municipality and critique your practices can be extremely helpful.  They bring an outsider perspective, different experiences and new ideas.
  3. It promotes organization.  In order to earn accreditation, you have to have some level of organization.  In Chesapeake, we created what we call Administrative Regulations to organize all of our processes.  These regulations fit into the Public Works Management Practices Manual chapters, making the re-accreditation process much easier.  Having these regulations have proven incredibly helpful, not only to keep our large department organized but to make sure everyone's on the same page and no one is duplicating work.  They also serve as a great teaching tool for new employees.

 To Read More, Click Here...


Public Works = First Responders

Provided by the Chapter's Emergency Management Committee. 

Contact Tim Berkhimer, Committee Chair


When disaster strikes, whether the source is natural or manmade, immediate action by First Responders can make a life-or-death difference.  In the midst of the flashing lights and sirens, citizens expect to see the uniformed services providers - fire, police, and medical services.  However, another essential member of the team is public works, whose chief responsibilities include designing, building, operating, maintaining and protecting our nation's vast infrastructure and facilities.  When the infrastructure is threatened, public works is prepared to take a comprehensive and collaborative role with other First Responders in emergency management - prepared and equipped to safeguard lives and reduce or repair damaged critical infrastructure.


As recognized First Responders to local emergencies and disaster events, we are an integral part of the "All-Hazards" and "Whole Community" approach to both emergency management and homeland security.  It's no coincidence that many states are beginning to combine homeland security and emergency management into a unified division or department, with Minnesota and Colorado as two examples.  Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs) are more frequently including staffing and subject matter expertise from Public Works engineering and operations professionals.  State and regional intelligence fusion centers are beginning to realize the value of our industry experiences and knowledge, and inviting us to participate, appreciating us as force multipliers in their efforts.


Compliance with National Incident Management System (NIMS) requires that all agency responders complete the following online courses:

  • IS-100.b   Introduction to Incident Command System ICS-100
  • IS-200.b   ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents
  • IS-700.a   National Incident Management (NIMS), An Introduction
  • IS-800.b   National Response framework, An Introduction


Together with the following courses, a well-rounded training base is available to all organizational staff - at no cost, other than the commitment of time.

  • IS-552    The Public Works Role in Emergency Management (currently being updated)
  • IS-554    Emergency Planning for Public Works
  • IS-556    Damage Assessment for Public Works
  • IS-558    Public Works and Disaster Recovery


Additional courses that are highly recommended for local government public works supervisors and senior leadership are:

  • IS-632.a   Introduction to Debris Operations
  • IS-634       Introduction to FEMA's Public Assistance Program
  • IS-803      Emergency Support Function (ESF) #3: Public Works and Engineering


Don't forget to include the administrative staff that will be involved in capturing the documentation required for reimbursement following a Presidential Disaster Declaration.  These staff members will be critical to the successful reimbursement of all eligible damage costs, and they will be better able to perform this function if they are familiar with the field operations and FEMA regulations.


These and many other excellent independent study courses can be found at


Professional Development Opportunities Abound:
With a Special Focus on Virginia Tech's Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR) Leadership for Sustainability Program

Provided by Kelly Mattingly, Town of Blacksburg Director of Public Works and Chair, Chapter's Sustainability Committee


It has never been easier to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and develop your professional knowledge and skills.  We are being bombarded with opportunities to advance our knowledge and connect with our peers via webinars, lunch & learns, live workshops, seminars, tours, socials, and conferences.  In addition, Chapter members will soon be hearing about an exciting opportunity to participate in an APWA Public Works Institute right here in the mid-Atlantic region through a partnership with Virginia Tech's Office of Continuing and Professional Education.  At the national level, the APWA Donald C. Stone Center for Leadership Excellence in Public Works offers professional development and certification opportunities for current and future Public Works leaders.There are also online graduate degree program opportunities tailored to Public Works professionals available through the Norwich University and the University of Nebraska.


Graduate degree programs certainly require a higher level of commitment and it's a particular challenge taking this on while already trying to balance work and home life responsibilities.  However, this should not dissuade anyone from taking on the challenge of graduate school.  We've all heard the adage, "if you love your job, then it's not work".  Well the same could be said about graduate school.  If you are passionate about the material being studied, graduate "work" can be an exciting and rewarding experience.


