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Good afternoon friends,

Do you remember the first Bible you ever received?  Perhaps it's a Children's Bible that your parents read to you as a child.  Perhaps it's one you received as an infant at the celebration of your baptism - you don't remember receiving it, but you still have it as a keepsake.  Perhaps it's one you received when you were confirmed as a teenager as a member of the Church. 
Or maybe you weren't exposed to faith as a child and purchased a Bible for yourself as an adult.  Perhaps you don't even have a Bible or you may have one, but you don't have the vaguest idea where it is.  That's okay!

On Sunday, we'll be giving the gift of a Bible to about 40 Trinity third graders.  The Church has a long tradition of giving Bibles to third graders as they begin to read proficiently.  We believe it is truly the most marvelous gift we can give because through it they are introduced to the teachings of God which we trust will then lead to an encounter with Christ Jesus.         

This week is also a great opportunity for you to dig out your Bible or sweep off the dust if it sits unused on your bedside table. Or if you don't have one or yours is written in language that sounds like Shakespeare, then it's a great time to purchase one. (Come to the Trinity bookstore and let us help you pick out the one that's just right for you.)  

And it's okay if you don't know anything about the Bible, what's in it, or where or how to start reading it.  We'll get you started.  Again, just ask one of the pastors or someone at the Trinity bookstore or a trusted friend.  The point is not what you don't know, but simply beginning now to learn more about the word of God, so that you can grow as you encounter the living Word of God in Jesus Christ.  

Grace and Peace,

P.S. And, if you are interested in a Bible Basics class to get you started, just let us know, and we'll make it happen!