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Happy Thanksgiving!
"Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality": A Lecture by Robyn Ochs 
12/2 5:00-7:30 PM
Goldring/Woldenberg Hall II (B-School) Room 1111 

Workshop with Robyn Ochs: Embracing An All-And Identity in an Either/Or World
12/3 6:00-8:00
LBC 210

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Happy (Almost) End of the Semester, Changemakers



Congratulations on a truly incredible semester! We are so impressed by the projects you are working on and the steps you have taken to inspire change on our campus, whether it was registering for the SISE minor, attending one of the many lectures we've been lucky enough to hear, or applying for the Changemakers Institute. Keep up the great work in the spring!

Before we enter finals crunch time, there are a few more events and opportunities for you to see. If you loved the Hunger Summit last week, check out the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship. And if you were inspired by Pride Week or Trans Awareness Week, check out the upcoming Robyn Ochs workshop and lecture.

In other news, staff from across campus have come together to offer a Lunch workshop series next semester called "Careers for the Common Good." These workshops provide inspiration and frameworks to support a wide spectrum of young people seeking to make the world a better place in a way that is uniquely right for them. Fill out this survey to let them know when you can make it to lunch AND what workshops you are interested in.

Lastly, stay motivated for finals - you can do it! Take advantage of the many university-sponsored study breaks like free massages and the annual favorite Cram Jam.

Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah/Christmas/Winter Break/New Year! We'll see you in the spring,
Have a CHANGE-filled month, 
Angela & the Student Media Team 
Changemaker of the Week: 
Tabitha Mustafa
Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana 


 You can most often find Tulane senior Tabitha Mustafa at the Latino Farmers' Cooperative of Louisiana, working in their garden space at the First Grace Church. "If it is a Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or some lucky Saturday, I will usually be standing in a mass of compost. Yep, compost-that smelly rotting mass of dirt, animal waste, and food scraps," she laughs. Tabitha is trying to increase food security for the Latino community of Greater New Orleans. Once the compost is ready, it no longer smells and is used as fertilizer for other plants. She planted a new set of seedlings a few weeks ago, which will be ready to harvest and sell at a fair price by LFCL. In this way, Tabitha has a role in providing cooperative members with the option of buying fresh, naturally grown produce and an affordable price.


Tabitha plans to use the skills she develops through her work at LFCL to open a pop-restaurant in the near future. She believes that all people deserve to eat meat that was not injected with growth hormones, to snack on vegetables that were not grown in a petri dish, and to enjoy the flavors of foods that have not been so highly processed that they provide one's body with more fat storage activators than the nutrients it needs to maintain itself. 


On campus, Tabitha would like to see a change in the way Tulane students understand their role in the New Orleans community. All students are required to complete 60 hours of community service to graduate, but most students still do not have a good understanding of the dynamics of race, class, gender, sexuality, and physical ability in the United States, and specifically in New Orleans. Tabitha is working with the Center for Public Service to develop a pilot course curriculum that will teach about both privilege and the history of New Orleans. She believes it is essential that students understand the historic circumstances and institutionalized oppressions of New Orleans before they enter a community with the intent of c0mpleting community service.


On campus, Tabitha is an anti-racism activist, on the E-board of the Queer-Feminist Collective (QFC), a member of Students for Justice in Palestine, and a Public Service Intern. She also plays club soccer at Crescent City Soccer. Off campus, she is a member of Starfish and Coffee: Social Justice and Pleasure Club and the Palestine Solidarity Committee of New Orleans, and has worked as a private chef in places as diverse as Oregon and Panama.


Tabitha will graduate this year with a major in Spanish and a minor in Latin American Studies. Her family home was in Kenner until recently, but she says she was raised Uptown. "Kenner was for sleeping. New Orleans was for living," she says.  

How-To Make Your Mom Proud of You (or Not)


In honor of all of you Changemakers spending the holidays with your families, and probably getting asked 3469 times what you are going to do with your degree, here's Jonathan Lewis with our last Cafe Impact video of the semester:


"If you have parents, your social activism career just might, with any luck at all, turn out OK.


