Please help us in getting the message out there by forwarding this email to your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, your FB, and your Twitter, with a personal message encouraging a visit to the Open House for the Making of the Philmont Waterfront event to share ideas and thoughts with Elan Planning & Design.
Making of the Philmont Waterfront
The community Open House will be held on Tuesday, February 24th from 11am to 7pm at the Karen Garafalo Cultural Center at the Philmont Public Library.  The Open House will involve a series of "stations" with various themes to engage community thoughts and ideas.  The event is intended to be an open, relaxing environment to garner your thoughts about new ways to stimulate economic and social opportunities in the immediate areas influenced by the Summit Reservoir and its connection to the downtown core along Main Street.  Community members are encouraged to drop by to speak with Elan Planning & Design, PLCC, from Saratoga Springs, NY, engaged by the Village of Philmont to create the waterfront revitalization plan with the community.  
The Open House will be an all-day event where community members can drop by the Karen Garafalo Cultural Center from 11am to 7pm to visit and discuss the Making of the Philmont Waterfront with Elan Planning & Design, contribute ideas for the plan at event stations specifically set up for the Open House, including a fun and engaging History of Philmont station. 
Your participation is vital to our success as a community...come and collaborate with us on our shared future! And please help us in getting the message out.   

Light refreshments will be served throughout the day.   
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