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The Pomi-T Trial

The purified polyphenol rich food pill (Pomi-T) demonstrates a significant effect in men with prostate cancer.


 A ground-breaking national scientific study presented today at the World's most prestigious cancer conference - full abstract  

Background to the Pomi-T Trial

Polyphenol-rich foods have demonstrated anti-cancer effects in laboratory experiments. In humans, studies have linked their intake with a lower risk of chronic disease, including cancer. Concentrating these foods into a capsule may be a conveniently way to boost an individual's but hitherto no scientifically robust clinical studies had firmly established benefits for health or markers of cancer progression...more about polyphenols


books 203 men, with prostate cancer managed with primary active surveillance or being watched with a PSA relapse after radiotherapy or surgery, were randomised into take take, twice a day for 6 months, Pomi-T (purified broccoli, green tea, turmeric, pomegranate) or placebo. The patients, doctors and statisticians were all blind to who had what. Participants were monitoring with PSA, cholesterol, BP & glucose.. Full  design

 Why evaluate a polyphenol supplement in men with Prostate Cancer?

vitamins Men managed with active surveillance or for a PSA relapse after radical treatments, are an ideal cohort as they have a useful serum marker of their disease (the PSA) and medical interventions are often not indicated initially. Furthermore, published reports indicate that 50-70% admit to taking over-the-counter supplements.

Trial development and QA
ncrn This trial was approved by the NCRN, peer reviewed by National Cancer Research Institute and adopted by the National Cancer Research Network. The randomisation and data handling was outsourced to ensure adherence to EU GCP. It was funded by the Charity "Prostate Action" and had no commercial sponsorship..more
man yoga There was a staggering difference in markers of disease progression between the Pomi-t group or those taking placebo after 6 months:

- 63% slower rate of PSA progression (ANCOVA p=0.0008).
- 32% greater number of men had lower or stable PSA (Chi sq p=0.00001).
- 96% stayed on surveillance in the Pomi-T versus 74% on placebo (p<0.01)
- Very well tolerated, no difference in side effects between two groups
- Equal benefit across all gleason grade, weight and treatment categories 

Men who took Pomi-T had a significantly lower percentage rise in PSA compared to placebo. This difference was large and as the patient characteristics were well-balanced and the trial had sufficient numbers to ensure adequate statistical power, the results of this study offer clinically meaningful guidance for men contemplating nutritional supplements after prostate cancer.

More information about Pomi-T

pomi-t-green .

Contains only natural ingredients - purified, concentrated and blended by a UK manufacturer registered and compliant with UK, EU and FDA guidelines. 


No colours, preservatives, flavourings, bulking or chelating agents.


Unlike some other supplements, every ingredient has responsibly sourced and checked for authenticity and purity - find out more


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