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We are pleased to bring you news of the farmers' markets in collaboration with the Philmont Market and Cafe Cooperative, and the Co-op Collaboration Team.
The farmers' markets on Friday 4-8, Saturday 10-2, and Sunday 10-2 are open and generating lively conversations about creating a community-based food system. 
What is a community-based food system?, how is it working for the Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative?, the Curbside Cafe?, and the farmers' markets?
Here it is in a nutshell (well, quite a large nutshell actually):
A community-based food system is all about creating a direct-market food supply which enhances the local economy by eliminating middlemen and is committed to producing affordable food prices by eliminating high profit margins by offering food as direct-market purchase!  It's that simple. 

Philmont Market & Cafe Co-op The Philmont Market & Cafe as a direct-market cooperative is creating a community-based food system by operating as a producer and consumer-owned cooperative, which means both sellers and shoppers can join, and where non-members can also access fresh, locally sourced whole foods at the farmers' markets on Friday 4-8, Saturday 10-2, and Sunday 10-2, at special market events, at the Curbside Cafe on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat, & Sun 7-2 , and eventually at the store when it opens its doors following the completion of renovations, Co-op membership increases, community support of the farmers' markets, and community buy-in to creating a community-based food system with the Co-op.
Kids & Carrots Every time you shop at the farmers' markets on Friday, Saturday, and/or Sunday you are helping the Co-op a step closer to opening the store to operate a year-round producer and consumer direct-market retail grocery cooperative dedicated to marketing Hudson Valley and New York State farmers' and food producers' products. 
Schober Farm
Hans Schober Farm 
Every farmer and food producer attending the farmers' market
, and the Curbside Cafe chefs are producer-owner-members of the Co-op committed to creating a community-based food system; committed to direct-market selling aimed at producing affordable food prices; and committed to eliminating middlemen and the need for regional transportation and tariffs which increase the price of your food.
Baked goods at the markets
By shopping at the farmers' markets you will be 
a part 
of creating a community-based food system and be helping the Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative, the farmers' markets, and the Curbside Cafe to encourage a deeper community connection to the source of locally grown and produced foods.
Be a champ! and support your farmers' markets and the Philmont Market and Cafe Cooperative!  
Next weeks newsletter will feature food cost comparisons in Columbia County, Notes from the Fields, and a recipe for goats meat offered by Marsh Meadow Farm at the Sunday farmers' market. 
See you at the market!  
Sally Baker
Exec. Director PBI

Outdoor Markets




Friday 4pm-8pm



Early evening market promoting locally sourced healthy to-go foods & shopping farm-to-market






Saturday 10am-2pm

Thrifting & Artisans                  



Market for local thrifting, hand-crafted artisan products, & shopping farm-to-market foods





Sunday 10am-2pm  

Farmers' Market


Sunday morning market to stock up for the week ahead





Upcoming Special Event 
1st Annual Summer Solstice 
Beer & Sausage Fest
featuring local breweries, sausage on the grill, local foods, music, and more. 
116 Main Street


Friday, June 20th

4 pm - 8 pm


Saturday, June 21st

4 pm - 8 pm


Contact Elizabeth at the Co-op 

@ 518-227-6393 or 

Amalie @ 518-755-4647





Special Project 

Creating a community-based food system in collaboration with the Philmont Market & Cafe Cooperative and the 116 Main St. Co-op Collaboration Team aimed at reaching a sustainable community that is environmentally sound, economically viable, and socially just, including access to affordable foods and supporting local farmers.       

This project is receiving assistance from the PBI Small Business program in collaboration with the Philmont Market and Cafe Cooperative as the anchor business of the 116 Main Street Business Incubator.

We are pleased to announce this project is a recipient of funding assistance from the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets.  Click here to see Governor Cuomo's award announcement. 

PHILMONT BEAUTIFICATION, INC., has four major program areas revitalizing the community in the spirit and tradition of a rural barn raising.  D
edicated to improving quality of life in the Village of Philmont with grass-roots community collaborations and programs on Main St Revitalization, Small Business, Special Projects, Philmont Farmers' Market, and Community Arts/Trades  PBI is a grass-roots, charitable organization as described in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.    

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