For some social sector activists, parents are hurdles to be pushed out of the way. The poem Journey for Justice repeats atime-worn generational story, "I struggle between tradition and the unknown." For others, parents are on-going role models, exemplifying empathy, strength and community citizenship. Family is our first community. Family gestates and gels our understanding of who we are as individuals - and, even more vitally, who we want to be.


As Café Impact's social activists confirm, parents are unavoidable. The rest is up to you."

How-To Make Your Mom Proud Of You (Or Not)
How-To Make Your Mom Proud Of You (Or Not)


Changemaker Institute Accepting Applications on a Rolling Basis until January

The Changemaker Institute at Tulane supports students with ideas that will create positive social change that canevolve into sustainable social ventures and potential careers. The Institute helps students develop, test, and launch their social ventures. Since 2010, this student-led initiative has supported 25 social ideas, resulting in almost a dozen organizational entities that have raised close to $100,000 in start-up funding. Two notable successes include Aquaponic Modular Production Systems (AMPS) and Humanure Power. The institute prepares students for Tulane NewDay Social Innovation Challenge, which awards up to $20,000 in start-up funding to Tulane students dedicated to finding innovative, sustainable, and scalable solutions to social challenges in New Orleans. Visit the website to apply today! 
Interested in Social Change? Interested in Having a 
Student Leadership Position?

Net Impact Undergraduate Chapter is looking for new student leaders as the new semester approaches. There are 3 positions opened: (1) Program Manager (2) Finance Manager (3) Small Steps, Big Wins Challenge Campus Director. If interested, please contact Ngoc Pham via email at 
We are developing a Learn 'n Lunch Series to help you create your social change career path. Tell us what you want! 

Echoing Green's Work on Purpose program inspires and equips people just beginning their careers to realize their unique way to make a social impact - be it as a nonprofit or social business employee, an artist-activist, an effective board member, a high-impact volunteer, a social entrepreneur, or in any number of other potential roles.These workshops provide inspiration and frameworks to support a wide spectrum of young people seeking to make the world a better place in a way that is uniquely right for them. 


Tulane staff from across campus were recently trained to become certified Work on Purpose Facilitators, and we'd like to know how we can help you become better changemakers. If you are interested in participating, please fill out this short survey to tell us when you'd like to join us for lunch AND what workshops topics interest you the most.

CELT-SI Engaged Learning Awards Now Available
CELT-SI Engaged Learning Awards will be available to students exhibiting financial need to participate in engaged learning experiences that build your skills in the fields of social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and changemaking. Funds can be used for accommodations, travel, registration fees, project supplies, etc. The award is presented with the following expectations: 
  • Involvement in programming related to CELT-SI, TUchangemakers, or the SISE Minor. 
  • A series of blog entries that share your experience, including a critical analysis of the experience and its role in your academic studies and professional aspirations. 
  • Completion of an evaluation form. 
Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until April 18, 2014. Please e-mail your completed application to Rebecca at rotten@tulane.edu or hand deliver the application to CELT, 310 Richardson Building. Apply today!
Lecture and Workshop with Robyn Ochs, Bisexual Activist   
"Beyond Binaries: Identity and Sexuality": A Lecture with Robyn Ochs
Monday, December 2, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Goldring/Woldenberg Hall II in Room 1111
This program explores the landscape of sexual orientation, and how we "map" sexual orientation. People are complicated and, like snowflakes, no two people are exactly alike. Given that, how do we assign labels to our complicated and unique experiences? In this fun and interactive program we explore different experiences of identity; the complexity of attraction and more.

Workshop with Robyn Ochs:
Embracing An All-And Identity in an Either/Or World

Tuesday, December 3, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
LBC 210
While any sexual orientation or gender identity comes with its own challenges, there are particular issues faced by people who identify as bisexual, pansexual, genderqueer, or who use other labels that defy an either/or interpretation of the world. Together we will examine these issues and devise strategies to create spaces that affirm complex, nonbinary identities.