My passion is sustainability and a few years ago I was searching for a graduate program that focused on both sustainability and leadership, and one that could be accomplished without interfering with my work and home life.  I found it in Virginia Tech's Executive Master of Natural Resources (XMNR)in Leadership for Sustainability program.  The XMNR is an accelerated graduate degree program specifically designed for working professionals.  It's a 14-month program that begins every January, meeting one weekend each month at the Virginia Tech Research Center in Arlington, Virginia.  The cohort consists of about 30 students divided into teams of 4 or 5 students each. The program consists of coursework, an international residency, and a capstone project.  While the program content focuses on sustainability, it also embraces key leadership skills.  "The curriculum emphasizes executive qualifications and leadership skills identified by public and private sector employers, including interpersonal and organizational communication; financial, information, and technology management; program evaluation and policymaking; partnerships, team building, and conflict resolution; and entrepreneurship, innovation, and resilience," says Program Director Dr. David Robertson.

Public Works Institute (PWI) Update


Public Works Institute coming in the Fall of 2015!


Exciting news, the chapter is preparing to launch the Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute in the fall of 2015! Our chapter will join the 18 other nationally approved Public Works Institutes next fall in providing quality instruction in topics related to public works supervision and management.


The steering committee met on November 14 and developed the following mission statement. 


 "The mission of the Mid-Atlantic Public Works Institute is to strengthen Public Works organizations by preparing leaders through professional development, education, networking, and certification." 


The steering committee will meet again on January 12 to further develop the guidelines, curriculum and instructor pools. If you have ideas and/or are interested in participating in the PWI please contact Scott Smith.

Thank You to our Chapter Works Advertisers


Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. VHB's passionate team of engineers, scientists, planners, and designers provides consulting services to clients in the transportation, real estate, institutional, and energy industries, as well as to federal, state and local governments.



Aquaphalt is a permanent, eco-friendly asphalt patch material that sets up with only water. Aquaphalt can be installed in below 

freezing temperatures and opened to traffic right away! No need for large crews or special tools, Aquaphalt is the perfect core hole patching for highway contractors. 

Click Here to visit our website or Contact Michael Wertheim 434-906-1273



Over 20 Years of Providing Comprehensive Reliability and Maintenance Services
Contact Michael Stephens, Director of Business Development
757.229.2965, ext 300

The Chapter's 2nd annual college student scholarship golf outing fundraiser 

The Chapter's 2nd annual college student scholarship golf outing fundraiser was held Oct. 15th at The Crossings, Glen Allen, VA. Every year at our Annual Public Works Conference, we award a series of cash scholarships to college students, where they can use the award toward their college educational needs, such as text, electronic media, and other related purchases. The proceeds from this event will help fund this initiative. This year's event was another success, due in part to the extremely hard work by Committee members Brian Copple, Dave Plum and Ken Eyre.   


Special thanks to this years' Platinum Scholarship Sponsors:

L to R: Jennifer Privette, Newport News DPW, Diane Linderman, VHB and the rest of their team

Bowman Consulting

Brown and Caldwell


RK & K

Timmons Group



Although the heavy rain cut the golfing short, everyone had a great time and socialized in the club house. Longest drive was Phil Koetter, City of Virginia Beach; lowest team score included Bob Roop, Ken Turner, Reed Fowler, and Steve Hicks.

Door prizes were given for an assortment of categories and we thank RK&K for contributing two dozen balls. Phil Davenport, City of Virginia Beach Public Works Director graciously donated back to the Chapter his 50-50 winnings, so we owe Mr. Davenport a great big THANK YOU! 

Relaxing in the "Dry" Clubhouse


Hole sponsors

Draper Aden

URS Corporation

KDR Real Estate

H. W. Lochner

Greeley and Hansen

Mead Westvaco


Beverage Cart Sponsors:


Mead Westvaco


Thanks to everyone for making this annual charitable event a success!

Beyond the Curb: Spotlight on Recycling

The Chapter, in cooperation with the City of Baltimore Dept. of Public Works (DPW), on Dec. 2, 2014, hosted the  Spotlight on Recycling Lunch-n-Learn in the Curran Room of Baltimore's historic City Hall. Special thanks to Rudy Chow, Shonte` Eldridge, Amy Purves, Marcie Williams and Valentine Ukwouma and the rest of the Baltimore City DPW staff for contributing the use of their facilities for this educational venue.


Chapter Vice-President Matt Villareale, Prince William County's Asst.

Chapter V-P Matt Villareale expressing welcome and thank you remarks to participants and guest speakers.

