September 3, 2015

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Dear Friends,

There is much that is amiss in the world, to be sure.  But I write today about what I know to be good and right, and people I am grateful for, like the members of our church who are police officers and deputies; they all take their duties as a calling and do them well and with great care.  We know them.  We worship with them and their families.  I've been thinking of them a great deal in these past several days when two officers very much like them were ambushed and killed.

I'm sure I speak for all of us as I express our gratitude and appreciation for these women and men among us who put their lives in harm's way every day - for others.

I'm also grateful for so many people who are deeply committed to acting kindly, to seeking harmony and reconciliation between peoples, between races, who are deeply troubled about the many shootings.  I'm a part of a new group in Gainesville that is committed to CommUnity, which is a word for "unity within community" and Trinity is a key part of this, as are members of the ASO and City Police and other community leaders. Indeed, there are many groups working to help make good things happen in Alachua County, and it's important to know they exist.

I'm so appreciative that even before this Sunday's Mission Box for persecuted Christians in Pakistan and the Middle East, $5,000 has already been given (!), as a sign of compassion and support for our Christian sisters and brothers who are standing strong in their Faith (how might you and I act??) in the context of great adversity and threat of death.  So grateful.

I'm grateful that "Faith Mission" is becoming known around our town as an important symbol of "love in action," recognized by President and Mrs. (Linda) Fuchs, in their passion for early childhood development, by our Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Owen Roberts, for its support of Rawlings School and by many others around our community.  Thank you for your support of this mission.

On this Thursday before Labor Day weekend, I write to say "thanks" to all who work so hard to make life better - both here and life everlasting.  

Love and Prayers,  Dan

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