Safe Zone Training: LGBTIQA 101

Wednesday, December 4, 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
LBC 208  

During this two-hour training, designed for all Tulane students, staff, and faculty, participants will gain introductory knowledge about how they can be an effective ally to LGBTIQA-identified individuals and those questioning their sexuality. Once familiar with the various LGBTIQA resources available on campus, you will be given an Ally sticker to place in your office or dorm so that students, faculty and staff know that you are part of a campus-wide network that supports LGBTIQA-identified individuals. Sponsored by the Office for Gender and Sexual Diversity (OGSD). Register online. 

Congratulations to Derek Dashti, Tulane Doctoral Student recently named a University Innovation Fellow!
Photo by Sally Asher, New Wave
Derek Dashti, a doctoral student studying bioinnovation at Tulane University, has been named a University Innovation Fellow, a prestigious national honor that will enable him to bolster entrepreneurial activity on campus.

The fellowship is a program of the National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation, a National Science Foundation-funded partnership between Stanford University and the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance.

Among other things, Dashti is helping students obtain funding for their ideas, devices and designs, working to open incubator space to support the development of entrepreneurial companies and planning seminars where students can learn about patents, grants and other issues.Read the full story from the New Wave. 
IDEX Accelerator Fellowship

The IDEX Accelerator (IDEX) is excited to share that we are now accepting
 applications for our 2014 Cohort! IDEX is the pioneer of a global movement that revolutionizes investments in human capital and empowers emerging leaders around the world to unleash their potential for creating impact. Fellows undergo six months of leadership and business development training by working full-time with social enterprises in India and Kenya. 

We are searching all corners of the world for 100 fellows who are committed and passionate about working in the social impact space. We seek college graduates and professionals who have a proven track record of leadership and are seeking to use their education and skills to address social and economic challenges for under-served populations. 

Do you have what it takes to become an IDEX Fellow and create the impact you wish to see in the world? Apply today. Applications close January 15, 2014
Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship
The Congressional Hunger Center (CHC) is excited to offer a unique opportunity to be actively involved in the movement to end hunger and poverty. CHC is a bi-partisan organization committed to making access to nutritious, affordable and culturally appropriate food a national priority. Every year, we look for promising young leaders who care about addressing the problems of hunger and poverty in communities across the nation. Our national initiative, the Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program, trains, inspires and sustains a tight-knit community of emerging leaders committed to social justice. The program provides Fellows with an opportunity to gain practical experience fighting hunger and poverty, work with community-based and national leaders, deepen their analysis around poverty and develop leadership skills.  Each year, 16- 20 Emerson National Hunger Fellows help shape and implement local social justice programs all over the U.S. and then research and support national policy initiatives in Washington, DC.  
Participants are selected for this eleven-month program based on the criteria below.  Fellows are placed for five months with urban and rural community organizations involved in fighting hunger at the local level, such as grassroots organizing groups, food banks, advocacy organizations, economic development agencies, and local government offices.  They then move to Washington, D.C. to complete the year with five months of work at advocacy and public policy organizations involved in anti-hunger and anti-poverty work at the national level.  This unique program allows Fellows to bridge community grassroots efforts and national public policy. Applications are encouraged from candidates reflecting diverse educational, cultural, personal and experiential backgrounds.
A living allowance of $16,000, health insurance, travel expenses, housing in the field, a $4,000 housing stipend in D.C., a $3,500 end of service award, relocation subsidies, professional development training opportunities, membership in a learning community of fellow Fellows, connection to an extensive network of alumni, partners, and experts, experience with community and policy leaders, training, mentoring, and leadership development, and experience in project management are included.
The application deadline for the 2014 - 2015 program is January 13, 2014. Visit the website for more information.

