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We're on target for finishing renovations of the commercial kitchen for the Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative to open year round in the fall.

A message from Elizabeth Angello and Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative, "The goal of our Sunday Market this year is to feature produce from each Co-op producer-owner who will be selling year around in our Market. These farmers have made a commitment to be on the ground floor helping us shape the produce department in our Market.  We value your opinion on the quality of products.  So come to the market, check it out and share your feedback."

This Sunday will feature the following
Co-op Producer-Owners

Breakfast, Co-op Curbside Cafe food truck
Iron Wood Farm, quality greens & roots
Liberty Farm, organic, pastured chicken
Pleroma Farm, pastured eggs
Hans Schober Farm, Red Devon Beef
Community Supported Bakery, using locally grown grains
Rolling Pin Pies, fruit pies and cookies

Live music, Howard Lieberman,
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