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Technology Transfer Newsletter, Spring 2014
E-signatures, South African tech transfer, and more!


As the new year progresses, we've assembled some articles to help you learn a little more about signatures, licensing goals, and what it's like for a new associate in your office. 
 ~The Addgene Team
Community Spotlight: Interview with Anna Mitsak, Technology Licensing Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


ANNA MITSAK joined MIT's Technology Licensing Office as a Technology Licensing Associate in October 2012. She has participated in the negotiation and drafting of license, joint ownership and material transfer agreements. Additionally, Anna is responsible for license compliance, statistical data and case/portfolio management. As a junior licensing professional, Anna shares some tips for other new licensing professionals.  

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Tech Transfer Article: Electronic Signatures 101


The explosive growth of the Internet and advances in communications technologies sees more and more businesses interacting electronically. In many jurisdictions, parties may "sign" a contract by any means so long as there is an intent to authenticate the document.


 The ease of Internet transactions has raised concerns about the legality of some electronic signatures. This article discusses concerns surrounding electronic signatures.

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