Internship Opportunity: The Kapor Center Impact Fellowship

The Kapor Center for Social Impact will provide fellows with a housing and travel stipend to help ameliorate the up-front costs of relocating to the Bay Area or New York City for the summer. The majority of the interns will be placed in Silicon Valley, but we are running a smaller New York pilot for the first time in the summer of 2014.The Kapor Center Impact Fellowship is a 10-week program where traditionally underrepresented students from US-based undergraduate and graduate programs get placed in a Silicon Valley or NYC startup company with a paid internship. We provide opportunities for technical and non-technical students.   
Fellows are expected to attend the Orientation Program on June 16, 2014 in Oakland, CA. Official start and stop dates will be decided by the employer and the fellow but will be around 10 weeks. For additional details on the fellowship, visit the website.

Internship Opportunity: TRUESCHOOL STUDIO

Spring 2014

Start Date: Jan. 15

Application Deadline: Dec. 1


No policymaker or president is as powerful as a teacher when it comes to impact on student achievement. Far from widgets, teachers are the critical architects and designers of the student experience. TrueSchool challenges the traditional confines of the teaching job description - our teachers take on a hybrid role as teacher AND innovator.

Our vision is to recognize excellent, entrepreneurial teachers and grow their potential and impact. TrueSchool creates experiential learning opportunities for educators around design and innovation. Our 1-day, 1-month, and 10-month innovation experiences leverage teacher insights and drive the creation of school-designed innovations to solve school-specific challenges.


We are currently looking for two exceptional Interns to join our team this spring. Requirements:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proven ability to work independently and remotely as well as perform as a member of a team
  • Flexibility, initiative, perseverance, and a sense of humor
  • A commitment to education equity and an interest in opportunities to rethink/redesign the status quo
  • Demonstrated problem-solving skills and a solutions-focused mindset

Successful applications will have prior experience working in the field of education and/or social entrepreneurship. Graduate students, young professionals, and exceptional undergraduates are invited to apply. We are particularly interested in individuals with experience in:

  • Teaching/mentoring
  • Design-thinking
  • Quantitative and qualitative research experience
  • Previous professional experience/internship in the field of education technology or education policy
Visit the website for more information and to apply.

Internship Opportunity: Sci Academy Project Intern with the Seminar on Innovation and Change


We are seeking a project intern for the senior-level Seminar in Innovation

 and Change. Specifically, we are seeking an ambitious and motivated

 college student to help design and implement an upcoming innovative project. 


Internship Components

  • Work a few (2-5) hours per week in developing a curriculum for an upcoming student project.
  • Begin as soon as possible; unpaid position.
  • Meet once per week (phone or in person) with the seminar instructor at Sci Academy.
  • Research and explore opportunities for students (internship opportunities, field trips, guest speakers).
  • Assist in the set up of the final capstone program (requirements, creation of rubrics, writing handbooks).
  • Engage local university stakeholders in opportunities within this project.

Interested in applying? Email resume and cover letter to jkline@collegiateacademies.org. Visit the website for more information. 

ThinkImpact Institute

ThinkImpact Institute programs in Africa and Latin America offer extreme 
immersion that allows for personal and professional growth beyond boundaries. On the Institute you will collaborate with local community partners to accomplish big things in a short amount of time. Go beyond study abroad, boring internships and traditional volunteering. Work with people in the real world and create a tangible impact.

Check out the latest program opportunities hereUpcoming winter programs include:
  • Ghana Institute for Food Innovation 
  • Kenya Institute for Health Innovation 
  • Panama Institute for Social Innovation 
  • Rwanda Institute for Education Innovation 
  • Rwanda Institute for Social Innovation 

For more information, contact Mary Bryan at mbryan@tulane.edu, Tulane's ThinkImpact Campus Rep today for more information about her experience in Rwanda.

Sullivan Foundation Bootcamp

January 3-5 in New Orleans


Tailored to students who want to sharpen an idea for an emerging social venture, this high-intensity experience will partner individuals or teams interested in launching a social venture with mentors and social entrepreneurs to help accelerate the concept to a plan. Tulane that have their accommodations get a reduced rate of $350. Learn more and register today





FYI, this program would be a prime candidate for an Engaged Learning Award from CELT Social Innovation.

Fellowship Opportunity: Education Pioneers Fellowship Programs 


Do you know top emerging leaders who could make an impact in the education sector? If so, then apply for an Education Pioneers Fellowship todayFor our Fellowships, we are seeking over 500 talented emerging leaders from diverse academic, professional, and personal backgrounds.  

