New Year's Greetings from the Center for Educational Improvement

Friends and Colleagues,


As we enter 2015, let's remember the power of our visions and our Community. During 2015, know that the Center for Educational Improvement will continue to advocate for 21st Century Leadership and Learning. To those of you who have played a special role in advancing education and assisting  CEI in 2014, here is a brief synopsis of our achievements in 2014 and plans for 2015:  

CEI, advancing 21st Century Learning in 2014, initiating 21st Century Research Projects in 2015


Themes: Communications, Establishing Foundations for CEI's Future, Relationship Building

CEI advances STEM/STEAM, Heart Centered Education, Principal Leadership, Rigor, and Neuroscience. CEI continues monthly WOW! Ed newsletters and accelerates our blogging and outreach.

New Collaborations: Palo Alto University, East Providence (RI) School District, Marshall Elementary School (Vienna, VA).

Ongoing Collaborations: Yale University, C8 Sciences, Operation Respect, Principals and Principal Leadership.

NEW! STEM/STEAM workshops, Heart Beaming, Heart Centered Rubric, 21st Century Technology Guidelines for School Administrators  

Themes: Growth, Showcasing CEI and our Team, Delivering High Quality Services, Initiating 21st Century Research Studies, Improving School Systems

In 2015, look for more regional activities, more workshops, and continued focus on 21st Century Innovations.

In 2015, CEI plans to advance our collaborations, further our vision, work for system's change, and lead educators into the future, creating brighter futures for children, schools, and communities.

Here are a few of our targets:
  • Further defining and redefining the 5Cs for practical implementation in schools
  • Refining the 21st Century Technology Guidelines
  • Furthering the implementation of 21st Century practices in schools and districts
  • Advancing school leadership, student learning, and individual student success
  • Evaluating CEI's impact/continuing to improve our services.
Thank you again for your support and participation with CEI - Wishing you the best in 2015!


Christine Mason
Executive Director

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