Public Works Director, thanked everyone for attending the Lunch-n-Learn and reminded them of the Chapter's upcoming annual 2015 conference to be held in Baltimore. Related 2015 Conference handout materials were provided to attendees. Rudy Chow, City of Baltimore DPW Director also shared welcome greetings to City Hall for this important event and encouraged attendees to remember to attend the 2015 Conference in May.


Thirty-three participants heard from featured guest speakers included by Valentina Ukwouma,  Bureau Head, Bureau of Solid Waste for the Baltimore City DPW and Harvey Howard, Waste Management Superintendent,  for the City of Norfolk DPW.


Valentina spoke about how education and legislation is being used to encourage recycling in the City of Baltimore. Related topics included City efforts exploring the various benefits and challenges associated with Maryland's Zero Waste initiative. Understanding how Zero Waste goals and trends impact urban cities is critical when developing a comprehensive implementation plan to achieve recycling and waste diversion goals. To Read More, Please Click Here

Emerging Public Works Leaders Forum


The Chapter, in cooperation with the Fairfax County Dept. of Public Works & Environmental Services (DPW&ES), on Oct. 21, 2014, hosted the Emerging Public Works Leaders Forum at VDOT's Northern Virginia District Office. Special thanks to Lauren Mollerup and the rest of the VDOT staff for contributing the use of their facilities for this educational venue.


Additionally, the Chapter collected new socks for the local charitable group The Koinonia Foundation, which provides supplemental clothing and food to needy families. For additional information visit their website at: Special thanks to VDOT for allowing the Chapter the use of their facility for this special community outreach.

Immediate National Past President Ed Gottko was the keynote speaker kicking off the forum and he shared his personal insights into why we need to cultivate new and young leaders for the P.W. profession. Ed was followed by Scott A. Smith, PE., Senior Project Manager for the City of Norfolk DPW spoke about identifying the skills and knowledge needed to continue leadership cultivation, along with motivating your teams for greater contribution and collaborations. Jennifer Privette, Newport News DPW Sustainability Manager drew parallels between leadership capabilities and development, with the City's award winning sustainability program.

The next session featured a panel of Fairfax County's DPW & ES staff led by Life Coach Wendy Younk, where elements of their practices and workplace culture were reviewed in the leadership context. Quentin Marovelli explained his career development and what works for him as he interacts and supervises a number of solid waste employees at the Newington facility, with illustrations of expectations and behavior factoring into the day-to-day practices. Lana Tran followed showing how her personal and family values were built into her career and professional development paths where she now heads the County's Wastewater Collection Division Gravity Sewers, as the Branch Chief. Click Here to Read More... 

Petersburg Area Job Listing


SALARY RANGE: $34,926 - $56,141
LOCATION: Public Works/Street Operations
STATUS: Classified/Full-Time/Non-Exempt
CLOSING DATE: Open Until Filled

Performs difficult skilled and technical work in the installation, maintenance and repair of traffic signal equipment; does related work as required. Work is performed under general supervision. Supervision may be exercised over subordinate personnel. Please Click Here to Read More...

Guests for the 57th Annual Conference and Equipment Show 

will be staying at the

 Lord Baltimore Hotel

Rooms may be booked by calling  855.539.1928 

or by going online


Baltimore City in partnership with the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Public Works Association is excited to host the 57th Annual Mid-Atlantic Chapter Conference and Equipment Show!  This year's conference will focus on past, present and future public works activities that protect and improve our communities.

This regional conference will bring together public works professionals from the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia.  These public and private professionals meet for educational seminars and classes and to exchange ideas, information and insights.

Sponsorship Opportunities are now available

Your support and involvement are paramount to the success of this event. To show our appreciation, we have created various tiers of support to provide maximum exposure and exceptional benefits. This is an amazing and economical opportunity to reach out to your customers, spotlight your products and demonstrate your dedication to APWA and its members.  CLICK HEREto learn how you can become involved


For More Conference Details, Click Here!


57th Annual Conference of the

Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the American Public Works Association


Call for Abstracts!


For more information on submitting an abstract 
for the Annual Conference, 
or visit the website 

Do you recognize this building?

57th Annual Conference and Equipment Show 
May 6-8, 2015

Plan to join us in Baltimore May 6-8 next year, for the Chapter's annual conference. Look for the call-for-abstracts announcement in October. The annual Public Works Road-E-O, Wednesday opening reception, conference hotel, Thursday night social, equipment show and technical sessions are being planned by the 2015 Chapter Conference Committee. Technical sessions and equipment show will be held at the Baltimore Convention Center. For conference information email: [email protected]

For area attractions, access Visit Baltimore's website at: