We at Philmont Beautification wish you a Happy New Year bringing you The Kitchen opening in early 2015.  A new concrete floor is being poured today! bringing us a little closer for the commercial kitchen serving our local farmers, chefs, bakers, food producers, children and families, the farmers market, and a host of great local food businesses collaborating to create a community-based food system in Philmont!   


We're excited!  Contributions from supporters of Philmont Beautification have made  

all of our work possible over the many years, and have helped us move forward expanding programs for 2015 to include the planning project for the Making of Philmont's Waterfront in partnership with the Village of Philmont, to finish the renovations for The Kitchen at Philmont, and to bring you more community events  

at the farmers market.      

Today is the day to make your 2014 tax deductible gift to Philmont Beautification. 

Every bit counts for helping 2015 be another great year, $5, $10, whatever you can manage, will make the difference in helping us reach the goals collaborating with you.  


By donating today before midnight, you will be helping us to continue our programming with the community by supporting the following projects for 2015. 

With gratitude,

Executive Director
Philmont Beautification,Inc.