Specifically, we are interested in recruiting people who:
  • Are skilled in data analysis, strategic planning, and finance and operations;
  •  Are interested in working in our high-priority cities, including New Orleans, LA; Memphis and Nashville, TN; Hartford, CT; and Dallas/Ft. Worth and Houston, TX;
  • Have roots in and ties to the communities where we work.
We also remain committed to engaging and supporting emerging leaders of color; 55% of our 2013 Graduate School Fellowship cohort identified as a person of color.
Applications for the 2014 Graduate School Fellowship (10-week summer and yearlong placements) and 2014 Partnerships are now open; apply here.

Apply for the Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship

The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship seeks to attract talented,
 committed individuals with backgrounds in the STEM fields-science, technology, engineering, and mathematics-into teaching in high-need secondary schools in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey. Eligible applicants include current undergraduates, recent college graduates, midcareer professionals, and retirees who have majored in, or had careers in, STEM fields. The Teaching Fellowship includes:
  • Admission to a master's degree program at a partner university
  • Preparation for teacher certification in science, mathematics or technology education
  • extensive preparation for teaching in a high-need urban or rural secondary school for one full year prior to becoming the teacher-of-record in a science or math classroom
  • A $30,000 stipend, with tuition arrangements varying by campus in Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and New Jersey. (Once Fellows are certified teachers at the end of the first year, they obtain salaried employment in high-need schools.)
  • Support and mentoring throughout the three-year teaching commitment
  • Support of a cohort of WW Fellows passionate about science and math education
  • lifelong membership in a national network of Woodrow Wilson Fellows who are intellectual leaders
Apply  by December 2, or January 31!
Show in Film what YOU can do to Change the Story!
Undergraduate students, submit your 3-5 minute short films that address global women's issues such as education for girls, maternal health, violence against women and girls and a variety of other issues. Submission deadline is December 31, 2013. Winners will be awarded over $20K in prizes! Red carpet event for 2012/13 awards ceremony to be held at the Harvard campus on February 23, 2013. Learn more here.
Further Develop your professional skills with Launchange!

Want to build your résumé, develop your professional skills, make a difference,
 and help start a business at the same time? If so, check out Launchange.

Launchange is an online community that connects students and recent graduates from Tulane, Loyola, UNO, & Xavier so they can work together to build social ventures. Launchange connects young social entrepreneurs with developing talent.


They identify and invite only the most serious students to be part of our startup community. Only ventures with bold visions--backed by talent and commitment--have the potential to create meaningful impact. As its network grows, Launchange will invite "Gurus," proven entrepreneurs, to guide the next generation of startups in New Orleans. Launchange is developing a minimum viable product to grow this community.


Launchange presents a valuable and practical learning opportunity outside of the classroom. By connecting on Launchange's network, participants further their careers by gaining real-life experience and developing marketable, professional skills.

Visit our website to show interest in joining our Community of Changemakers
Don't Forget to Register for the Small Steps, Big Wins Challenge!
And Download the App! 

Make sure to register for this NetImpact competition. All you need to do is take simple environmental and social actions-like riding your bike to campus, recycling trash, and unplugging electronics. Then track your personal actions by creating a profile on myActions. The website leaderboard shows how you stack up against other schools, teams, and individuals. Each action taken results in a number of points and a small donation to a worthy cause. Additionally, individual participants have the chance to win tons of cool prizes, like plane tickets, Kindles, and gift cards.competition to make yourself and Tulane eligible for cool prizes while raising money for a number of great causes! Last semester, students on 74 campuses (including Tulane) took 45,000 individual small steps, collectively preventing 64,000 l lbs. of CO2 emissions, contributing 3,000 volunteer hours to local nonprofits, and more.

Visit the website for more information and to register for the competition. Tulane has fallen on the school leaderboard, and we need your help to reach the top! Download the app for easier access. And check out the photo contest-the two students who post the best photo each day will win a FREE T-SHIRT
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