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PB Montage

Hans Schober - Schober Farm
Peter Johnson, a market regular
Thank you for excellent tasting and making it lots of fun!

Here are a few of their comments, 
" That's one of my favorites, just like what my mother used to make."


"That crust is classic American apple pie."


"The pure apple flavor really comes through and the crust is flaky without adulteration."  -  guess who?


"Taste should carry more weight than presentation."


"Between us we have quite a lot of experience in apple pies - my wife, your grandmother, your mother, my mother, East Coast, West Coast - can't be beat."


"We are very close in our scoring - it was important to weight the different categories - taste, crust, texture, presentation."


When's the wine tasting?

Congratulations to the winners of this years
Apple Pie Cook Off 

Tanya Hotalen  
"community winner"  
Gabriel's Pizza and Grill "restaurant winner"

Thank you to the judges, Hans Schober of Schober Farm, and Peter Johnson a market regular, who took their judging seriously in a 45 minute, 8 plate tasting, using four judging criteria for Presentation, Crust, Taste, and Texture. 

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That's it folks - see you all next year at the market.  It's been an interesting season.  We've learned a lot, listened carefully, and will be planning and plotting all winter to bring in next year's market to meet the community need with a little more cream on the top.

Thank you to all our farmers, vendors, and loyal market shoppers - you are the best!

Philmont Beautification, Inc. has four major program areas revitalizing the community in the spirit and tradition of a rural barn raising.  D
edicated to improving quality of life in the Village of Philmont with grass-roots community collaborations and programs on Main St Revitalization, Small Business, Special Projects, Philmont Farmers' Market, and Community Arts/Trades. PBI is a charitable organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.    

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