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 creating a community-based food system 
10am to 2pm

Congratulations to Mary Healy for teaming up with Flower Blossom Farm
 joining the Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op as new producer members.
They sold out last Sunday.  Beautiful.

This Sunday will feature the following
Co-op Producer Member-Owners

Breakfast, Co-op Curbside Cafe food truck
Liberty Farm, quality greens & roots 
Liberty Farm, organic, pastured chicken 
Pleroma Farm, pastured eggs 
Hans Schober Farm, grass fed Red Devon Beef 
Community Supported Bakery, using locally grown grains 
Rolling Pin Pies, fruit pies and cookies
Flower Blossom Farm, straight from the field
Asia Luna, natural home and beauty products 

A message from Elizabeth Angello and Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative, "The goal of our Sunday Market this year is to feature produce from each Co-op producer-owner who will be selling year around in our Market. These farmers have made a commitment to be on the ground floor helping us shape the produce department in our Market.  We value your opinion on the quality of products.  So come to the market, check it out and share your feedback."

Saturday July 9th at the Co-op Curbside Cafe farm-to-table food truck
 Assemblymember Didi Barrett presented an Assembly resolution in honor of Farmers Market Appreciation Month to members of the Philmont Co-op and farmers who participate in the farmers market creating a community-based food system and commercial kitchen in Philmont!  Thank you Assemblymember Barrett for your support of Philmont!

Co-op Board collaborators, PBI, our faithful construction team, Property Improvement, Co-op producer Community Supported Bakery, and Z Farm, Philmont.
Left to right -Miriah Winnie, Charlie Doheny, Sally Baker, Wade, Assemblymember Didi Barrett, James Dooling, Irene Young, Elizabeth Angello, Lynda Ackerman, Abby Laufer, Koen van der Mere, Cathy Zises, and farm protector Dexter.

try them at the food truck
buy them at the market
$4.50 dozen
Pleroma Farm, pastured eggs 
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