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PHILMONT BEAUTIFICATION, INC.                                                      
 a grass-roots community organization 
 Main St. Program             Local Food                Exhibitions                     Assistance   


10am to 2pm (Rain or Shine)
Every Sunday - 116 Main Street
May 25 to Oct 12
Asia Luna
Asia Luna NATURAL HOME, BATH & BEAUTY Handmade in the Berkshire-Hudson Valley Region
Not to be missed!

Asia Luna 
offering another great special!
$1.25 off 
A gentle soap for every day use on face and body with the natural benefits of tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon and cedar essential oils.  The combination of tea tree and eucalyptus promote antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-fungal protection. Its gentle cleansing action can be used all over the body to leave the skin clean and refreshed!
Those little insects don't like the smell of tea tree so the scent acts as a natural deterrent too.
(weight: approx 5 oz.)

Gluten intolerant? - Think again! 
Thought you'd never be able to eat wheat bread again? - Think again

 Download information Light Force Foods

Why do so many people shop at farmers' markets?

Because we get to talk to producers of new products not available to us in shops!

Stop by the market this Sunday to meet 
Koenraad van der Meer 
hear what he has to say about 

Malt Leaven Bread 

his take on food allergies

gluten intolerance 

your digestive health

and see his museum of 
growing grains.

You'll be glad you took the time he's a real pleasure to talk real bread as a real food. 

Corn-White Oak Farm
White Oak Farm 
Pete's B-B-Sauce
Corn - White Oak Farm

Common Hands Farm
August harvest

White Oak Farm
Fred's amazing 
Sweet Corn is in! 
plus jams, blueberries
and their famous 
BBQ Sauce
White Oak Farm - farm sign

White Oak Farm - Jams
Sally's jams - divine! Try the Queens Jam - you'll never look back.

Come by the market to say hello to Fred's son, Bill returning to the market offering the best of local sweet corn and berries. 

Thank you Bill!

Farmers accept

Spend $5 get & $2 Fresh Check

Sharing Pies
Read "Love in a Truck" by Jamie Larson Rural Intelligence
Marsh Meadow Farm - Cherry Chocolate Tomatoes
PBI is pleased to announce the Philmont Farmers' Market collaboration project is a recipient of funding assistance from the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. Click here  to see Governor Cuomo's award announcement.  
2014 Season 
Sustainable, organic, and 
bio-dynamic farming


Diamond Hills Farm
beef, pork, chicken, eggs 
Marshmeadow Farm 
veggies, fresh herbs, goat meat, eggs, plants, garlic, dog and cat treats, 
fresh cut flowers
Hans Schober Farm 
Red Devon ground & beef cuts
White Oak Farm
Sweet corn, berries, sugar free jams, Petes' BB Sauce
Sharing Pies
fruit pies, cakes, cookies, crackers spelt bread

Light Force Foods
Asia Luna
Essential oil soaps, sprays, home and beauty, and bubbles
Furse Photos 
greeting gifts, puzzles, photos, 
Triform Camphill ceramics  


Hawk Studio 
fine leather belts, bags, & clothes


Used Book stand
supporting PBI's market programs

     Matt & Kim's Breakfasts

@ The Curbside Cafe


now available 
for every $5 EBT sales

 Veg & Fruit farmers accept FMNP vouchers


If you love shopping at the farmers' markets in Philmont, please consider being a champion for family farmers at the markets.  Take the pledge for Philmont today to show your support! 


Philmont Beautification, Inc. has four major program areas revitalizing the community in the spirit and tradition of a rural barn raising.  D
edicated to improving quality of life in the Village of Philmont with grass-roots community collaborations and programs on Main St Revitalization, Small Business, Special Projects, Philmont Farmers' Market, and Community Arts/Trades. PBI is a charitable organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.    

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